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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(LB) Joe Mays is sick, so he will not practice today. (WR) Jeremy Maclin, we're going to rest his foot. He should be fine for the game, but for the next couple of days here we are going to pull off of him practicing. (LB) Tracy White will not practice today with a shoulder sprain. Everybody else is going to practice. (WR) Kevin Curtis is back. He's going to do some show team. (RB Brian) Westbrook is going to do some show team. (T) Jason Peters has a sore shoulder. They've done all the tests for his head and everything else, and he checks out. Everything is okay there. He's going to go through practice and do what he can do with his shoulder. He went through the walk through and he's going to do as much as he can out at practice. Everybody else is cleared."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the New York Giants. They are playing pretty good football right now coming off of a huge win against the Cowboys where I thought they played extremely well. They are doing a lot with their blitz game, not that they didn't the first game against us, but they are doing a lot of things with their blitz game. (They've) increased the number of blitzes that they are doing, relative to the Denver game that they played. Offensively, (QB) Eli (Manning), even though he's got the sore foot, is playing well. He's a tough kid and he's playing through this. He always had confidence in number 12 (WR Steve Smith) and now he's got more confidence in number 88 (WR Hakeem Nicks). He's gaining confidence with his rookie there as time goes on. Special teams wise, you saw where they had a nice return last week, so all in all they are a good football team and we know that. It's an NFC East game, it's a Sunday Night game, it's going to be cold and exciting, and in a packed stadium. That's what the NFL is all about right there. Again, we look forward to that challenge of playing a heck of football team."

On whether Westbrook will work with the scout team all week: "We're trying to ease him back in to make sure he doesn't have any symptoms, headaches, or anything. The next step is putting the helmet on and going out and running around and getting him back into football shape. He hasn't been able to do much over the last couple of weeks. This gets him back into a little football shape and we'll see where he is at."

On whether Westbrook is a long shot to play on Sunday: "I am keeping it open. We'll just see where he is at and with (RB LeSean) McCoy I think it's important that if Brian doesn't play, McCoy has the opportunity to take enough reps with the first crew, so he is going to do that and we'll see how Brian does."

On whether McCoy has performed better when he has gotten the first team reps during the week: "He's a young player, so I think that's important. I think it's important that he gets the reps if at all possible."

On whether he foresees a problem at the wide receiver position with WR DeSean Jackson, Maclin and Curtis dealing with injuries: "There is always the potential that bad things can happen, but DeSean is fine so I don't foresee anything out of the ordinary happening. We should be okay."

On how he manages with Westbrook's fears about his long term health: "You gradually get him back in and then just see. The only way to do it is to take baby steps and see how he feels. I'm not going to throw him in there if he's not feeling right. That's not going to happen."

On whether that is based on Westbrook's feedback: "Absolutely, we always do that. His feedback, the doctors, that's how we go about it."

On whether DeSean Jackson will be limited in practice: "He should be fine. He's had a couple good days here and unless he has a headache or something comes up, but right now he's alright."

On Maclin's injury and whether it will be monitored throughout the week: "We're going to give him a couple days of rest, which I think will be good for him and the doctors believe it's good for him. Then we'll just see how he is. Could he play today? Yeah he could play today if he had to play. He made it through the game without a problem, other than it bothering him. Those things have a tendency to aggravate you when you sit around a little bit. They tighten up on you."

On whether he is more concerned with Maclin's foot injury or his shoulder: "It's the foot."

On whether Maclin might have to have surgery during the offseason: "They haven't talked to me about surgery in the offseason on that."

On the Giants defensive personnel changes on defense during the Cowboys game: "I thought they were pretty smart. They put (DT Chris) Canty in there who knows that offensive line, he knows their snap count and how they go about it, whether it's a silent count or whether it's regular cadence. He's a big guy that was disruptive in that game. I thought that was very smart. Then they were forced into a position, because (LB Antonio) Pierce went on IR, to put (LB Jonathan) Goff in there and he did a nice job. I though he played very well. Then they got (LB Michael) Boley back, so they've got a nice little nucleus going there and (DE) Osi (Umenyiora) came in and did a good job on pass situations. I thought, coaching wise, they did a very good job there and I thought the players responded and played well. It wasn't as much about the scheme, although they blitzed and I thought they did a nice job with their blitz game. I thought there were some nice personnel moves that were made there, and the guys played hard and with some energy."

On what the win over the Cowboys did for the Giants playoff hopes:"I think they feel good about themselves and they should. That's a huge win for them. We're going to go up there and try to do our best against them."

On who will play in the linebacker spots if LB Akeem Jordan can play on Sunday: "Do you mean who is going to start?"

On who will start at linebacker if Jordan can play:"We rotate so many guys in there that it depends on the personnel groups that are out on the field. I'm not going to get into all of that, but we've got a bunch of different looks. There's no reason to go over all of those."

On what the team is calling Peters' injury: "It's a shoulder (contusion)."

On whether he expects Jordan to play: "There is a good chance. There is a good chance that he'll be in the mix. We have to see how he holds up."

On whether he has a better sense of where CB Joselio Hanson is physically and whether he will be able to play: "I'll know more today, however, he did work out and it looked like he was in good shape. He did some football things, drills and things like that and it looked like he was in good shape. We'll see how he does today when guys are running full speed and he has to cover them."

On whether Hanson had to address the team following his suspension: "No. He's back in and just going. He doesn't need to say anything, he just needs to play."

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