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Post-Game Quotes: HC Bruce Arians

On the game:

COACH ARIANS: "You can't turn the football over, and we lost this football game with self-inflicted wounds, we didn't create any turnovers and we obviously turned it over and gave them an early start. I thought we weathered the storm pretty good…hung in there…had our chances in the 4th quarter, and didn't make a couple plays to win the football game. We played good enough to play close, but not good enough to win the football game in the 4th quarter. I'll say this, refereeing did not determine us losing the football game. We didn't make enough plays."

On the playoff outlook:

COACH ARIANS: "We're still in it. We control our own destiny as far as that goes. We learned a lot today about what playoff atmosphere is on the road and how to overcome it and how to handle it when bad things happen and when good things happen. So I was real pleased with the way we handled it on the sidelines, but we have to learn from it and know that if we play error free we can win games like this."

On the officiating:

COACH ARIANS: "I'll watch the tape. I don't make any comments on officials until after I watch the tape. What I see on the jumbo-tron sometimes doesn't come out from what's on tape."

On being down throughout the game:

COACH ARIANS: "We've been a pretty solid second half football team all year, and being down doesn't bother us. We've come back from double digits in the 4th quarter a couple times this year and I thought we had it again when we got the interception, but it wasn't that play, wasn't happening, that was the play to win the game for us, and that's where we've been all year. We make a play to win the game in the 4th quarter. We made the touchdown drive and got the interception and obviously we lost the interception."

On the preparation for the Eagles offensive tempo:

COACH ARIANS: "They [Philadelphia Eagles] were faster in practice [than they were today]; they averaged 25 seconds to call a play, that's not that bad."

On the Cardinals offense:

COACH ARIANS: "We had a wide open touchdown on the sack fumble. It looked like it had a chance to be a touchdown. We've done a great job all year of holding people to 3 [points] and they got a touchdown, so it was a huge, bad momentum start, but then we overcame it…hung in there and did what it took."

On the play of the Eagles TE's:

COACH ARIANS: "We had good matchups outside, we did not handle their tight ends well, and that was pretty obvious."

On the play of QB Nick Foles:

COACH ARIANS: "They do a great job with their play action passing game and bootlegs, and we got a few sacks when they tried to drop back on us. That's the one thing they do very well in their offense, they run the football and they have good play action."

On the Cardinals progress after losing today:

COACH ARIANS: "There is still a lot of progress. We lost the game. Progress doesn't stop because you lost a game. We won four in a row, that's a lot of progress, and like I said we have a big game in the division next week and we'll come back and hit the practice field."

On the play of QB Carson Palmer:

COACH ARIANS: "We dropped some balls on him, and we missed some. Those are the type of plays…we self-inflicted ourselves with things in the first half that cost us points."

On returning to Philadelphia:

COACH ARIANS: "Well it sucks right now. I love Philadelphia though, and it was great going up to Temple [University] and seeing a bunch of the former players in practice yesterday."

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