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Post-Game Quotes: QB Matthew Stafford

On what happened in the second half, in terms of footing or handling:

STAFFORD: It didn't really have anything to do with the weather. It was more just we didn't play well, we didn't play well enough in the second half to get the win.  We had a lead in the first half. It was a good football team that we played, a good offense, and a good defense. We didn't score enough points to win.

On whether he was expecting the snap on the last fumble:


On his thoughts on the weather conditions and how they factored into things, feeling the ball and throwing, everything:

STAFFORD: I'd say the first half was probably more difficult than the second. It was a little icier in the second but it's no excuse. We had opportunities to make plays and we didn't make them.

On the disappointment of this loss especially after coming off the win on Thanksgiving:

STAFFORD: Yeah, it's never fun to lose a game. That is obvious.  We've got to learn from this one. We're going to have a lot of time to sit there and think about it because we play late next week. So we will learn from it and move forward and be ready to go for the next one.

On losing RB Reggie Bush right before the start, how big of an adjustment did you need to make on the fly:

STAFFORD: I'm not really sure what happened but [RB] Joique [Bell] stepped up and did a great job, played well for us. Sometimes that happens.

On being up 14 to 0 and having two questionable calls made, one on [DT] Nick Fairley and one on [DT] Ndamukong Suh, did it seem to take anything out of you guys, was he able to sense anything on the sidelines:

STAFFORD: I don't know. It was a tough one, the Nick [Fairley] one. But I don't know what the other one was.

On how difficult that snow was to play in and what that was like early on:

STAFFORD: Early on it was tougher that it was in the second half. But we just didn't play well enough in the second half to win the game. We had a lead but we knew they were going to be able to score, they are a good offense, and we didn't score enough in the second half to get it done.

On what the snow prevented him from doing:

STAFFORD: I don't know, I mean the whole game slows down, obviously you could see it watching the game I'm sure. But everybody was playing in the same snow so there is no excuse.

On if he personally feels like he had a tough time throwing the ball:

STAFFORD: Yeah I mean it's not the same as a sunny day, that's for sure. But you have to make adjustments. I thought we made some good plays in the passing game. I don't think anybody was going to go 20 for 25 for 350 yards in that. But we just didn't make enough plays in the second half.

On if he was not ready for the last snap:

STAFFORD: Yeah I just wasn't expecting it.

* *

On if he was changing a play there:

STAFFORD: No, just a miscommunication I guess.

On the two long drives in the beginning that ended up with nothing, looking back on it were those really big missed opportunities:

STAFFORD: Yeah, for sure. It was tough handling the ball early on. We had a couple turnovers but we have to be able to overcome those. Obviously you don't want to have them but in a storm like that early on in the game you might have some, but we have to do a better job of holding on to it.

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