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Articles - December 2009

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2009-12-01 Eagles Lock Up Another Piece With Celek Deal
2009-12-01 Eagles Sign Celek To Six-Year Extension
2009-12-01 Is Avant The Most Clutch Player On The Team?
2009-12-01 Fan-Demonium: What We Learned Sunday
2009-12-01 Celek: Contract Won't Change My Work Ethic
2009-12-01 WR Norwood Promoted, CB Robinson Waived
2009-12-01 TE Brent Celek And GM Tom Heckert
2009-12-01 Discussing A Busy Off Day For The Eagles
2009-12-01 Heckert: Celek One Of The Best
2009-12-01 Falcons Shuffle Kicking Game
2009-12-01 Back-To-Back Rookie Sensations
2009-12-02 Eagles Add CB Roberson To Practice Squad
2009-12-02 Jackson's Status Uncertain
2009-12-02 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap Presented By Verizon Wireless
2009-12-02 Youth Initiatives At Work
2009-12-02 Jordan: McDermott Always Has Something Up His Sleeve
2009-12-02 Akers Wins NFC Award
2009-12-02 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-02 QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-02 A New Vick Returns To Atlanta
2009-12-02 Vick's Homecoming On Tap
2009-12-02 Maclin To Return Punts If Jackson Can't Play
2009-12-03 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-03 Overcoming Crowd Noise Imperative For Eagles
2009-12-03 Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher
2009-12-03 Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg
2009-12-03 Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott
2009-12-03 Andrews' Back Surgery A Success
2009-12-03 Injury Updates: Bunkley, Jordan
2009-12-03 Homecoming For Five UGA Eagles
2009-12-04 Check Out This Week's Fan Friday Presented By Comcast SportsNet
2009-12-04 WR Jackson, LB Jordan Out Vs. Falcons
2009-12-04 Eagles-Falcons Starting Lineups
2009-12-04 For Akers, Dome Sweet Dome?
2009-12-04 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-04 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-04 Eagles Won't Overlook Redman
2009-12-04 Hopefully, A Passing Fancy For Eagles Offense
2009-12-05 Report: Falcons' Turner Likely Out
2009-12-05 Vick Featured In ESPN The Magazine
2009-12-05 Keys To The Game
2009-12-05 TE Gonzalez Will Test Eagles' D
2009-12-06 Before The Game, A List Of Questions
2009-12-06 Inactives: Key Starters Missing For Both Teams
2009-12-06 Sunday's Action Through The Camera Lens
2009-12-06 Eagles Rout Falcons For Third Straight Win
2009-12-06 Goal-Line Stand Part Of Great Effort By D
2009-12-06 Report: Eagles, Reid Close To Extension
2009-12-06 Injury Update: Peters "Bugged" Reid To Return
2009-12-06 Special Teams Make An Impact
2009-12-06 Weaver The Big-Play Maker For Offense
2009-12-06 Game Vs. Falcons: Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-06 Game Vs. Falcons: Eagles Players
2009-12-07 The Right Mentality: Enjoy The Ride!
2009-12-07 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap Presented By AAA
2009-12-07 Successful Surgery For CB Hobbs
2009-12-07 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-07 Cole's Focus Already Turned To Giants
2009-12-07 Eagles Release WR Norwood
2009-12-07 Some Questions To Answer In Week Ahead
2009-12-08 For Eagles, It's That Time of Year
2009-12-08 Fan-Demonium: An Odd Blowout
2009-12-08 Eagles Shuffle Practice Squad
2009-12-08 WR Jackson Expects To Play Vs. Giants
2009-12-08 WR Brown Steps Up When Needed Most
2009-12-08 Eagles' Statistical Highlights
2009-12-08 Eagles Have Weapon In Weaver
2009-12-09 Done Deal For Andy Reid
2009-12-09 Eagles Bring Back WR Norwood
2009-12-09 Casserly: Reid's Consistency Impressive
2009-12-09 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap Presented By Verizon Wireless
2009-12-09 Westbrook Eyes Return This Season
2009-12-09 Childress: Nobody Does It Better
2009-12-09 Hanson Returns Focused On Giants
2009-12-09 Reid And Lurie On Successful Partnership
2009-12-09 Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie And Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-09 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-09 QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-09 RB Brian Westbrook
2009-12-09 Gosselin: Eagles Are A Super Bowl Contender
2009-12-09 McNabb: Reid Extension A 'No-Brainer'
2009-12-09 Injuries: Foot Injury Sidelines Maclin
2009-12-10 Jackson The Central Piece In Offense's Puzzle
2009-12-10 Harbaugh: Players Always Respond To Reid
2009-12-10 Volume Of Penalties Comparable To Previous Seasons
2009-12-10 Return Of Three-Headed RB Attack?
