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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "The last ball game, good win. I'm proud of the guys in the last two drives, kept their poise, played physical and executed very well. There were some individuals that made some great plays starting with (QB) Donovan (McNabb). He put the ball right in the right spot, just perfect several times to get that win. (WR) Jason (Avant) kind of started us going there in the fourth quarter and then (WR Jeremy) Maclin came up with a couple of big ones and our o-line executed pretty well. Then we move on, Atlanta on the road. Crowd noise, that's a big issue. We think we're pretty good at it and we'll see in this game. We have to stymie their quickness just a little bit. They have some excellent players, excellent schemes and they play very well on defense at home."

On whether WR Jordan Norwood will be able to be the fourth receiver if WR DeSean Jackson is unable to play: "Yeah, that's a possibility. That's right."

On who out of all of his receivers is best suited for the flanker position if Jackson does not play: "We have two men that are very good. (WR) Reggie (Brown), who of course has started for us and had really a fine training camp and season and just hasn't seen the field quite as much because of all of the other fellows. If you remember he got banged up a little bit too. So he's there as well as Jason can play that spot. And then Norwood can play a couple of different spots for us too."

On what he likes about Norwood: "He's a player. Shoot, he played a Penn State. He's a good player. He's fast and quick. He has good hands. He's a pretty good football player."

On whether Norwood can play multiple receiver positions: "He can play a couple of positions. He's a pretty sharp guy too, so he's picked up things up very well. (Wide receivers coach) David Culley once again has done a heck of a job with him, getting him ready to play if needed and we may need him this week."

On Norwood's strengths: "Speed, quicknes, and then he has pretty good instincts, and excellent hands. I think he's a pretty good player. We'll see if he gets that opportunity and he'll be ready if he gets an opportunity."

On whether having Jackson out and TE Brent Celek hurt at the end of the Washington game affected his play calling: "Your personnel always influences just a little bit. You're going to try to do what you're best at, get the players some chance to have some success. If you look at it, Donovan had a couple to Jason and he had a couple to Jeremy Maclin and then we ran the ball pretty well. I felt the guys did a pretty good job that way. The crazy thing is I tried to feed it to Brent a few times there and then I didn't know he had the thumb problem until (another) point. It got a little crazy that way. We called for a personnel group and there were other guys going down and coming back and the guys really gutted it out that way. You know Brent, tough guy now. I really doubt if that thumb will give him any problem at all."

On whether he ran the ball more at the end because players were hurt: "We ran the ball well, right. What was it 60-40 maybe? 50-50 on the last drive. We were using the clock there at the end too. Sometimes I won't count a couple of those last plays if we're trying to grind the clock a little bit. I thought it was pretty normal. Really the big plays came from Jason and then Jeremy had the one down the sideline."

On Reggie Brown's play the last couple years and his trouble with injuries: "It's about opportunity. He got banged up several times and then other guys got the opportunity and made good on that opportunity. He's been fighting like heck to get another opportunity and it looks like he's going to have plenty of opportunities this week."

On what he has seen the last two weeks that has given him more faith in the run game: "We've always done that in close games. If you're up or even or down by a score or less you're in pretty good shape there. The times when you've seen us throw it virtually every down was when (we're) down by two scores or more. You have to get back in the game."

On games when the score is close and he passes significantly more than running: "And up too, I've done that. Every game is different. Every game plan is different. It's hard to gauge from one game to the next because of the game plan—what our strengths may be, what their weaknesses may be, all those things put together."

On philosophically being more willing to run the last couple of weeks: "You may have something there, but if you go back to the last Giants games last year, every game plan is individual specific and then you adjust during the game. I thought the guys, up front especially, made some excellent adjustments there. (Offensive line) Coach (Juan) Castillo heading that thing up and we did make some adjustments there up front and they did a nice job."

On whether Jackson will practice today: "I haven't got word on that yet, but we'll see. We'll see by the end of the week how he's doing."

On RB LeSean McCoy: "He's really a good back. He's really good and we can play better on offense. I was disappointed on several things; we were just off on several things during that ball game and really at some critical times in that third quarter. He's a heck of a back. He can do a couple of things better, but for him to do this as a rookie is pretty good. It's a pretty good start. Now he's got to get better every day and then every week and then he'll be in good shape for down the stretch here."

On whether he notices that McCoy is a rhythm back: "They're all good when you get them the ball and get in a rhythm, or at least they think they are."

On McCoy's balance during the two-point conversion play against the Redskins: "That was a heck of a play by him. I haven't seen too many guys do that. It's rare to be able to do that. Some of the receiver type guys can do the hand down. He was just inches off the ground. After looking at the film, he wasn't even close to going down because of that great balance. That was a heck of a play by him."

On whether not having a "big play" guy like Jackson will lead to him playing Vick more: "That's a possibility. I think we have some big play guys. Jeremy is a big play guy. I think LeSean is a big play guy. Brent in certain situations is a big play guy. Reggie has been a big play guy, it's been a little while. I think we have some weapons there."

On whether Maclin being more of a possession receiver and Jackson being a deep threat is by design: "I sure hope that he's not just strictly a possession receiver. He's shown that he can go down the field and make great catches and out run some people. It's a little cyclic I think usually those type of things and I haven't thought about that too much because usually we do have many things with him down the field."

On whether his play calling is dictated by trying to get everybody involved or does he just go by the flow of the game: "(Joking) Yeah, that's right. Every game is different. There are times when I'm trying to get certain guys the ball. Really, there are times when that does occur. Every game is different."

On whether crowd noise is part of reason the Falcons are so successful at home: "They're 12-1 in the last 13 games at home. One of their strengths is their quickness and speed and on the turf and with the crowd noise advantage they can get after you. They can make a good offense look bad if you're not right on it and so certainly a big emphasis that way. That's one of the many things that we need to do this week to have a chance to be any good at all against this defense. They have talent across the board."

On whether there is anything he remembers about Falcons QB Chris Redman: "Yeah, I worked him out down there in Louisville. I went down there and worked him out. He had one of the very best workouts. He was one of the very best. He can really throw the football and it looks good too. He can drop back to throw with the best of them. I thought highly of him coming out. He was dinged up coming out, if I remember right, he had a lot of different types of injuries coming out that he had through his college career, which I think dropped him just a little bit. Where was he picked, in the third (round of the NFL Draft)? He may have gone a little bit higher than that even; this guy can really throw the football. I was impressed with him. It's been a long time and he's got quite a little bit of experience. He was an impressive young man coming out there."

On how the crowd noise affects the Eagles offense specifically: "Much of this game is beating your opponent to the punch. It's like a boxing match. You have to beat your opponent to the punch and with that crowd noise combined with the turf, and some of these dome teams are built just a little that way for the dome with their quickness and speed, so you combine that. They've beaten people to the punch in their place, so that's the biggest thing right there. That's one of the biggest keys to the ball game. Other people have had trouble that way with Atlanta beating them to punch virtually every play."

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