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Special Teams Cameo Pays Off For Eagles

Don't discount the importance of that forced fumble on the Chicago Bears' second kickoff return in the Eagles' dominant 54-11 victory on Sunday night.

What's even better about the forced fumble and recovery? It was executed by the Eagles' two starting cornerbacks, both of whom are not regular special teamers.

Bradley Fletcher forced the fumble by ripping the ball from Devin Hester's grasp after he had broken a nice return, and Cary Williams recovered pounced on it for the recovery next to the sideline.

"I can't even remember," Williams said when asked the last time he played special teams. "Maybe the Denver game? I think that might have been the last time."

It was Hester's first fumble since Week 7 of the 2009 season – perfect timing for an Eagles team that had just taken a 7-0 lead and was looking to build on early momentum. LeSean McCoy punched it in from 1-yard out for a touchdown on the ensuing drive and the rout was on.

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