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Articles - December 2013

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2013-12-01 5 Things To Know Today: December 1
2013-12-01 Behind Enemy Lines: Cardinals Preview
2013-12-01 Welcome To The Playoff Season
2013-12-01 Sunday Sitdown: Chip Kelly at New Hampshire
2013-12-01 Eagles Get Fresh Turf To Begin Stretch Run
2013-12-01 Eagles-Cardinals Inactives
2013-12-01 Early Takeaway Leads to 7 Points
2013-12-01 First Quarter Review: Eagles Lead 7-0
2013-12-01 In-Game Injury Updates
2013-12-01 Jackson Hits 1,000-Yard Mark
2013-12-01 Another Big Day for QB Foles
2013-12-01 Third Quarter Review: Eagles Still Up 10
2013-12-01 Game Recap: Eagles 24, Cardinals 21
2013-12-01 All-Around Victory Is Huge
2013-12-01 Foles Fabulous Against Stingy Arizona 'D'
2013-12-01 Tight Ends Provide The Mismatch In Win
2013-12-01 Defense Holds The Fort In Key Victory
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-01 The Notebook: Turnovers The Difference
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: HC Bruce Arians
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: P Donnie Jones
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense
2013-12-01 Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense
2013-12-01 Eagles-Cardinals Quotebook
2013-12-01 Reinvigorated Cole Moves Up Sack List
2013-12-01 Kelly: We Took Care Of Business
2013-12-02 5 Things To Know Today: December 2
2013-12-02 Monday Morning Headlines
2013-12-02 Smart Football Leads To Wins
2013-12-02 Kelly On Foles' Future As Franchise QB
2013-12-02 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Cardinals Review
2013-12-03 5 Things To Know Today: December 3
2013-12-03 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-03 Straight Talk: Williams On Fatherhood
2013-12-03 Davis: Chemistry Developing On 'D'
2013-12-03 Quotes: DC Bill Davis
2013-12-03 Quotes: OC Pat Shurmur
2013-12-03 Lions-Eagles Game Preview
2013-12-03 Late In The Game, It's All About Execution
2013-12-03 Foles Reacts To Kelly's 1,000 Years Comment
2013-12-04 5 Things To Know Today: December 4
2013-12-04 Cole Adapts To OLB Challenge
2013-12-04 Jones Player Of The Week Again
2013-12-04 Didinger On The Inseparable Duo
2013-12-04 Kelly Previews Detroit's Weaponry
2013-12-04 Jones’ Career Almost Never Took Off
2013-12-04 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-05 5 Things To Know Today: December 5
2013-12-05 NFC East Playoff Picture
2013-12-05 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Lions Preview
2013-12-05 Cooper's Crazy Catches
2013-12-05 Women's World: A Wealth Of Leadership
2013-12-05 Connor Barwin: Jack Of All Trades
2013-12-05 Offensive Success A Collaborative Effort
2013-12-05 Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-05 Lions' Front More Than A Name
2013-12-05 Eagles Announce Honorary Captains
2013-12-05 Will The Elements Be Tough For Foles?
2013-12-05 Ertz Proving To Be A Matchup Nightmare
2013-12-06 5 Things To Know Today: December 6
2013-12-06 The Source Of Jones' Secret Weapon
2013-12-06 Friday Morning Headlines
2013-12-06 The Pies Have Arrived!
2013-12-06 Wulf's Den: How To Scar The Lions
2013-12-06 Fantasy Spin: Foles Or Stafford?
2013-12-06 How Will Calvin Johnson Be Defended?
