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Eagles-Lions: Let It Snow


Finally, winter has arrived in Philadelphia. A "wintry mix" and "snow flurries" were predicted throughout the week for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions, and the flurries started to fall around 10 a.m. Those flurries soon turned into a steady stream of full-sized snow flakes and started to coat the field. The dark green of the Lincoln Financial Field grass is now completely white, though workers are doing their best to snow-blow the field's yard markers, but their efforts are already proving futile not even five minutes later. There have to be at least two or three inches of snow on the ground already, and its only picking up steam. Not since the Eagles faced the San Francisco 49ers on December 21, 2009, has there been a snow game at Lincoln Financial Field.

We are just minutes away from kickoff, and, naturally, the weather conditions beg the question of how play will be affected. There is a steady wind blowing the heavy snow sideways, and visibility at field level is poor and getting worse. For two teams that have high-powered offenses and like to air it out, the driving snow and wind could prove troublesome and test their abilities to adjust. The footing on the field will be slick and won't allow for much dancing or creativity, the ball will be slippery, speed will be neutralized, passing attacks could be grounded in favor of run-heavy game plans, and the range of both kickers will likely be limited.

Whether the snow relents at all during the game or just continues to get stronger, no one knows. Few things are more charming and enchanting than football played in the snow, and that is precisely what we'll have today.

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