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Tuesdays With Kelly

While most of the league used Tuesday to rest and recover, the Eagles were hard at work on the practice field. While it may not have been welcome news to the veterans on the Eagles roster right away, Chip Kelly set his schedule to include a Tuesday practice in order to help the players recover quicker from their Sunday games.

"I, like most people, especially older guys, was not a fan of the Tuesday practice but we all stuck with it and it's really amazing how much better our bodies feel than mine ever did years prior," said linebacker Connor Barwin. "And I think it does give us a head start in preparation for the week ahead.

"It wasn't a big difference because we had Monday off, we just flipped those days. But the practice on Tuesday, we all didn't know how that was going to go. I'd be lying to you if I said I was excited about it early on in the season, but now I think everybody thinks it's working and doesn't mind it at all."

Running around in practice on Tuesday also seems to accelerate the recovery process throughout the rest of the week.

"We feel like our Wednesdays are a lot better because we're able to come out on Tuesday and do some things," said linebacker DeMeco Ryans. "From that standpoint, we feel like we have a better week by going out on Tuesday."

As defensive coordinator Bill Davis explained, there's also a bit of a mental edge to working while your opponent is sitting on the couch.

"The message, and we just got done with the guys, is all about Tuesday, and that's been the mantra all the way through is Tuesday, can we out-prepare and outwork and out-meet and out-train and out-recover the Vikings on this Tuesday," Davis said. "If we do that one day at a time, focusing on our corrections from last Sunday's game and moving on to the introduction of the Vikings and just throw everything into that one day and the things we can control. We say it over and over again, let's control what we can and forget about the rest."

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