2009-12-10 Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher
2009-12-10 Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg
2009-12-10 Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott
2009-12-10 Jordan Doesn't Know If He's Starting Sunday
2009-12-10 Daisher: Jackson Will Return Punts Vs. Giants
2009-12-10 Update On WR Curtis, Others
2009-12-11 Check Out This Week's Fan Friday Presented By Comcast SportsNet
2009-12-11 Young Players Stepping Up In Playoff Chase
2009-12-11 WR Maclin On Practice Field
2009-12-11 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-11 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-11 Trotter: McDermott On Road To Be Elite Coordinator
2009-12-11 Reid Gives Westbrook Update
2009-12-11 Justice Returns To The Scene Of Infamous Game
2009-12-12 Where Are They Now: WR Calvin Williams
2009-12-12 Eagles-Giants Starting Lineups
2009-12-12 Samuel Still Exacting Revenge On Giants?
2009-12-12 Brown Not Concerned With Recognition
2009-12-12 Fan-Demonium: A Lot On The Line
2009-12-12 Keys To The Game
2009-12-13 Is Vick The Secret Weapon Tonight?
2009-12-13 Breaking Down Giants Starts Up Front
2009-12-13 Eagles Look For Two In A Row On Sunday Night
2009-12-13 A Look At The Playoff Picture
2009-12-13 Still Pouring At Giants Stadium
2009-12-13 WR Curtis, DT Laws Among Inactives
2009-12-13 Eagles Seize Control Of NFC East With Win
2009-12-14 Wild Win In Divisional Showdown
2009-12-14 Explosive Jackson Sparks Eagles In Return
2009-12-14 Vick Chips In With Some Of This And That
2009-12-14 Despite Win, Defense Realizes It Needs To Be Better
2009-12-14 McNabb Leads Eagles To NFC East Lead
2009-12-14 Time Change For Eagles-Broncos
2009-12-14 Injuries: Maclin Likely Out 1-2 Weeks
2009-12-14 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-14 With McCoy, It's Quality Vs. Quantity
2009-12-14 So ... Where Do Eagles Go From Here?
2009-12-14 Another Record-Breaking Offense?
2009-12-15 Eagles Clinch Playoff Spot With Win And Some Help
2009-12-15 King: No One Wants To Play The Eagles In January
2009-12-15 Eagles Promote TE Rucker
2009-12-15 Jordan Happy To Get Back On The Field
2009-12-15 Jackson Earns Special Weekly Honor
2009-12-15 Fan-Demonium: Coming Up Big
2009-12-15 Close Games Show Team's Toughness, Character
2009-12-15 WR Brown Again Looking At Increased Role
2009-12-15 Things I Think I Know About The Eagles
2009-12-16 RB Hill Re-Signed To Practice Squad
2009-12-16 Celek Won't Practice; Westbrook and Curtis Will
2009-12-16 Jackson: We Haven't Reached Our Goal Yet
2009-12-16 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-16 McNabb Compares 2009 To 2004
2009-12-16 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-16 QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-16 SS Quintin Mikell
2009-12-16 Defense Gets Back To Work In Football 101
2009-12-16 Babin: Gore Would Be One of My Fantasy Football Picks
2009-12-16 Cole Not Suspended, Accepts Punishment
2009-12-17 A Second Chance For TE Rucker
2009-12-17 Demps To Take Over Kick Return Duties
2009-12-17 ST Coordinator Ted Daisher
2009-12-17 Jackson Is A Pro On, And Off, The Field
2009-12-17 Off. Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg
2009-12-17 Def. Coordinator Sean McDermott
2009-12-17 Former Bengals Discuss Henry's Passing
2009-12-17 Eagles Preparing For Lethal TE Davis
2009-12-17 Curtis Could Have A Role Sunday
2009-12-17 Jordan Move To MIKE Linebacker Permanent?
