Philadelphia Eagles Front Office Roster

Executive Administration Support

  • Lee Ann Hartley Director, Office of the Chairman/CEO
  • Daniel Goldsmith Business Manager
  • Alexandra Gunther Administrative Assistant, Office of the Chairman/CEO
  • Katy Moroz Executive Assistant
  • Liz Reed Executive Assistant to President
  • Tara Sutphen Operations and Event Manager, Office of the Chairman/CEO
  • Jessica Teson Executive Assistant

Football Operations


  • Greg McDonald Vice President of Financial Operations
  • Tony Orazi Vice President of Financial Reporting
  • Andrea Sorli Director of Finance and Accounting
  • Jeanine Burness Payroll & HRIS Manager
  • Jessica Campbell Staff Accountant
  • Sasha Jones Accounting Coordinator
  • Alison Neville Accounting Manager
  • Kathleen Rosi Accounts Payable Manager

Human Resources


  • Marla Axelrod Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
  • Daniel-John Sewell Associate Counsel

Eagles Entertainment

  • Eric Long Vice President of Content & Production
  • Stacy Kelleher Director of Production
  • Sarah Zangrilli Director of Digital Strategy
  • Julie Bacanskas Senior Manager, Social Media
  • Chris Barletto Senior Producer
  • Blaise Basile Senior Feature Producer
  • JohnPaul Beattie Audio Engineer
  • Jamal Cooley Social Media Senior Coordinator
  • Ray Doyle Senior Manager, Production
  • Fran Duffy Analysis Content Manager
  • Donavan Edwards Special Projects Producer
  • Melissa Higgins Studio Production Manager
  • Alessandra Lane Senior Manager, Live Event Production
  • Wes Lauria Digital Asset Coordinator
  • Joshua Lee Social Media Coordinator
  • Kiel Leggere Photography Director
  • Chris McPherson Senior Manager, Digital Media
  • Taylor Moy Live Events Producer
  • Nahom Nega Video Editor
  • Mike O'Connor Senior Editor
  • Chris Rutledge Digital Product Manager
  • Dave Spadaro Eagles Insider
  • Melissa Ward Digital Product Coordinator
  • Kelsey Welsh Short Form Content Specialist
  • Jennifer White Senior Manager, Digital Assets

Business Data and Analytics

  • Tanmay Patel Vice President of Business Data and Analytics
  • Andrew Kromer Data Engineer
  • Julia Nowels CRM Manager


  • Brett Strohsacker Vice President of Football Communications
  • Anthony Bonagura Director of Corporate Communications
  • John Gonoude Senior Manager, Football Communications
  • Allison Waddington Communications Manager

Community Relations

  • Julie Hirshey Vice President of Community Relations
  • Brendan Clark  Community Relations & Youth Football Coordinator
  • Daniel Levy Youth Football and Community Relations Manager
  • Carly Pennacchia Community Relations Manager
  • Taylor Wilson Community Relations Coordinator

Information Technology

  • John Pawling Vice President of Information Technology
  • Bill Mizell Director of Network Operations
  • Christian Coslett Assistant Network Administrator
  • Mike Gibboni Systems Administrator
  • Terrance Hopkins Technical Support Specialist
  • Scott Jaudas Telecommunications Administrator
  • Steve Jones Technical Support Specialist


  • Brian Papson Vice President of Marketing
  • Poorya Nayerahmadi Director of Marketing
  • Barbara Zaun Director of Entertainment Groups
  • Jessica Cashin Senior Manager, Marketing
  • Kevin di Girolamo Assistant to SWOOP
  • Christine Dorn Senior Designer
  • Andrew Gerdes Marketing Coordinator
  • Loraine Griffiths Lead Designer
  • Denise Kozul Marketing and Executive Assistant
  • Joey Petti Marketing Coordinator
  • Matthew Schwenk Senior Designer