2013-12-06 Foles: From Friday Night Lights To The NFL
2013-12-06 Pro Bowl: Eagles Getting The Shaft
2013-12-07 5 Things To Know Today: December 7
2013-12-07 Trent Cole Is Bringing The Heat
2013-12-07 One Stat Stands Out To Lions' Schwartz
2013-12-07 Henery And Suh: An Unlikely Friendship
2013-12-07 Celek Among Franchise's Best Tight Ends
2013-12-07 Scouting The Lions
2013-12-07 Lions Downgrade CB Slay To Out
2013-12-07 Alumni Alley: Bobby Taylor
2013-12-07 Questions For Playoff-Type Game
2013-12-08 5 Things To Know Today: December 8
2013-12-08 Eagles-Lions Inactives
2013-12-08 Eagles-Lions: Let It Snow
2013-12-08 RB Bush Questionable To Return
2013-12-08 First Quarter Review: No Score
2013-12-08 Defense Forces Two Early Turnovers
2013-12-08 Foles' Streak Ends, Lions Get On Board
2013-12-08 Eagles Trail 8-0 At Halftime
2013-12-08 Third Quarter Review: Lions Lead, 14-6
2013-12-08 McCoy Sets Rushing Record In Snow Bowl
2013-12-08 Snow Can't Stop McCoy Or The Fans
2013-12-08 Epic Comeback As Eagles Roll
2013-12-08 Foles Delivers Gutsy Performance In Win
2013-12-08 Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles
2013-12-08 Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-08 Inside McCoy's Monster Fourth Quarter
2013-12-08 The Notebook: McCoy's Historic Day
2013-12-08 Post-Game Quotes: QB Matthew Stafford
2013-12-08 Post-Game Quotes: HC Jim Schwartz
2013-12-08 Eagles-Lions Quotebook
2013-12-08 Interior OL Paves Way For McCoy
2013-12-08 Resiliency Becoming Trademark Of Defense
2013-12-08 Snow Bowl Described By The Players
2013-12-08 Kelly: No Quit In This Eagles Team
2013-12-09 5 Things To Know Today: December 9
2013-12-09 Storify: Re-living The Snow Bowl
2013-12-09 The Day After: A Team To Enjoy
2013-12-09 Celebrity Corner: Kunal Nayyar
2013-12-09 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-09 Kelly Reflects On Snowy Victory
2013-12-09 Eagles Present Grant To Anna Lane School
2013-12-09 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Snow Bowl Review
2013-12-09 Eagles Move Into First In NFC East
2013-12-10 5 Things To Know Today: December 10
2013-12-10 Kelce Named Ed Block Courage Award Winner
2013-12-10 Report: Peterson Unlikely To Play
2013-12-10 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-10 Random Thoughts, Things I Think
2013-12-10 McCoy Nominated For Player Of The Week
2013-12-10 Dec. 22 Game Vs. Bears Flexed To Sunday Night
2013-12-10 Quotes: OC Pat Shurmur
2013-12-10 DC Davis: Still Room To Improve
2013-12-10 Quotes: DC Bill Davis
2013-12-10 This Season Is Truly A Team Effort
2013-12-10 What Does Kelce Mean To The Eagles?
2013-12-10 Eagles-Vikings Game Preview
2013-12-11 5 Things To Know Today: December 11
2013-12-11 Wednesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-11 Foles Featured On Sports Illustrated Cover
2013-12-11 Didinger: Memories Of Steve Van Buren
2013-12-11 Foles Takes Cover Honor In Stride
2013-12-11 What's The Latest On Peterson?
2013-12-11 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-11 Eagles Not Looking Past Vikings
2013-12-11 NFC East Is In An Altered State
2013-12-12 5 Things To Know Today: December 12
2013-12-12 Tuesdays With Kelly
2013-12-12 Thursday Morning Headlines
2013-12-12 Women's World: Holiday Shopping Guide
2013-12-12 The Inspiration For Jackson's Moves
2013-12-12 McCoy Ranks The Elite Running Backs
2013-12-12 Polk Brings The Thunder
2013-12-12 Wolff Inches Closer To Return
2013-12-12 Kelly: Vikings Better Than Their Record
2013-12-12 Foles' Mettle Perfect For Stretch Run
2013-12-12 Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-12 Eagles Preparing As If Peterson Will Play
2013-12-12 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Vikings Preview
2013-12-12 Equal-Opportunity Offense Works
2013-12-13 5 Things To Know Today: December 13
2013-12-13 Friday Morning Headlines
2013-12-13 McCoy's Gear On Display At Hall Of Fame
2013-12-13 Eagles-Vikings Friday Injury Report
2013-12-13 Fantasy Spin: Start All Eagles?
