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Barbre: What's In A Name, Anyway?

Nobody knows exactly the proper way to pronounce Allen Barbre's last name. Is it "Barber?" "Barbray?" "Barbree?" In Training Camp, the sports information director of Missouri Southern State University, Barbre's alma mater, e-mailed the Eagles after he heard the surname pronounced as "Barbray" to let us know that it was actually "Barber," or so that's how it was in college.

When finally asked about the issue, Barbre himself had an interesting answer.

"I don't really care, honestly," he said. "They're all fine, but I guess 'Barbree' is technically right."

Well, then.

Barbre revealed that growing up, his last name was always pronounced "Barber." Then, after doing some digging and finding out certain aspects of his family history, he realized the surname was of French origin and used to be spelled "Barbry" before one of his ancestors changed it. Barbre started going by "Barbree," but he still had people calling him "Barber" and "Barbray" and got tired of making the correction all the time.

So, "Barbree," "Barbray," "Barber," whatever. Just know that while "Barbree" is right, Allen's a nice enough guy that he will still respond to any of the three.

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