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Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly

Aside from one incompletion, he had three throwaways.  How did you like the way Nick Foles player?

KELLY: I thought he did a really nice job of kind of managing what we were trying to get accomplished.  I thought we had a good mix of run and pass, and trying to take advantage of the way we were running the ball and trying to get an extra guy down there.  And we did get the extra guy down there and we needed to take advantage of that.  I thought he did a really good job, I thought he made really good decisions.  That's one thing that he's been great with is his decision making has been outstanding.  He hasn't put the ball in harm's way.  Threw the ball away.  He was big right there at the first half when he didn't take a sack.  Could have taken a sack and gotten us out of field goal range, and then he got the incompletion, and then we had a chance to get Alex on the field for a field goal, I thought he did a really good job.

On Trent Cole and his progression this season

KELLY: I think Trent from day one just played with a great effort.  Sometimes the numbers didn't show because he didn't have a sack total or whatever.  But the pressure he got from game one to now, through game 15, sometimes it starts to come.  He was so close in a lot of games, but I think what you see out of Trent is that he just gives you that effort, and he just plays so hard.  That one sack where he's diving over people, but that's the Trent we know, and we understand what he can do, and how he sets the tone for us.  A lot of the other guys feed off of that.

You didn't want anyone paying attention in the Dallas game?

KELLY: No, I never said that.

You didn't want anyone?

KELLY: No, I said we're playing the Chicago Bears.  But everybody knew the Dallas game was going on.  We never once talked about the other opponents or who everything was, we just go out and play.

Anyway, did you see the end of it?

KELLY: Yeah, I saw it.

Were you worried about anybody being affected?

KELLY: No, I wasn't.

Did you ever consider for a second maybe kind of?

KELLY: No, not at all.

Chip, can you explain how the guys came out a lot more aggressive?

KELLY: They played with great energy, we had a great week of training and we chilled.  So that's what we did.  I don't think the scheme was any different than we had in the last couple weeks.  I just think guys made plays and we had a bunch of guys excited about playing in the games.

The conventional wisdom and the question that comes up was you really didn't need that game.  Explain to us your thinking and your approach to this football game after, obviously, you knew Dallas had won the football game?

KELLY: Very simply.  We're from Philadelphia and we fight.  That's it.  If there's a game on, we're playing, end of the story.  All this stuff with backing in, not worry about things.  I have no idea.  So many different scenarios, could have been a tie.  What if there's a tie when we go play Dallas next week and we gave a game away last week. If we are going to lineup and kickoff, you tell us what time to show up and we will be there.

What does it say about your team after last week and you bounced back?

KELLY: I disagree that we were bad in every area last week.

Bouncing back in general?

KELLY: I thought we bounced back in general.  I think that is what our team is all about. But I would disagree we were bad in every area.  We had 475 yards and scored 30 points last week, so.

What was the biggest difference this week compared to last week?

KELLY: We played a different team and executed better.  This is a one‑week deal.  I know I say it and it's a broken record.  But you come back to work.  When you win, you get better.  When you lose, you try to get better.  That is the deal.  That's what this team is all about. They are focued. We stumbled when we were in Minnesota.  Minnesota beat us and played better than us that day.  But we weren't going to let Minnesota beat us twice.

What was the thinking to playing more Chris Polk and Bryce Brown?

KELLY: It's just where LeSean is.  And Duce depending on if he's tired, he takes him out for a play and rolls those guys.  We were consistent.  We only punted once in the first half, is that right?  We got more snaps off.  When you get a few three‑and‑outs early, it's tough to get your rhythm and tough to get going offensively.  So we're not really thinking about getting guys out.  LeSean is really good with Duce in terms of telling him if he needs a play off or whatever.  But Chris has practiced really well over the last month or so.  And Bryce the same thing.  We've got really good competition with those guys.  We just kept rolling them in there.  It's a real positive for this team that you can take LeSean out and we're getting the production we can out of Chris and Bryce.

How do you get better from a performance like tonight?

KELLY: Same exact thing.  We go to work on Tuesday like we've done after every single game this year.  The methods won't change.  We've got to go back and go to work.  Look at the film, make the proper corrections, we'll start with corrections on Tuesday, and start to put in the game plan for Dallas.

Cedric Thornton and his safety and what he has given to this team all year long?

KELLY: Yeah, Cedric has been one of those guys who has been really consistent fright from the jump.  We talked a lot about him early. As Bennie and Fletcher started to emerge too.  Sometimes you forget about, it's not because Cedric wasn't productive, but we had some other guys that were starting to contribute and had a huge play for us at a point in time where we needed a little bit of a  jump.  Not only do we score and get the two there, but they kick it, and we get an opportunity to go down on that drive and score a touchdown so it's a nine‑point swing further.

On the challenge you messed up on.

KELLY: Yeah, I screwed up.

Did you not know the rule?

KELLY: No, I knew the rule.  I'm not making any excuses.  It's my fault.  I knew the rule, I was wrong.

On Cary Williams on kickoffs.

KELLY: Yeah, because we were down Colt and we were down Coleman.  Those are two guys that have been on our team.  We had to take some outside guys and move them inside.  We moved Roc around, Roc was usually in that position.  I think we move Roc inside a little bit more.

On kicking deep to Hester.

KELLY: No, it was different.  I said it last week.  It depends on the scheme you're running, who is the guy back there and what do they do.  We felt like we had a good plan with what Coach Fipp was putting together.  That was our plan.  We make adjustments every week no matter who we're playing.

McCoy had a big run in his first game.  How much of a tone did he set for the guys starting this game?

KELLY: I think it's positive for everyone when your first drive can result in we are moving.  You start with a three‑and‑out, and it starts to be, you know, that's not a good jump for anybody.  So we get a good game, we're moving and then all the sudden they thrive off of that.  I think that brings energy to the whole group.

How much do you getting him involved really set the tone, going beyond eight carry had last week?

KELLY: Yeah, I mean, he played really well.

On the first touchdown how many options were there?

KELLY: There were four, actually.  We had another tight end on the back side.  It was just a naked pass route.  We had two on the front side and two on the back side.  Nick has to, depending on how he overplayed, the two reads on the front side and then worked it back on the back inside.

Thought on the NFC East on the line?

KELLY: Playoffs just start a week early for both teams.  If you win, you get an opportunity to keep playing.  If you lose, you're going home.  That is really just the first week of the playoffs.

What was your message to the team?

KELLY: One down, one to go.

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