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The Inspiration For Jackson's Moves

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been known to play the game of football with the energy and passion of a young kid. Well, he's been dancing in the end zone like one this season.

Jackson's touchdown celebration has been the Cousin Terrio, a salute to the 6-year-old whose dance moves on Vine and YouTube have turned him into a star. On Sunday, Jackson got to do the dance in the end zone against the Lions in front of Terrio himself. Terrio was a guest at the game, courtesy of Jackson.

"He had a great time. He's a very young 6-year-old, who has a huge following," Jackson said. "Everywhere I go, people ask me about him. For him to be able see the game, be in the snow and just have a little fun was great."

Jackson is friends with Terrio's manager, yes he has representation, and said some things are in the works for the future.

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