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Trent Cole: Bear Hunter

Good morning twitter family. I might be quiet on twitter but I know it is Bear hunting Time! #PHI vs CHI #Eagles — Trent Cole (@Pro_Hunt58) December 22, 2013

Trent Cole set social media ablaze before the game Sunday afternoon when he tweeted the post above.

A man of his words, Cole backed up his pre-game talk with a dominating three-sack performance against the Bears, etching himself into second place on the Eagles' all-time sack list. But we know all about what Cole can do on the field. What's the story behind the tweet?

"It was like two years ago. Not this past spring, but the last spring," Cole said with a smile after the game. "It was a black bear in Alberta, Canada with Northern Wilderness Outfitters."

In fact, our Eagles Television Network cameras were with Cole when he took down the big fella.

"I like to hype it up," said Cole. "I'm a hype man. I like to stir stuff up."  

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