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Game Vs. Broncos: QB Donovan McNabb

On whether he knew WR Jeremy Maclin was in-bounds on the play that was reviewed: "Once I saw it on the replay. It's really a blessing when these young guys continue to progress each week and we've continued to progress together. All of these guys had a great game and, in some part of the game, had a big play to really help us out. That's the way the season has been going."

On how it felt to see S Brian Dawkins playing on the opposing team:"Well, we have not seen him all year. The thing about Dawkins is that every time he touches the field, he is going to give you everything that he has. In just communicating with the rest of the Broncos, you know they are very excited with what he presented over there from a leadership standpoint and also from playmaking ability. I have had the opportunity to see it for ten years and I know exactly what they are talking about. He made some plays for them today, just for me being out on the field with tackles, assists and things of that nature, but we had to find a way to win."

On whether he believes that the success of the rookies was something that this team needed: "I think that is the way the league has been going. We all know that if you are drafted, we are not going to ask you to step in and start. It happened throughout my years early on. I think that happens with the changes the league has made now. You are asking a lot more from your rookies because you are paying so much for them to do a lot more contributing. (Jeremy) Maclin and DeSean (Jackson) are very similar because they have stepped into the position by default through injury and have flourished. They have done great things for us on the offense as far as the pass game but they do well in the run game as well blocking for the running backs down field. The other guys have really made a contribution as well with the Jason Avants, the Reggie Browns, the Brent Celeks and when we get Kevin Curtis back, it can't do anything but help."

On the run late in the game- whether he felt that they were in man coverage: "They were in man coverage. What they were doing all throughout the game was that one of their backs was covering our backs and once our backs came down to block, then that's when they would blitz, which was kind of a green dog. I saw nothing but a running lane. Just looking downfield, they dropped guys on the coverage. I just took everything that I could and picked up the first down, which was big for us. Although we were not able to move it and come out with points, it gave us field position back in the next series. The defense did a wonderful job in those last three series of keeping them out of the end zone and keeping our points."

On whether he realized that his scramble needed to pick up 25 yards:"All that I focused on was the yard marker. When I got out, I knew somebody was behind me but I got the knees up and tried to get as much as I could, which was good for us to get the first down."

On what he felt in taking his offense up against Dawkins' defense in the last plays of the game: "That's something I'll tell my twins about and when his twins get older, I'll tell his twins about- that we beat your father in the game where we had to drive down and score. We were able to come out with points, which is kind of the big brother syndrome. When you are playing your big brother, you want to do whatever it takes to win. Right now, I am 2-0 against Dawkins. I beat him in the Bowl game in our senior year and I got a chance to beat him again today."

On the flow of the offense in the first half versus the second half: "You tip your hat to them. There were mistakes that we all made, miscues in the second half. In the first half we got things wrong. They went into the second half and it seemed like they brought everything to us in the second half. Again, it is a credit to them but those mistakes that we made were miscues and could cost us. We will be very critical of watching over each individual mistake including me being critical of myself on plays that I could have made to eliminate that from happening."

On the first half, which, statistically, was one of the best first halves of his career: "We were in a good flow. What we were doing was that everyone was contributing. The Brent Celeks, the Jason Avants, the DeSean Jacksons, (LeSean) McCoy with a big screen, (Leonard) Weaver picking up yards on the ground, everybody had a hand in it. In the second half, we got away from it a little bit but we did what we had to do to win. Again, all of us will be hard on ourselves because we have a very important week coming up this next week to play for one of our goals, which was to win the NFC East."

On what the last route was that Maclin was running: "That last route was just 'Go!' Underneath, we had Jason (Avant) on the corner route and the corner just jumped on top so that (Jeremy) Maclin would not be able to get over the top. It seemed like it was a little back shoulder. He did a great job of keeping his feet in bounds to secure the catch."

On how it felt to give up the lead but come back to win the game:"The guys continued to stay motivated. Offensively, we took it as a challenge- being up and then having to do whatever it takes to either get a touchdown or a field goal. It felt like all the pressure was on us and we enjoy it. Guys just challenge themselves to say 'I am going to be the guy to make that play' and today (Jeremy) Maclin made that big play for us."

On how it felt to get Westbrook back: "It is good any time you have all of your weapons back. It was good to see (Brian) Westbrook out there picking up big yards, taking hits and being able to bounce back up. I think that is something that when you are in the situation that he is in, and for all guys who come off concussions, that is the test that you want to individually pass- being able to take hits and being able to bounce back. He did a great job picking up the blitz and picking up big yards for us."

On the problems the team had with snaps after having different personnel come in: "It wasn't a big shift. But again it goes back to the miscues and miscommunications that we had and I think for myself and Nick (Cole), it will be something which we'll work on all throughout the week. And be able to eliminate that going into a tough week against the Cowboys."

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