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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "The last ball game I thought we played pretty well in the first half and poorly in the second half until right at the end. (WR Jeremy) Maclin played very well. I thought (WR) Jason Avant played excellent. Our offensive line did a heck of a job, especially early. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is having one heck of a year, one of his very best. You have to take everything into account, he has a lot of new and young guys and he's doing a heck of a job leading that group. Then, this game is quite a challenge. The Dallas Cowboys are very, very good. I believe they are second or third in giving up points and they are playing even better recently here in the past four or five, six weeks. They are playing real well, so quite a challenge. They have an excellent pass rush, as well as some very good cover guys. Their linebackers are physical and quick."

On Dallas getting four sacks the last game they played them and how they plan to counterbalance that this game: "They pressure every which way. They have a good scheme. (DT Jay) Ratliff is one of the very best in this league. Again, we have quite a challenge. We have a challenge both schematically and physically there."

On TE Brent Celek not having any catches in the second half vs. Denver after a great first half, and whether that was dictated by the defense: "No, I should have gone back to him. There were some calls but they took him away on those particular plays."

On giving RB Brian Westbrook a larger workload this week: "It's so good to have him back; I'm so happy that he's back. We'll take that day by day with him. I would suspect he could handle a little bit more, yeah."

On how important Westbrook is in the screen game: "He's important. He has all the experience and the little details within all the different screens we run. However, (RB) LeSean (McCoy) has had excellent success, as well as (FB) Leonard (Weaver) in a couple of things."

On whether they will continue to divide the touches among the three backs: "More than likely if all of them are healthy."

On how big of a challenge it is for G/C Nick Cole and G Max Jean-Gilles to be put into new roles for this game: "It's a great opportunity, a great opportunity for them going against probably – now I haven't seen them all this year – but probably the best, I suppose you could argue the best front in all of football, so it's a great opportunity for them and great responsibility. They are taking that responsibility seriously."

On whether the changes in the offensive line makes Westbrook more important in pass protection: "Brian's value as a pass blocker is high. Also his value as a threat running and passing is high as well."

On why G/T Stacy Andrews is not in the mix for the right guard spot this week: "He's just not quite ready there, and so I suspect next year, or if we need him here in the future, he's getting closer, he's working hard, but I suspect the timing will be a little later for him."

On whether G Mike McGlynn is the backup center: "Yeah."

On why it took Jean-Gilles a while to become involved in the offense this year: "Max had that serious injury, and then, of course he worked hard to get back. If you remember that was a very serious injury. He went through a whole rehab on that."

On whether Jean-Gilles' injury carried over into training camp this year:"Oh yeah."

On what offensive line coach Juan Castillo is doing this week in terms of getting the offensive line ready: "Well, you saw the last ball game, we're working on several things but the key is to play starving and that's important on the road. We have quite an opportunity and challenge on the road here, loud stadium with the snap count."

On whether they will have to do extra work this week with the silent count: "Yes, that's right. (We're) getting a lot of extra on that."

On having a grinding out run game: "No, that's a good thing and I think some of that is cyclic. Our players, Leonard and LeSean, have both broke the big one; it's just been a little while. If they break a tackle in the secondary and they'll be off I would think."

On whether he expects to have QB Michael Vick this week: "Yeah, I would think so. We'll see. He's day to day, so I think there is a real probability there."

On what kind of coverages Dallas uses: "A lot of man technique. They play some zone but it's man within the zone. Then recently they've been playing a little bit more man technique, bump-and-run, one-on-one, single-safety middle and they've been doing quite a little bit of that. A little bit more man than the last time we played them, so our receivers will have a great opportunity here facing bump-and-run, man-to-man."

On what he learned from the last game against Dallas in terms of getting the ball to WR DeSean Jackson: "Dallas is a good defense. Very few people score two touchdowns on them. I suppose the Giants did but everybody else, they've been struggling to score points against this defense, so my point is, first they are very, very good at what they do, and then second, you need to put DeSean in all different spots to keep the defense off balance. It's a little harder to double when you're moving him around constantly."

On how much responsibility Nick Cole will have Sunday, and whether he will do exactly what Jamaal Jackson did: "That's right. Everybody across the line makes calls, however, the center starts it typically and he's the quarterback, much like a middle linebacker would be on a defense, he's sort of the quarterback upfront. It's a very important job that he has and we're not changing anything. Nick is a very smart guy, and he's going to make some decisions up there that will be important."

On what has been then biggest impediment for Stacy Andrews during his transition: "It was the health, most of it. He just wasn't quite there and so he's working hard to get there."

On Jamaal Jackson suffering his injury around the same time Stacy Andrews did last year, and whether they will change the way they rehab him: "I will tell you the truth, I haven't even thought that far ahead but our training staff is so good. I think they are the best in the league and they do a pretty good job of handling most situations. The second point would be everybody is different coming off these major injuries. I've seen guys that come off them very, very quick and they are very close to 100 (percent) very quickly and other guys it takes a little longer, it's just the way it is."

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