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Collinsworth Impressed With Kelly

Sunday marks the first time that the Eagles will be featured on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Analyst Cris Collinsworth offered high praise for head coach Chip Kelly.

"We don't see teams or coaches willing to buck the system the way that he has," Collinsworth said.

The Eagles offense has been very successful this season ranking second in yards per game.

"When you're doing something that forces the defense to defend the square footage that his offense forces you to defend, you're going to get people in space and you're going to get athletes that are going to be able to make plays in that space," Collinsworth said.

Collinsworth thought that after playing in Sam Wyche's no-huddle offense in Cincinnati that Kelly's offense wouldn't be all that different. Well, Collinsworth was wrong.

"He's forcing me to think about the game of football in ways that I haven't before," Collinsworth said.

Collinsworth also shared memories of broadcasting games in Philadelphia. When he used to work at FOX, Collinsworth said that he and Troy Aikman used to keep count of how many times they would get heckled during the game. It's now much different with Al Michaels in the booth.

"I clearly dominate Al Michaels on the heckle front," he said. "They love Al, so that works out."

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