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Connor Barwin: Jack Of All Trades

Linebacker Connor Barwin can do it all.

On Tuesday, defensive coordinator Bill Davis referred to his position as the Jack linebacker, meaning that he is the Jack of all trades. Barwin is tied for second on the team with 4.0 sacks this season, and he has been equally impressive when asked to drop back in coverage.

Barwin's versatility dates back to his college days, so says former University of Cincinnati teammate Jason Kelce, who told a story on Tuesday about how his college teammate has always had "freak" athletic ability.

"Connor has always been a freak, in terms of his physical ability," Kelce said. "We would always do long-distance running, and they would always put you in a position group. I'd be with the offensive line and the linebackers would always be with the big skill guys. Connor, who was a defensive end, I think 270 pounds at the time, used to run with the defensive backs. We would run 350 or 400 meters, all the way around the football field, and he would beat every single defensive back and finish in first place, and he wouldn't get tired. That's one of the things that you notice even at this level - his motor is on another level."

"The defensive backs were not big fans of it," Kelce added. "Getting beat by a 270-pound guy isn't what you're supposed to do, especially in a long-distance race."

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