Sales and Services

  • Greg DeLuca Vice President of Premium Development and Services
  • Tracy Foster Vice President of Corporate Partner Activation
  • Mat Warner Vice President of Premium Sales
  • Maura Strohsacker Director of Corporate Partner Activation
  • Christian Molnar Team Relationships Director
  • Ernie Burrell Senior Sales Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Shane Campbell Corporate Partner Activation Manager
  • Ryan Cullen Partnerships Activation Account Executive
  • Mark DiFrancesco Corporate Partnership Activation Coordinator
  • Pat Jeffries Premium Sales Director
  • Nikki Jost Senior Manager, Corporate Partner Activation
  • Griffin Kennedy Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
  • Joe Malatesta Senior Sales Director, Premium Suite Sales
  • Drew Masciangelo Senior Manager, Premium Sales and Service
  • Nick Michaels Corporate Partnerships Director
  • Clark Minken Premium Sales Director
  • Brandy Pickett Premium Services Account Executive
  • Jessica Philippou Assistant Manager, Suite Services
  • Emma Rutherford Premium Services Account Executive
  • Ryan Sheehan Corporate Partnerships Director
  • Emily Shields Partnership Activation Account Executive
  • Brandon Sochovka Assistant Manager, Suite Services
  • Erica Sorrels Activation and Partner Solutions Manager

Facilities and Stadium Operations

  • Ryan Hummel Vice President of Facilities Operations
  • Tom Brennan Director of Facilities
  • JP Hayslip Director of Facilities Security
  • Otha Bledsoe Electrician
  • John Candelori Carpenter
  • Tom Caracciolo Conversion Manager
  • James Carter A/V Systems Engineer
  • Edward Dean Facilities
  • Chris DeBellis NovaCare Facility Manager
  • Fred DeVice Controls Technician
  • William Dunfee Plumber
  • Robert Ferrara Carpenter
  • Chris Fink Project Manager
  • Colleen Iskenian Facility Security Manager
  • Cristian Narino Garcia Facilities Operations Coordinator
  • Chris Golderer Steamfitter
  • Lou Giorla Carpenter/Foreman
  • Tajmir Harris Shipping and Receiving Coordinator
  • Michael Hartman Carpenter
  • Bob Hellmuth Steamfitter
  • Shawn James Carpenter
  • Herbert Keyser Electrician/Foreman
  • Vimal Koruth Conversions Coordinator
  • Jim McGurk Building Maintenance Manager
  • Ray Murphy Plumber/Foreman
  • Jennifer Mastrangelo Operations Administration Manager
  • Greg Poda Operations Services Director
  • Rich Prutzman Warehouse Supervisor
  • Tom Riley Steamfitter/Foreman
  • David Sullivan Senior Broadcast and Media Engineer
  • Bridget Waldron Facilities Security Coordinator
  • Stephen Weingarten Lincoln Financial Field Facility Manager
  • Wayne Zarnowski Electrician

Ticket and Fan Services

  • Kevin Sorli Director of Ticketing
  • Norman Vossschulte Director of Fan Experience and Sustainability
  • Brian Dea Senior Manager, Event Staff Operations
  • Paige Davenport Season Ticket Member Services Coordinator
  • Doug Lesser Ticket Operations Finance Manager
  • Nicole Luff Ticket Operations Assistant Manager
  • Jim McCafferty Senior Manager, Special Event Ticketing
  • Megan McGuire Fan Experience Coordinator
  • Katherine Mulders Event Staff Experience Coordinator
  • Kobie Tuckson Event Staff Operations Coordinator
  • Callie Dill Ticket Operations Coordinator


  • Emily McNichol Director of Merchandise
  • Isaac Brubaker Merchandise Inventory Operations Manager
  • Timothy Crouch Senior Manager, Merchandise
  • Brittany Mecca Pro Shop Manager, Lincoln Financial Field/Cherry Hill
  • MK Meagher Rockvale Pro Shop Coordinator
  • Adam Geremski Merchandise Warehouse Coordinator


  • Tony Leonard Vice President of Grounds
  • Eddie Harbaugh Sports Field Manager
  • Shawn Mackin Field Maintenance Coordinator
  • Josh Riley Mechanic
  • Chris Weaver Landscape Manager
  • John Ferraro Landscape Coordinator

Event Operations

  • Chris Sharkoski Director of Event Operations
  • Lauren Gress Senior Manager, Event Operations
  • Colette Brandt Events Coordinator
  • Lauren Hayes Events Coordinator

Eagles Autism Foundation

  • Ryan Hammond Executive Director
  • Neva Graham-Kelly Director of Development
  • Kirsten Saraceni Director of Scientific Programs and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Olivia Schaller Marketing and Communications Manager to EAF
  • Cathryn Antonacio Strategic Partnerships & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Sloan Maas Program Coordinator