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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On K David Akers making the Pro Bowl:"I really think Dave is deserving. He has had a great year. He's been very consistent throughout the year. Started out well, had that great streak at 17 in a row, and I think he's very deserving to be in the Pro Bowl."

On who will be returning kickoffs:"We're going to see how (S) Quintin Demps' ankle is day to day. We're still not sure what he is going to be able to do or what he is not going to be able to do. (S) Victor Harris would still be in the mix. We have to get some things corrected with him, but he would be the next guy."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin may return kickoffs: "Jeremy would be in the mix also. We're working both guys and just going to wait and see how the health of Demps is and just work and see how it works out during the week."

On correcting Harris' issues with fumbling the football: "Any time a rookie goes through a game like that he just has to use it as any other player would in any other position. You have to learn from the mistakes you made and get them corrected. He has to understand obviously that he can't bring the ball out of the end zone when he's going backwards. And then, when he gets in traffic he has to secure the football. Those are the two things that he has to get better at this week."

On how affected he thinks Harris was by also playing defense in the game: "I think that does probably have some effect when you are a young guy who is not accustomed to the workload. He has not been a starter throughout the season and it probably has to do with it to some extent. But still, you have to make better decisions than he did."

On keeping Harris' confidence high after the Denver game: "The one thing you don't have to ever worry about with Victor is confidence. He is a very confident guy. He knows he made mistakes. He knows he'll correct them. You like working with guys like that. You have to have a short memory sometimes. He came in and watched film, we went over it sometimes and I think he'll be fine."

On Akers not having missed a field goal at home all season: "I wasn't aware of that; let's hope we get a chance to continue that streak. I think he's just done a real good job all year. He's been consistent early. And he just (was) able to get into a good rhythm coming out of camp and he's stayed in it all year."

On DE Victor Abiamiri's recovery on Harris' second fumble: "He's done a nice job. He's moved into the up back position on our kickoff returns; real smart guy. (He) was in the right spot at the right time in that situation. Victor Harris should've had the ball in his other arm and that would've never happened. It was just good awareness in him jumping on that ball. It was a big play."

On whether he thinks P Sav Rocca will try to hit the scoreboard in Dallas: "Those guys talk a lot about things like that, I ignore most of it. I don't think that's going to be an issue at all. The games that I've watched Dallas play, I didn't see one ball hit the scoreboard. I don't think that's going to be an issue in the game."

On Rocca's inconsistency this season: "Again, he's still learning how to kick in the different weather conditions. The last two games we've had the winds been blowing out there and you notice their kicker too did not exactly have a very good day himself. He has to get that corrected, especially going to his left. He has to do a better job. You have to be consistent. We can not have 28-yard punts at any part in a game. He has to work on that and get it resolved and he will."

On the Cowboys special teams: "I think they're excellent. They're well coached and they have some talented players. I like their returners. (Cowboys RB) Felix Jones, very fast, physical guys, if he gets a vertical seam he will hit it and make a big play. I guess a year ago he ran a kick back for a touchdown against the Eagles last year. (Cowboys WR) Patrick Crayton has obviously done extremely well this year. He's had two touchdowns and they're very dangerous. We're going to have to be very disciplined and be in our lanes and do a good job in coverage."

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