2009-12-18 Role Change Ahead For Jackson?
2009-12-18 Reid: Westbrook, Maclin Out
2009-12-18 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-18 Eagles-49ers Starting Lineups
2009-12-18 Why Does A Dallas Win Help The Eagles?
2009-12-19 Samuel Feeling Good Down The Stretch
2009-12-19 On The Weather, WR Curtis And More
2009-12-19 Who Is A Free Agent After The 2009 Season?
2009-12-19 Kickoff Moved To 4:15 p.m.
2009-12-19 Over 1,000 Working At Stadium To Get Ready For Sunday
2009-12-19 Eagles' Defense Ready For More Gore
2009-12-19 Fan-Demonium: Just Another Test
2009-12-19 Cowboys' Win Over Saints Impacts Eagles
2009-12-20 Keys To The Game
2009-12-20 4 Eagles Among Heated Pro Bowl Battles
2009-12-20 Field Condition Update
2009-12-20 A Win And They Are In The Playofffs
2009-12-20 Westbrook, Maclin Lead Inactives
2009-12-20 Sunday's Action From The Sidelines
2009-12-20 Eagles Win 5th Straight, Playoff Spot
2009-12-20 Quick Start, Strong Finish Lead Eagles
2009-12-20 Defense Rebounds, Shuts Down TE Davis
2009-12-20 Jackson Surpasses 1,000-Yard Mark In Win
2009-12-20 Post-Game Notebook
2009-12-20 Samuel Picks Another One As Eagles Clinch Playoffs
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: S Quintin Mikell
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: Locker Room Offense
2009-12-20 McCoy Sets Eagles Rookie Record
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: Locker Room Defense
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: QB Alex Smith
2009-12-20 Game Vs. 49ers: Head Coach Mike Singletary
2009-12-20 Eagles-49ers Post-Game Quotes
2009-12-21 Injuries: Maclin, Westbrook To Practice This Week
2009-12-21 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-21 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-21 Quick Hits And Things I Think On Day After
2009-12-21 Tracy White Finds A Home With Eagles
2009-12-21 LB White Sheds Special-Teamer Label
2009-12-21 Dawkins Return Sparks Memories, Fond Feelings
2009-12-21 Updated NFC Playoff Scenarios For Week 16
2009-12-22 Fan-Demonium: Welcome To The Block Party
2009-12-22 Quick-Hitting Analysis From Sunday's Win
2009-12-22 Is Rocca Better Than His Numbers Indicate?
2009-12-22 Eagles-Broncos Starting Lineups
2009-12-22 Westbrook Delivers Holiday Smiles
2009-12-22 Jackson Has Been The Rock In The Middle
2009-12-22 Eagles Have Tempered Excitement About Playoffs
2009-12-23 Teammates Select Vick For Honor
2009-12-23 Will Westbrook's Potential Return Disrupt Chemistry?
2009-12-23 Westbrook, Maclin Updates
2009-12-23 Maclin Practicing, Expects To Play
2009-12-23 Mikell: Emotions Won't Be An Issue Sunday
2009-12-23 Dawkins To Be Introduced Sunday
2009-12-23 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-23 QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-23 S Quintin Mikell
2009-12-23 Westbrook Adds Instant Oomph To Offense
2009-12-24 Broncos Can Expect Plenty Of Cole For The Holiday
2009-12-24 Vick A No-Go In Thursday's Practice
2009-12-24 Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott
2009-12-24 Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg
2009-12-24 Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher
2009-12-24 Peters Believes He Should Earn Pro Bowl Honors
2009-12-25 Scouting Report: OLB Elvis Dumervil
2009-12-25 Weaver's Christmas Wish
2009-12-25 Team Effort Goes Beyond 53-Man Roster
2009-12-25 Check Out This Week's Fan Friday Presented By Comcast SportsNet
2009-12-25 Maclin, Westbrook Probable For Sunday
2009-12-25 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-26 CBS' Simms Praises McNabb In Preview
2009-12-26 Scouting WR Marshall: The Total Package
2009-12-26 Where Are They Now: LB Mike Caldwell
2009-12-26 This Is A Game For Eagles Defense To Win
2009-12-27 Langford Signed To Chiefs' Active Roster
2009-12-27 Fan-Demonium: Reason For Concern?
