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McCoy Grinds Way To Big Night


ARLINGTON, TX -- **The yards didn't come easily for running back LeSean McCoy on a night when he set the Eagles' franchise records for most rushing yards in a season and most yards from scrimmage in a season.

But some hard work isn't anything that would keep McCoy down.

He ran for 131 yards on 27 carries yards in the 24-22 win, often facing eight men in the box designed to take away his talents. It didn't happen. McCoy, who finished the regular season with a league-high 1,607 yards on the ground, kept running hard, getting up the field and eventually wearing the Cowboys down.

"All he needs is a crack and he makes something happen," said left guard Evan Mathis. "He's a special player and we know it. Everybody knows it."

McCoy broke Wilbert Montgomery's single-seasonn rushing record of 1,512 yards in the second quarter on a 16-yard run and then shattered Brian Westbrook's mark of 2,104 yards in the 2007 season.

"With the stats and the record, none of that stuff means anything if we don't win today. That was the most important thing. Their guys up front played very well. I didn't play as well as I thought I could. I think as an offense we didn't, but we got the job done. It's not going to be 50 points every game, but we dug deep." 

But those late yards, the ones that came on the drive that scored the winning points, were especially important. Brown 6-yard touchdown run to put the Eagles ahead 24-16 midway through the fourth quarter, McCoy established himself with 7 carries for 24 yards, including an 8-yard gain. The Eagles needed every one of those runs, as they have needed him all season.

The drive was huge, covering 60 yards on 11 plays.

"We needed to establish ourselves at the end of the game," said McCoy, as he came off the field. "It felt good driving the ball, winning the battle and putting the ball in the end zone."

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