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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On winning four games in a row:

McCOY: "This feels good. It's another win. Like I said before, each week is a big test for us and we cannot look forward to playoffs or the future. We have to look to next week against Detroit, try to be 1-0 that week and be the better team on the field."

On not generating drives in the second half:

McCOY: "We try to stay out of this situation. We just have to do a better job of closing out the game. We have gone through this a couple of times and we just have to do a better job."

On how the team can do a better job of closing games out:

McCOY: "Just by executing and staying with it. We have to throw and run the ball better. We have to pay attention to the small details."

On whether he went into this game expecting the tight ends to be a big factor:

McCOY: "With this offense, you never know who is going to be the guy that day. This is an offense where everyone is going to contribute."

On what it says about the team that they didn't play their best game and still came out with a win:

McCOY: "It's the heart of this team and the character of these guys. Each week we come out and play. I know it's tough right now and every win is a must-win situation, but we just have to play ball."

On whether he expected to not have a lot of room running today, considering the quality of Arizona's defense:

McCOY: "I knew that, but I figured I would bust one or two loose. I busted one, but it got called back. A team like that, you have to expect that."

On whether he is proud of the way the defense is playing:

McCOY: "They don't get enough credit. There were times where we were playing lights out, and the defense was struggling. Now, it's kind of reversed. That's the way it is though, you need team effort from everyone."

Tight End Zach Ertz

On if he expected to be a big focus of the offense this week, along with TE Brent Celek:

ERTZ: "Yeah we thought we would be used a little more this game, in particular, because of the way they play their defense. They put a lot of safeties on us in man-to-man coverage. We think that against any safety we can get open, and fortunately Nick [Foles] made some great throws today."

On his two touchdown catches:

ERTZ: "The first one was play-action to the left and the safety froze just enough that I was able to run to the corner. The other one was a corner post and Nick made a heck of a throw."

On the success opposing tight ends have had against the Cardinals defense:

ERTZ: "Fortunately we had our number called this week. We want to make plays every time we have the opportunity. Fortunately we had our name and number called very often this game. Brent [Celek] played a heck of a game, not only in the passing game but in the blocking game as well. I think he does not get enough credit for [his blocking]."

On having a late bye week:

ERTZ: "The late bye was great. Fortunately a lot of us young players went home. I went back home to California and saw my family. We had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. It was nice to take your mind off of everything."

On winning four games in a row:

ERTZ: "It is an unbelievable feeling. It's truly a testament to the players and coaches. Nick has done a heck of a job since being named the starting quarterback and we want to keep this thing going."

On the importance of contributing in a big game:

ERTZ: "I want to gain all the coaches and Nick's trust, and that was a big step for me today. I'm definitely not satisfied and I look forward to the rest of the season."

On the importance of gaining momentum, especially with Dallas continuing to win:

ERTZ: "We are not really focusing on Dallas. We play them on December 29. When we play them, we will focus on them. We knew the Arizona Cardinals were a heck of a team and they have a very good defense and some playmakers on offense. We just needed to do what we knew we had to do."

On making himself a big part of the offense today:

ERTZ: "Riley [Cooper] and Desean [Jackson] have been huge playmakers all year. We had to have a big day today to take the pressure off other team's game planning against them. They're both incredible talents at wide [receiver], so [the tight ends] needed to take control of the middle of the field."

On whether or not he was the first option on his two touchdown catches:

ERTZ: "Yeah, both coverages I was the number one option and both times Nick made a heck of a throw."

Tight End Brent Celek

On fellow TE Zach Ertz's performance:

CELEK: "He is a great player and is going to continue to get better. Every game you can just see him improve, improve, improve. He is going to be a great player in this league for a long time."

On if there was an emphasis this week about the tight ends being utilized more than usual:

CELEK: "We knew it was our opportunity to make plays and we had to take advantage of it."

On becoming an option outside of the wide receivers for Nick Foles:

CELEK: "For sure. Anytime we are running routes or doing anything we have to be a viable option for him. We are an integral part of this offense too."

On what allowed the tight ends to score three touchdowns:

CELEK: "They were bringing a lot of guys down in the box stopping our run. While doing that Zach [Ertz] was able to get behind them, and there were some great plays called there too when they were in a certain defense. It's a combination of a lot of things. We knew coming into the game that we were going to have to play well."

On continuing to try and finish games:

CELEK: "I think we can always do better. It wasn't one of our best games. We made a lot of mistakes out there. We can all improve, but the good thing is that we won."

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