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Kelce's Viking-Inspired Beard


On Wednesday, Jason Kelce walked into the Eagles locker room wearing a Santa hat, leading reporters to quickly point out how much he looked like a young Santa Claus. Last Sunday, Kelce's facial accessory trapped some of the falling snow, making him appear even more similar to old St. Nick.

Though Kelce often comes off as jolly and light-hearted, the center was inspired to grow the beard from a much more ferocious background - the ancient Vikings. Leading into this Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, Kelce further explained the origin of his voluminous beard.

"There was a book that (former Eagles fullback) Owen Schmidt recommended to me that was about these ancient Viking warriors called Berserkers and stuff like that," Kelce explained. "We both got all fired up so we grew our beards out two years ago and I decided to do it again this year."

So, any chance of shaving it off to avoid confusion concerning Kelce's allegiance come Sunday?

"It will stay on against the Vikings. Vikings meet Vikings," Kelce said, interlocking his fingers to demonstrate the upcoming battle.

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