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Game Vs. 49ers: Head Coach Mike Singletary

Opening remarks: "Obviously, not our best performance. We came out here to play a good football team and we knew all the things that we had to do to get it done and we didn't get it done. We shot ourselves in the foot. (QB) Alex (Smith) did not have his best performance. As a team we did not have our best performance. I think tonight Alex played poorly; I think he knows that. He's capable of playing better than that. I don't have any questions about him. I don't have any questions about him going forward. So I'll throw that out right now. I don't have any questions about that. Sometimes you're trying to make things happen and when they're not happening, you force it. Maturity, patience, those kind of things, trust in the receivers' routes, all of those things, you try to make happen. As a quarterback, you have to learn you can't force it. If it's not there, you can't take it. So I have no questions about Alex; just frustrated. As far as our team, we had a short week. I could blame it on us being a young team and we didn't practice like we would normally practice and we had to fly out here and all those things; that would be lies. We did not step up when we had to. That's a sign of a championship team obviously. Right now we are not. The only thing I will say is we will prepare for the next game that we have next Sunday and play the best football that we can possibly play. Finish the season as strong as we possibly can."

On whether there should be questions about the quarterback position at some point: "I could say 'Wow, I don't know. I have to think again. I have to think twice about Alex.' I really don't. He's shown me enough prior to tonight. He had a bad game. Great quarterbacks have bad games. So, no, I don't have any questions about it."

On whether the question was about Smith's accuracy or the reads he made out on the field: "I have to look at the film before I can really say that. I know definitely he was trying to make plays. On one, he was trying to make a play when we were in the red zone. That one, I mean, you just can't do that. Other than that, I just have to look at the film and see it."

On the third down conversions: "I think obviously we weren't blocking. There are a number of things we weren't doing well. The number one thing that we did not do well was that we did not execute our protection across the line. It got us in trouble. It's as simple as that."

* On approaching the realization that this may not be a playoff team*
: "You just have to take a long look at it. I guess now the most important thing is the next game that we have coming up. Looking toward the next couple of weeks realizing that you're not going to go to the playoffs, there are a lot of things that are on my mind right now. I need to think more before I talk right now because there are a million feelings that I have and it wouldn't come out right. I'll wait and address that later."

On whether he is going to play guys in the future that he would not think about playing in the last couple of weeks: "Possibly."

On his discussion with the referee after the Eagles scored the last touchdown and trying to call a timeout: "I had to scream my vocal cords trying to get a timeout but obviously they didn't hear me, they didn't see me; I don't understand that. I can't run on the field. If I run on the field, I get a flag and I get a penalty for our team so I have to run down the sideline. You're trying to do that and you don't get there in time like I was talking about. I don't understand how they want me to address that, but I'll figure it out."

On what the feeling was like in the locker room: "I think in terms of the realization that we're not going to go to the playoffs, the feeling is down, the feeling is upset, the feeling is frustrated, disappointed; any other word that you can come up with in that area."

On whether he talked to Smith: "I didn't tell him anything yet. I did not even talk to him after the game. I think Alex knows how I feel. I'm not a person that it takes a whole lot of conversion for you to understand where I'm coming from. I think he knows what I feel. I'm disappointed obviously. I do think he's a good quarterback. I do think he can do a good job. Tonight I don't think we gave him a whole lot of help. I have to look at the film."

On how WR DeSean Jackson gets open deep: "Miscommunication by (SS) Michael (Lewis) and (LCB) Dre' (Bly). Just some miscommunication."

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