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Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On whether he thought this was a good game:

FOLES: Definitely, I mean that was a very, very unique game. I have never played in a game quite like that and just obviously we did not play well in the first half, weather conditions aside we still have to go out there and execute. But you know that is what I love about this team, we are going to face adversity but we are a tight knit group and we know we are going to go out there and continue to play together and we are going to figure things out. We are going to pop a big one and put some points on the board. Defense is going to get us that ball back, we are going to have special teams play, and we believe that each and every game, so when we face adversity like we did in the first half, we came in at half time and nobody wavered. We all knew that we were going to go out in the second half and play together as a team and make plays. I am just really proud of the guys for sticking together and getting another team win."

* *

On what it was like to throw the football in this weather:

FOLES: It was definitely different but I still feel like I mis-executed in the first half and I have to execute on certain plays. The other team was playing in the same environment so I know [QB] Matthew [Stafford] was playing with the same environment and he was throwing the ball.  I knew it was one of those things where I would adjust to it and we would adjust as a team because the routes changed up a little bit because of the speed of them. When I was making throws I couldn't really zip them, because if you zip them in that weather it is hard to see the ball and with the gloves or the hands it would slip right through, so it was it just adjusting to how I wanted to throw the ball. As the course of the game went on I got more and more comfortable with it and we all adjusted and made some big plays.

* *

On whether he meant to throw the ball to WR DeSean Jackson or WR Riley Cooper:

FOLES: When I was looking through the area I saw DeSean back there and I saw Riley coming across and I knew I just needed to throw it in their area. It was one of those things where you saw both of them and you just have to make a play, you have to give both of them an opportunity and they both adjusted well. DeSean came back to the ball, Riley coming across and that kind of game it's like you are in the backyard like a kid. You just have to make plays and just try to give them a chance. You cannot really zip balls, you just have to lob them up there and just say "hey one of you go up there are get it and make a play." And that was one of those plays.

* *

On what kind of visibility he had dropping back:

FOLES: You are seeing a lot of white, a lot of snow coming down but you try to zone all of that out and focus on the team and what is going on. We got more and more comfortable as the game went on. We made some mistakes, but that is a football game. I am going to play, personally, as hard as I can with all that I have and my teammates are going to do the same. That is why we go so well together and we know we are going to make mistakes, but as long as you are going as hard as you can and you are learning through the course of the game. We know as a team we are going to be okay because we have each other's backs. That is something that is special and something that is growing here in Philadelphia. That is how you win games. You win games as a team and we are learning, we are getting used to each other, we are bonding as a group, you can see that throughout this game, we were not playing well in the first half. "What were we down, 14-0?" and we come out, the defense does a great job, we put up 34 points and we get another team win. That is what is so special about playing here. We have great people, we have great people in the NovaCare facility, we have great coaches and I am just proud to be a Philadelphia Eagle.

On whether he has matured enough to move on from the interception:

FOLES: It is like I told you all before, they happen. You let on any level one interception defeat you, you cannot play this game. I knew what I did wrong and I was trying to give my receiver an opportunity. I left it a little high but I know how I can fix it. I drive it a little lower and hopefully a completion. My teammates look at me in those situations and they look at the quarterback when there is an interception is thrown and I know a lot of hype has been made for the touchdown interception ratio that I don't even worry about. I care about the wins. I learn from it, it's an interception. I am going to move forward and I can't wait to get back on the field and throw a touchdown, make a big play, because that's what the teammates look at, the look at the quarterback in that situation to see how I respond.

On whether he was surprised about the play to TE Brent Celek:

FOLES: No, it was something we had talked about on the sideline and Brent and I were really the only ones who knew what was going on. We had seen that throughout the course of the game. You have to make big plays, you have to do stuff like that to win games in the situation. We were fourth down, we knew we needed a first down to run the clock out, that is a big play. We did not want to put the ball back in Matt's hands. It was one of those things we were able to see through the course of the game and Brent made a big play. A veteran move right there. I don't know how many people would have wanted to score a touchdown, but Brent being a team player goes down and slides because he knows that they don't have any time outs. We are just going to kneel and win the game.

On whether he heard a player compliment him on his streak:

FOLES: No I did not hear anything. You have to realize when you play the game of football you are in the zone, you are with your teammates and focusing on the most important thing. When you have a streak like that it means you are putting your team in a position to win games. But there are also times where you are going to have a mistake happen and you have to have a shorter memory. As a quarterback you really have to put the ball where your receivers can get it and I take pride in that. Mistakes are going to happen, and they did today but I'll get better for it and keep improving.

On what happened from his stand point on roughing the passer call:

FOLES: You have to ask the referee that. I got hit when I threw and he made a call and that's probably something you want to ask him. I was just throwing the ball deep and I got hit and he made the call and I respect no matter what the official calls that's the end say, so I respect his calls no matter what. Sometimes there is going to be controversial calls, but once again that's football and you can't let that defeat you because that is going to happen throughout the course of the game, we have all been through it and you have to keep playing.

* *

On whether it was beneficial to have a game in the snow:

FOLES: Of course, playing in this kind of environment you learn a lot. You learn a lot about your team, you learn a lot about how dealing with the environment is important. Having the ability to go out there and throw in the snow with all of that definitely made me mature as a player. I have done it before, so now if we ever face that again I will be better equipped than I was before playing this game.

On how going under center as opposed to shotgun affected him:

FOLES: I've gone under center before, we went under center a lot last year so it did not really change anything. I know how to do it and I feel comfortable doing both, so there wasn't an effect. I think it was just a big thing with ball security in those situations and sometimes in the shotgun the ball comes out back pretty fast and with the snow coming down it does make the ball pretty slick, so just another way to control it and make sure we could keep the ball in our hands and be smart with it.

On whether he has a chance to appreciate McCoy's moves:

FOLES: He is tremendous player and a tremendous teammate and he made some huge plays tonight that really did give us an opportunity to win the game. I am really proud of him on how he is playing and how he is taking all this in and how he is handling himself. All the moves he made tonight doesn't surprise me because I have played with him long enough to know that he is capable of doing that and he is hungry for more and I know he is going to continue to work to get better.

* *

On how important this game was considering how tight the division is:

FOLES: It was a huge win, not looking at the big picture, just today. Detroit is a really good football team, they have had some great wins. They are a solid team so just going into this game, facing adversity in the first half, facing the element of the snow and all of that. It was just a big win because it does allow us to grow together as a team because we went through all of this together. We were able to stay on the right path and continue to motivate each other. Nobody wavered from what we knew we would accomplish so it is a huge win.

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