2013-12-13 Kelce's Viking-Inspired Beard
2013-12-13 LeSean McCoy: FedEx Ground Player Of The Week
2013-12-14 5 Things To Know Today: December 14
2013-12-14 Nothing Is Off-Limits With Evan Mathis
2013-12-14 Ready To Take Game On The Road
2013-12-14 Scouting The Vikings
2013-12-14 Vikings Make Flurry Of Roster Moves
2013-12-14 Navy Beats Army 34-7 At Lincoln Financial
2013-12-15 Report: Peterson, Gerhart Out Today
2013-12-15 5 Things To Know Today: December 15
2013-12-15 Eagles D: Must Keep Its Intensity
2013-12-15 It's Official: Peterson, Gerhart Out
2013-12-15 First Quarter Review: Vikings Lead 7-3
2013-12-15 Halftime Recap: Vikings 17, Eagles 9
2013-12-15 Defense Struggles In First Half Vs. Vikings
2013-12-15 Third Quarter Recap- Eagles Gaining Momentum
2013-12-15 Eagles' In-Game Injury Update
2013-12-15 Defense Unable To Slow Down Vikings
2013-12-15 Eagles Miss Chance On The Road
2013-12-15 McCoy Used Little In Defeat
2013-12-15 Jackson Has Big Day For Offense
2013-12-15 Notebook: Foles In Rare Company
2013-12-15 Kelly Reacts To Disappointing Loss
2013-12-15 Special Teams Plays Keep-Away
2013-12-15 Foles: We'll Get Better Because Of It
2013-12-15 Cowboys Lose; Eagles Still In 1st
2013-12-15 Some Clarity After A Wild Sunday
2013-12-16 5 Things To Know Today: December 16
2013-12-16 Monday Morning Headlines
2013-12-16 Meet The Artist Behind The Animations
2013-12-16 Kelly: We Will Not Rest Players Vs. Bears
2013-12-16 Kelly: Focus Turns To One-Week Season
2013-12-16 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-16 Jackson: Rare Talent At WR
2013-12-16 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Vikings Recap
2013-12-17 5 Things To Know Today: December 17
2013-12-17 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-17 Eagles Help Families Dealing With Cancer
2013-12-17 Davis: Tough Test To Bounce Back Vs. Chi
2013-12-17 S Keelan Johnson Promoted To Active Roster
2013-12-17 Shurmur Explains Vikings Gameplan
2013-12-17 Jackson: Winning Is Priority No. 1
2013-12-17 Quotes: DC Bill Davis
2013-12-17 Quotes: OC Pat Shurmur
2013-12-17 Foles Knows He's Under The Microscope
2013-12-17 Bears-Eagles Game Preview
2013-12-18 5 Things To Know Today: December 18
2013-12-18 Wednesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-18 Foles Continues His Growth At QB
2013-12-18 Kelly Updates Secondary Injuries
2013-12-18 Eagles, Bears Have Plenty In Common
2013-12-18 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-18 Opportunity Calls For Johnson
2013-12-18 McCoy Wants The Game On His Back
2013-12-19 5 Things To Know Today: December 19
2013-12-19 Women's World: Happy Holidays Indeed
2013-12-19 Boykin Cleared To Return
2013-12-19 Critical Games In Big Picture
2013-12-19 Willie T To Serve As Honorary Captain
2013-12-19 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-19 Kelly Confident Team Will Bounce Back
2013-12-19 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Bears Preview
2013-12-19 Back At Practice, Boykin Ready For Sunday
2013-12-20 5 Things To Know Today: December 20
2013-12-20 Friday Morning Headlines
2013-12-20 Foles And Ertz's Pre-Game Ritual
2013-12-20 Wulf's Den: Flipping Quarters
2013-12-20 Kendricks: He's Here, There And Everywhere
2013-12-20 Fantasy Spin: Trust In Shady
2013-12-20 Don't Forget About Matt Forte
2013-12-20 Polk Makes Impact However Possible
2013-12-21 Barbre: What's In A Name, Anyway?
