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Foles And Ertz's Pre-Game Ritual

Youngsters Nick Foles and Zach Ertz have each put up big numbers for the Eagles this season. Game by game, both players have grown more comfortable both with the speed of the NFL game and with each other. Since the Eagles Week 9 matchup with Oakland, the two have connected for 198 yards and four touchdowns.

Wonder where that chemistry comes from? Before each and every Eagles game this season, the two former Pac-12 players can be found warming up one-on-one while most of the other players are still in the locker room.

According to Ertz, the pre-game routine has been great to help develop a familiarity between the quarterback and tight end, and it's also a chance to show off a different skill set.

"I think it just kind of loosens us both up and we kind of take a step back," said Ertz. "We kind of get to show off my arm and his catching skills. It's a way to relax before the game and it's fun to just go around and check out the field and talk about how field is and just mess around out there."

Eagles fans probably shouldn't expect Foles to be making any Ertz-ian catches any time soon and Ertz may not wind up throwing seven touchdown passes in a game, but remember, practice makes perfect.

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