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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(DT) Brodrick Bunkley has a sprained ankle, so he'll be limited today in practice. (WR) Kevin Curtis we have listed as out. (WR) DeSean Jackson will not practice today with a concussion; he is making progress. (RB) Brian Westbrook likewise, is making progress but he will be listed as out for this game and he had a slight headache Friday during a workout. He had a chance to visit with the doctors from Pittsburgh and we're just going to take a look at him next week, see how he progresses through this week, increase his exercise here a little bit see how he does with that and we'll go from there. Really everybody else is okay to practice."

Opening Remarks: "I look forward to the challenge of playing the Atlanta Falcons. We are very aware that they're undefeated this year at home and there's a reason why. They're a heck of a football team. That's a tough place to play. It's loud with a lot of energy there. Last year we're also aware that they only lost one game there. They have a pretty good track record at home and it's important that we prepare ourselves properly and that we understand their personnel and their scheme and most of all get ready to play against a good football team."

On how he approaches Falcons QB Chris Redman when there is limited film of him: "You go back and you pull out as much as you can get. He's been around a while and he came out of college I thought as a very good quarterback. I like the way he played in Louisville and he's got a real knack for the passing game. We just have to make sure we go back and study him and we'll go from there."

On DeSean Jackson's concussion test results: "He's making progress here. Obviously he had a headache afterwards, but he felt pretty good, he has felt decent. He did have a headache afterwards and we'll just see how he does here over the next few days."

On whether Jackson is listed as out: "He's not listed as out, no."

On the effect a concussion has on a team these days given the media climate surrounding the issue: "There is a lot of tension. It's important that you go with the experts. I'm not sitting here as an expert on concussions. I'm listening to doctors that this is what their expertise is and their talking to us and to the player. I really will do whatever they want us to do. If the league ever had a say on it I'd do what the league had to say. This isn't my expertise. In these types of situations, like all injury situations, you want to make sure that the kid is okay, the player is okay and not put him any jeopardy of either being hurt again on the field or something that might hinder him throughout his life. We're very cautious in this area."

On what Jackson would have to do this week in order to play: "He just has to make sure he does things (head trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and the doctors want him to do and then prepare mentally with the game plan."

On Jackson saying he "blacked out": "I don't know that term, but he has a concussion. He has a concussion. I don't know if the word blackout (applies)."

On whether there was memory loss involved in Jackson's concussion: "I don't think there was memory loss involved there. Listen, he took a heck of a shot. It was more in that jaw area. That's where he was sore, in the jaw area there. It was quite a hit. It was enough to shock him there for sure."

On when an outside neurologist gives his or her opinion on Jackson's concussion: "This is what I'll do, I have Rick put out some information so you guys have it. I'm not going to tell you something and then have it different then his procedure with it. I'm going to let him take care of all that."

On whether Jackson could not practice and still play: "Yeah, as long as the doctors would say that's okay I think he could handle that."

On what he would do with the wide receivers position if Jackson cannot play: "We'll kind of mix and match at the z position, his position. Right now (WR) Jason Avant is playing very good football and then (WR) Reggie (Brown) has been a started for us at that position, so we have a few choices there."

On whether he will ease Jackson back by not having him return punts: "I would see what the doctors and trainers want in that. If they clear him I'm sure he's cleared to play and those are the things that he does, those positions."

On whether the doctors Westbrook met with in Pittsburgh gave any indication about whether he'd be able to play again this season: "They wanted to check him here in a week or two, so we'll just see how he does in that time. I'd like to get him through where hen can workout and not have headaches."

On whether the exercise induced headache Westbrook experienced Friday affects his expectations on when Westbrook will be able to play: "We'll just see how he does here in the next couple of weeks."

On whether LB Akeem Jordan participated in the walkthrough: "Akeem did go through walkthrough."

On how big it is to have Jordan back: "It's good to have him back. We're going to ease him back in. You'll see him doing some scout team things just to see how his leg feels and then we'll go from there. We'll try to keep the swelling out of his knee which has been good so far. We'll just see how it does in practice."

On the importance of this game: "There all important. I can't pick one that isn't. You get to this time in the year and you're in the hunt and you want to make sure that you play your best football. At the same time, I'd have a hard time telling you early in the season that you shouldn't be playing your best football. I know you have to be there when you get to this time of the year. You get everybody's best shot. Everybody is trying to work their way where they can make their way into the playoffs and as we found out last year any thing is possible. When things didn't look very well for us we were able to sneak in there. I'm sure that's how people feel; they have an opportunity. You have to play your best football down the stretch."

On the atmosphere he is anticipating surrounding QB Michael Vick's return to Atlanta: "You have a game the night before too, so there are going to be a lot of people in Atlanta. I think don't people dislike Michael in Atlanta. He sure gave them a lot of good years there and a lot of exciting football. I think Michael is prepared mentally to go back there and physically he's in good shape. I don't think it will be a problem. It won't be a distraction to our team, our guys have rallied around Michael and they like him as a person and they know what kind of football player he is."

On whether he's spoken with Vick about going back to Atlanta: "Yeah, I talked to him about going back."

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