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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense

Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On if there was a difference in preparation this week compared to last:

DAVIS: Going into the game against Minnesota last week we had a great week of practice, but our performance was awful. The preparation was the same as this week. We came out here today ready to play.

On whether there was a difference in emotion this week compared to last:

DAVIS: It is tough for me to agree with that. I'm not on the field so it's tough to really grasp the emotional part of it. As far as executing and doing our techniques, the guys were back on track this week.

On what he did to limit the Bears wide receivers:

DAVIS: One of the biggest things we did was our corners challenged them. Our corners stepped up on their own and handled them. I had a lot of things in the plan, but as I watched it unfold and saw how the corners were holding up, and they really were holding up well. I let them out there on their own, and they did a great job.

On what was different tonight in terms of getting pressure on the QB:

DAVIS: We got some [rush] with the four man rush and we changed up the pressure looks. We hit a couple of their protections and for the most part of the night our guys were just winning. The first sack by [LB] Trent Cole, he had the back [blocking him]. Nobody is unblocked. Trent [Cole] beat the back which is a match-up we like.

On how much the defense has evolved since the last time playing Dallas:

DAVIS: We have evolved quite a bit from that point on. We have evolved every week. I think the guys really understand the [defense] now so we can give multiple looks. It gives more of a hesitation to the guys on the offensive line, but the guys are executing at a high level right now.

LB DeMeco Ryans On why the team elected to not rest any starters in a game with no playoff implications:

RYANS: It was our next game. Every time it's on the line for us. We had another opportunity to go out and get better as a team, fix some corrections, and just go out and play great football. This was an opportunity against a really good Chicago team, so it was important for us to go out and see how we match up against a good team.

On the team's morale heading into the final game of the season:

RYANS: We're all excited and pumped about it. It's for the NFC East championship in Dallas, and we're pumped about it. Our playoffs start next week, and it's win or go home. That's the type of attitude that we all have.

On whether it means anything that the Eagles head into the final week in first place in the NFC East:

RYANS: It doesn't matter because it all comes down to next week.

On the three-sack performance by ROLB Trent Cole:

RYANS: Trent was lights out tonight. That's what Trent is capable of doing – taking over games, dominating offensive tackles, and getting to the quarterback. That's what he's capable of doing. We just had to put him into situations where he is able to rush the passer and showcase his talents.

On the transition of Trent Cole to the linebacker position:

RYANS: It's a tough transition when you ask a guy who has been rushing for 10 years to drop back and cover zones and things like that. That's a big change. He's an unselfish player, and he does whatever we need him to do for our team to win.

CB Cary Williams On when he last played on special teams prior to tonight's game:

WILLIAMS: I can't even remember. Maybe the Denver game? I think that might have been the last time.

On how much the defense has grown since the first Dallas game:

WILLIAMS: I think we've grown. Progressively, each and every week we've gotten better. We've had some letdowns like last week, but we look to improve on those things. We learned from those mistakes, we got better this week, and we look to continue to get better.

On whether the defense's play in the first Dallas game factors into the preparation for this week's game:

WILLIAMS: No it doesn't. Each week is different. It's a different matchup, and teams bring different elements to the game. You just have to prepare and make sure you're ready to go.

CB Brandon Boykin On the defense rebounding from last week's performance against Minnesota:

BOYKIN: We came back and redeemed ourselves. It was a rough game, and we gave up a lot of plays last week. We weren't proud about that. We came back Tuesday and prepared hard and practiced like it was game conditions all week. It was game tempo and game speed knowing the receivers that they had. We wanted to take them out of the game, and I think we did a good job.

On the decision to use both starting cornerbacks on the kickoff coverage team:

BOYKIN: That's what we do. That's our personnel. Coach Kelly is the type of guy that wants to go out and make a statement and put our best foot forward in the game. The starters were on the kickoff [coverage] team, and that's the attitude of our team – to get the job done no matter who is out there.

On whether you could script a scenario better than a game against Dallas with the division title on the line:

BOYKIN: You really couldn't. I think this is what everybody wanted, and for whatever reason, it happened like this. It's going to be an exciting game for sure. It's going to be one to definitely remember, and we have to go and shift our focus and come out with the same mentality and focus to get the job done.

Linebacker Trent Cole

On the team's performance after the loss in Minnesota:

COLE: It was a great all-around effort by the team. From special teams, to offense, to defense, it was great teamwork. We knew what we had to do coming into this game. A lot of people said this game didn't matter, but this game did matter. It matters a lot to us. It will have an effect on us when we go to the playoffs. This game is over now, and the playoffs start now for us against Dallas, and that is where it goes. We are going to take it one game at a time.

On the team's ability to get pressure today unlike in Minnesota:

COLE: It was a great game-plan by the coaches. We were prepared and when we go out there as players we have to go out there and execute. Guys did a heck of a job executing. As a team, if we go out there and play disciplined football and do what our assignments are, then we can go out there and win ball games.

On whether or not they gained momentum going into next week by playing the starters for a majority of the game:

COLE: Always. Coming off a loss it does build momentum for us going into Dallas. It is the start of our playoffs.

On whether he thought the last game of the season would determine their season when he first saw the season schedule:

COLE: You never know what is going to happen. All you can do is go win games, and at the end, go see where you are at. Coach Chip [Kelly] has always told us to take every game one by one. When the game against Dallas is over with, we will see where we are at.

On setting the tone of the game with a sack on the third play of the game:

COLE: As a team player I want go out there and make an impact and do whatever I have to do to make an impact on this team.

Linebacker Mychal Kendricks

On whether this was the defense's best game as a unit this year:

KENDRICKS: I will have to look at the stats, but I definitely feel like we did a great job in all three phases of the game. It might have been our best game in all three phases, even though in Oakland we had seven touchdowns. We had six touchdowns on offense and one on defense and we just had a great game.

On whether it was his best game of the season:

KENDRICKS: I feel like I had a good game, but there are a couple things that I need to fix personally. I cannot be upset at that. We got the win.

On playing Dallas on Sunday Night Football:

KENDRICKS: It is going to be cool, man. That is what we want. Sunday night ball. That is the one.

On Trent Cole's performance:

KENDRICKS: He goes out there and plays his heart out. I don't think he realizes the type of energy and type of charge he gives the offense when he makes those big time plays on third down or even [the defense]. We see him make a play, and we know how many years this guy has been playing and he still is doing what he is doing. He is raising the bar every day. I wouldn't want to play for anybody else. To me [Cole] is a big part of this team.

On how difficult it is for a player to go from a having his hand in the dirt to a rushing linebacker standing up:

KENDRICKS: It is huge to go from a defensive end with your hand in the dirt to standing up. From going from [formerly playing defensive end] to where he is now standing up is a huge adjustment. He has made that adjustment and stepped his game up even more. [Cole] is definitely up there in tackles. The adjustment he has made is incredible.

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