2013-12-21 Tall Test For Big Eagles Corners
2013-12-21 5 Things To Know Today: December 21
2013-12-21 Wolff: Devourer Of Wings
2013-12-21 Alumni Alley: Jamaal Jackson
2013-12-21 Collinsworth Impressed With Kelly
2013-12-21 Scouting The Bears
2013-12-21 The D-Line: Built For Now And The Future
2013-12-21 Uncle Chip: Long Knew Kelly Would Succeed
2013-12-21 Lane Johnson: Bear Wrestler
2013-12-21 O-Line Ranks Among League's Best
2013-12-21 How Trestman Managed His QB Situation
2013-12-22 Rachel Washburn: An American Hero
2013-12-22 5 Things To Know Today: December 22
2013-12-22 Today: A Football-Watching Party!
2013-12-22 No Clinch, But Tonight Is Still Big
2013-12-22 Eagles-Bears Inactives
2013-12-22 Cole Now Second In Franchise Sack List
2013-12-22 In-Game Injury Updates
2013-12-22 First Quarter Recap: Eagles Lead, 21-0
2013-12-22 Dallas Game Flexed; NFC East At Stake
2013-12-22 Eagles Rout Bears, 54-11
2013-12-22 A Night Of Perfect Eagles Football
2013-12-22 McCoy's Actions Spoke Loud And Clear
2013-12-22 Notebook: Inside The Offensive Explosion
2013-12-22 For Players, Focus Turns To Dallas
2013-12-22 Just Another Record For Foles
2013-12-22 Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense
2013-12-22 Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-23 Veteran Cole Leads The Way For 'D'
2013-12-23 Post-Game Quotes: QB Jay Cutler
2013-12-23 Post-Game Quotes: HC Marc Trestman
2013-12-23 Eagles-Bears Quotebook
2013-12-23 Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense
2013-12-23 Kelly: Playoffs Start A Week Early
2013-12-23 Storify: A Sunday Night To Remember
2013-12-23 Monday Morning Headlines
2013-12-23 5 Things To Know Today: December 23
2013-12-23 Trent Cole: Bear Hunter
2013-12-23 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-23 Kelly: Page Turns Quickly To Cowboys
2013-12-23 Report: Romo Done For The Season
2013-12-23 Patience Paying Off For Brown
2013-12-23 Special Teams Cameo Pays Off For Eagles
2013-12-23 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Bears Review
2013-12-23 Eagles Look For Strong Close
2013-12-24 5 Things To Know Today: December 24
2013-12-24 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-24 44-6: An Oral History
2013-12-24 McCoy Offensive Player Of The Week
2013-12-24 Updated NFC Playoff Picture
2013-12-24 Eagles-Cowboys Game Preview
2013-12-24 Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis
2013-12-24 Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur
2013-12-24 Orton No Stranger To Big Week 17 Games
2013-12-24 Defense Ready For Whomever Is The QB
2013-12-24 Foles Not Ready For Magical Ride To End
2013-12-24 Davis Has Respect For Orton
2013-12-24 Shurmur Knows Backup QBs Are Valuable
2013-12-24 Cowboys To Sign QB Jon Kitna
2013-12-24 5 Things To Know Today: December 25
2013-12-25 Straight Talk: Vick On Second Chances
2013-12-25 Foles Readies For Perfect Ending
2013-12-25 Garrett: Romo Not Overly Comfortable
2013-12-26 5 Things To Know Today: December 26
2013-12-26 Thursday Morning Headlines
2013-12-26 Defense Needs Its Edge Vs. Dallas
2013-12-26 Kelly: The Game Plan Stays The Same
2013-12-26 Black And Blue: Cowboys Injury Update
2013-12-26 Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-12-26 Foles Prepared For Sunday's Big Game
2013-12-26 Garrett: If Needed, Orton Must Step Up
2013-12-26 Expect A Different Intensity Sunday Night
2013-12-27 5 Things To Know Today: December 27
2013-12-27 Friday Morning Headlines
2013-12-27 Avant's Advice: Don't Be A Hero
2013-12-27 Romo Placed On Season-Ending IR
2013-12-27 Polk Contributes In Many Ways
2013-12-27 Trent Cole: Mic'd Up
2013-12-27 Dallas Injuries: Concern For DE Ware?
