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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "The only one not practicing today is (QB) Michael Vick, with a quad contusion. This is literally a day-to-day thing. We'll see how he does and he's working hard at getting it to where he can play with it, but we will see."

Opening Statement: "Staying with Michael, Michael won the Ed Block Courage Award, which is voted on by his teammates. Congratulations go out to him for working to straighten his life out, to better himself as a human being and then some of the things that he went through. I'm not sure any of us can relate to that, but was a challenge and he's obviously very well respected and looked at by his teammates. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Denver Broncos. They've got a good football team and we're familiar with their offense, having played New England, and we're familiar with their defense, having played the 49ers and (defensive coordinator) Mike Nolan over the years. (Head Coach) Josh McDaniels has done a nice job, not only as a head coach but as a play caller on the offensive side. They've got tremendous weapons on the offensive side. One of which is (RB) Correll Buckhalter, who is doing a great job for them. I'm very proud of him and the way he's been playing. On the defensive side, we also know one of the players there with (S) Brian Dawkins. He'll go down as one of, if not the greatest safety to play the game, one of the greatest and definitely the greatest ever to play the game in an Eagle uniform. They'll be coming back here and our team understands that we're not playing Buck and Dawk, but we're playing the Denver Broncos. They know that they need to study the team as opposed to studying those two players and that's what they are going to do. Special teams-wise, with (WR Eddie) Royal as their returner they've got a very explosive special teams unit. All around it is a good football team. We realize that and we know it's going to be a heck of a battle on Sunday. Time's yours"

On who sets the tone for the defense now that Dawkins is with the Broncos: "You're talking about the greatest safety ever to put on an Eagle uniform, so you're not looking to replace Brian Dawkins. What our defense has done is everybody has picked it up and played a little bit better to fill in for losing a great player like that. I'm talking about the guys that have filled in at his position. Everybody has picked their game up just a notch and played well. It's a tribute to Dawk and at the same time it's a tribute to our defense for stepping up a little bit there."

On whether he is surprised by Dawkins' play this season: "No. He's playing as fine football as I've seen him play in the last few years here. He's doing a heck of a job. It doesn't surprise me. He's a pretty determined guy. He loves to play the game."

On whether he thought Dawkins would play as well as he has after last season: "He had a nice season last year. I don't want you to get crazy here on me, but this is part of way that the league is now. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. Things change like that, it's not the same old National Football League where guys start their career and finish their career (with the same team). It very seldom happens. This worked out great for Dawk and his family, and we know he's part of the Eagle family and he'll always be a part of the Eagle family. He's doing a heck of a job for Mike (Nolan) and Josh (McDaniels) up there. He's really helped that football team change around their image."

On Broncos LB/DE Elvis Dumervil: "He's leading the National Football League in sacks. He's got 15 sacks. That guy, he's not a real big guy, but he is a great leverage player, (he has) tremendous quickness and speed. He is having one of those years where he's gotten after every tackle that he's played. Our tackles have got to prepare themselves for a heck of a battle with him."

On whether the team's knowledge of Dawkins can help the offense: "You don't game plan against one person. That's not what you do."

On whether the team can attack a certain area because they know some of Dawkins' strengths and weaknesses: "That's not how you go about it. You have to be concerned about their defense and if you get caught up in – my point is, if you get wrapped up in trying to attack one guy then you've got problems. You can't go about it that way. You've got to evaluate their defense and utilize your strengths against what you consider would be, not that they have any weak spot, but what would be a weaker spot in their defense. It's hard to find a weak spot in this defense, but you try to find the matchups that are best."

On RB Brian Westbrook's test results: "He's good. He did perfect on it, so he's ready to roll. He's not doing the scout team stuff anymore or show team. He's back in with the offense and going."

On whether he expects Westbrook to be active for Sunday's game against Denver: "Yeah I believe so. Unless there is a setback here, I think that's what he's counting on and the doctors, and everybody else."

On whether he will limit Westbrook in his return the way he has with players like WR Kevin Curtis: "Yeah I'd do the same thing there, just because of the time that he's been out. I don't think it's fair to him to throw him in and have him take every snap. He'll have his role and he'll do that part of it, and we'll go from there."

On how much of a boost Westbrook will give the team: "He's a great player. You always invite that and then along with Brian you get one of the smartest players that I've ever coached. I'm saying football smart. (Jokingly) He's smart on and off the field, even though he went to Villanova. (Serious) He's a highly intelligent guy. He brings leadership out there too, to add to what (QB) Donovan (McNabb) and the other guys have been doing. He adds another guy that does a great job during games."

On whether Westbrook will wear a new helmet with extra padding: "He's been wearing that the last couple of weeks at practice, so I think that's what he's going to go with."

On whether there is any concern about him returning: "I think I'm to the point where I'm not concerned (about injury), I'm just concerned about him not having played in games and easing him back into that game speed and so on. By the way, congratulations to (Villanova University coach) Andy Talley for winning the National Championship at Villanova, he does a great job there."

On how much insight into the Eagles offense and defense Buckhalter and Dawkins give to the Broncos: "That's a big question, but I would say the toughest part of my job are those decisions right there, when you lose a player that's been with you as long as Brian has been here, and Buck, that's a tough thing. As far as the game planning goes, I would come back to it and say we do what we do offensively and I'm not worried about what the other team necessarily knows. We've played against the head coach and the defensive coordinator enough that they know our packages and what we have, but the unknown is when you are going to call that specific play and in what situation. I'm not that worried about that."

On whether Westbrook or RB LeSean McCoy will start on Sunday: "We'll see. There are different packages that they have, so both of them are going to get practice time and we're doing it a little bit different than we did before, sort of a rotational deal. I would probably tell you that LeSean has a little bit bigger package. I can't tell you who's going to be the guy that is on the field first."

On how FB Leonard Weaver has changed the offense: "Leonard Weaver has done a nice job. You have to account for him as a player, whether he is playing the fullback position or he is back as a ball carrier. Whether he is in the I formation in a normal blocking situation or – you have to make sure that you account for him."

On whether he is worried about the way that Vick winning the Ed Block Courage Award would be interpreted: "I'm not sure you can explain it unless you've gone through it here with him. Everybody is going to have their opinion on it, I'm sure. Until you've been with him for the hours that his teammates have been with him and seen him through all these different things that he's had to go through, that time tested part of it, you can't appreciate it quite as much. I don't expect everybody to understand it, no, but I think it's a tribute when it's a slam dunk by his teammates voting him that. It was just a unanimous vote there. That's not something we as coaches, or (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder) as the trainer or anybody else promotes. You don't sit there and promote a player to win the award. It's picked by the players and only by the players."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin will play this week: "It looks good. We are just going to see how he does in practice here but he'll be back out there. He says he feels pretty good. We'll just see how he does."

On Broncos QB Kyle Orton: "Kyle is doing a nice job with (the offense). He's surrounded with some good players. Kyle is very intelligent and he's doing a nice job of getting the ball to his different receivers and utilizing his running backs and so on. He's always been a good leader and has good control of the offense and understanding. It looks like he's doing that."

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