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Tuesday Morning Headlines

Good morning Eagles fans and Happy Holidays. After a day off to recover yesterday, the Eagles are back out on the practice field today, getting set for the regular season finale against the Dallas Cowboys. Be sure to watch the coordinators speak at 11:25, which leads into Eagles Live! an noon. All of that, plus press conferences from DeSean Jackson and Nick Foles, is coming your way, but first, check out the latest Eagles headlines ...

Five things to know for December 24.

According to reports, a back injury will keep Tony Romo out of Sunday's game.

The Eagles are looking to close out the season strong.

The latest edition of Eagle Eye In The Sky reviews the win over the Bears.

Other Views

With a new coaching staff in place, the Eagles have already succeeded in changing the mentality in the locker room

A report card from Sunday's win (Spoiler Alert: The Eagles did pretty well).

Kelly's "Fighting words" a rallying cry for Eagles fans.

The Eagles young defense has come of age this season.

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