2013-12-27 Pro Bowl Announced Tonight at 9 PM
2013-12-27 Wulf's Den: A Prophecy Fulfilled?
2013-12-27 Random Thoughts, Things I Think ...
2013-12-27 McCoy Honored By Pro Bowl Selection
2013-12-27 After Injury, Peters Back In The Pro Bowl
2013-12-27 McCoy, Peters Named To The Pro Bowl
2013-12-28 5 Things To Know Today: December 28
2013-12-28 Kelly's Offense Truly A Success
2013-12-28 Boykin's Value Extends Beyond Defense
2013-12-28 Scouting The Cowboys
2013-12-28 Fantasy Spin: Lessons Learned In 2013
2013-12-28 Watch Sunday's Game With Fellow Fans
2013-12-28 Foles Ready To Take On Cowboys
2013-12-29 Embracing The Meaning Of Today
2013-12-29 5 Things To Know Today: December 29
2013-12-29 How Effective Will Ware Be?
2013-12-29 Eagles-Cowboys: The Key Matchups
2013-12-29 Before Tonight, Watch These Games
2013-12-29 Confidence, Not Nerves,Tonight
2013-12-29 Wolff Inactive For Eagles
2013-12-29 First Quarter Review: Eagles Lead 3-0
2013-12-29 Eagles Break Team Touchdown Record
2013-12-29 McCoy Wins Rushing Title, Sets Record
2013-12-29 In-Game Injury Updates
2013-12-29 Second Quarter Review: Eagles Up 17-10
2013-12-29 Kendricks Shines On Big Stage
2013-12-29 Ryans Feels Pride Of Eagles Playoffs
2013-12-29 Free Agents Key Revival
2013-12-29 Eagles Show Mettle To Clinch East
2013-12-29 Re-Live The Win In 140 Characters
2013-12-29 McCoy Grinds Way To Big Night
2013-12-29 Eagles-Cowboys Notebook
2013-12-29 Foles: We Overcame Adversity As A Team
2013-12-29 The Boyking Delivers An Epic INT
2013-12-30 Eagles To Face Saints In Wild Card
2013-12-30 Kelly: This Is A Special Group
2013-12-30 Lurie: Great Feeling, With More To Come
2013-12-30 Eagles Not Content Just Making Playoffs
2013-12-30 Monday Morning Headlines
2013-12-30 Didinger: Kelly Proves The Critics Wrong
2013-12-30 Playoff Pep Rally: January 2
2013-12-30 Kelly: Playoff Approach Stays The Same
2013-12-30 Quotes: HC Chip Kelly
2013-12-30 A Step Back To Applaud Chip Kelly
2013-12-30 Eagle Eye In The Sky: Cowboys Review
2013-12-31 5 Things To Know Today: December 31
2013-12-31 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-12-31 Herremans: The Atmosphere Is More Alive
2013-12-31 S Wolff Optimistic He'll Play Saturday
2013-12-31 Shurmur: Saints Defense Very Aggressive
2013-12-31 Avant: Turnovers The Difference
2013-12-31 Davis: Brees, Payton An Amazing Duo
2013-12-31 Quotes: OC Pat Shurmur
2013-12-31 Quotes: DC Bill Davis
2013-12-31 Saints-Eagles Wild Card Preview Part 2
2013-12-31 Saints-Eagles Game Preview
2013-12-31 Foles Ready To Face Off Against Brees
2013-12-31 A Look Back At A Record-Setting Year