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O-Line Ranks Among League's Best

After a year in which injuries dismantled the Eagles offensive line, this year's unit ranks as one of the best in the league.

Rotoworld's Lance Zierlein sorted out the best and worst offensive lines in the league and ranked the Eagles offensive line as the fifth-best based on the unit's performance in both the run and the pass game.

"The Eagles are sleek, athletic and able to beat defenders to the spot no matter how wide they have to run," Zierlein wrote. "Granted, the sack numbers are still a problem in Philadelphia, but Nick Foles has definitely had enough time to become a very dangerous quarterback in this offense."

The Eagles are the league's No. 1 rushing team and boast the NFL's top rusher in LeSean McCoy. Zierlein noted head coach Chip Kelly's offensive design makes it tough to figure out the Eagles' run game.

"Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles running game has taken off as expected, however, what has impressed me the most is that the results aren't based just on tempo, but rather on scheme and play-calling," Zierlein wrote. "Most teams run their zone plays (outside and inside) from behind the quarterback, and the running back's first step indicates whether it is an outside or inside zone play.

"Kelly runs his zone plays out of the shotgun with an offset back, which allows the running back to have the same first two steps whether it is inside or outside zone. By disguising this footwork, Kelly is able to use his inside zone calls as a counter when teams start flowing too hard to the outside to stop LeSean McCoy. It looks like the play will flow outside and then BAM - McCoy cuts inside where the Eagles are setting up the inside zone play."

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