2009-12-27 Keys To The Game
2009-12-27 Eagles-Broncos Post-Game Quotes
2009-12-27 Weather Report: Perfect Day For Football
2009-12-27 Sizing Up Buckhalter's Return, Ground Game
2009-12-27 Vick, Curtis, Demps Inactive
2009-12-27 Eagles Win; J. Jackson Hurt
2009-12-27 Cole Steps Up After Jackson's Injury
2009-12-27 Maclin's Sideline Grab Sets Up Win
2009-12-27 Cardiac Eagles Keep On Rolling
2009-12-27 Eagles-Cowboys Flexed To 4:15 PM Start Time
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: RB Brian Westbrook
2009-12-27 Post-Game Notebook
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: Eagles Defense
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: Head Coach Josh McDaniels
2009-12-27 Akers Nails Second Game-Winner Of Season
2009-12-27 Game Vs. Broncos: S Brian Dawkins
2009-12-28 As It Should Be: Game With Everything Riding
2009-12-28 Updated Eagles' Playoff Scenarios
2009-12-28 Vintage McNabb Scramble A Game-Changer
2009-12-28 Jackson Injury Tests Offensive Line Depth
2009-12-28 C Jackson Out For Year With Torn ACL
2009-12-28 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-28 Mornhinweg On O-Line: We'll Be All Right
2009-12-28 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-28 OL Isdaner Re-Signed To Practice Squad
2009-12-28 Key Matchups: Eagles-Cowboys
2009-12-28 Westbrook Glad To Be Back
2009-12-28 Eagles-Cowboys Starting Lineups
2009-12-28 Eagles Win This Sunday Secures First-Round Bye
2009-12-29 Eagles' Path Clears On Road To No. 2 Seed
2009-12-29 Things I Think I Know About The Eagles
2009-12-29 Vote Maclin For Pepsi Rookie Of The Week Honors
2009-12-29 Fan-Demonium: Eagles Living Large After Win
2009-12-29 A Deeper Look At The New Offensive Line
2009-12-29 Jackson Placed On Injured Reserve
2009-12-29 Eagles Understand Importance Of First-Round Bye
2009-12-29 Pro Bowl Recognition Rewards Eagles
2009-12-29 Six Eagles Are Pro Bowl-Bound
2009-12-29 Peters' Assessment Proven To Be Correct
2009-12-29 QB McNabb Leads Alternates
2009-12-29 A First For The Hunter
2009-12-29 Jackson Pays Tribute To Father As He Makes Pro Bowl History
2009-12-30 Eagles Sign RB Ervin To Replace Hill
2009-12-30 Vick, Demps Improving
2009-12-30 Herremans: Offensive Line Confident In Cole
2009-12-30 RB Brian Westbrook
2009-12-30 QB Donovan McNabb
2009-12-30 Head Coach Andy Reid
2009-12-30 Witherspoon Relishes Role With Defense
2009-12-30 Jean-Gilles: Starting Is 'Nothing New'
2009-12-30 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap
2009-12-31 McCoy Expects Production Out Of RB Rotation
2009-12-31 Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher
2009-12-31 Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg
2009-12-31 Jackson Not Reeled In By Jenkins' Smack Talk
2009-12-31 This, That And A Happy New Year To All!
2009-12-31 Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott
2009-12-31 SS Quintin Mikell
2009-12-31 Eagles Live! Chat Wrap