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Game Vs. Broncos: S Brian Dawkins

On what it was like returning for his first game in Philadelphia since leaving the Eagles: "It was real, real nerve-racking. I've been in a lot of big games before, but I was trying to control my emotions. It was real tough for this game, and mainly because we needed this game so badly, on top of playing at home."

On his reaction to Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown pointing at him after making a big hit: "Sheldon is a brother of mine, and still a great friend of mine, and he was doing that as a respect thing. Those are the type of things that I expected from some of the guys over there. You know we went to battle; we went to war for many, many years. And we built something there. And it was just respect from Sheldon and some other guys as far as that is concerned."

On how the Broncos have ended up with an 8-7 record after starting off 6-0: "Too many mistakes. Too many mistakes. It seems like we are going through growing pains at the wrong time of the year. Every time you make mistakes against a good football team, we've said this many, many times, this is what happens—you come up a little short. And in the game today we came up a little bit short, we fought valiantly, we came back from some adverse situations as far as the score was concerned but at the end of the day it's a loss, and we handed them a lot of things. Give them credit for making plays because that's who they are, a big play team, but we opened a lot of doors for them to get easy scores."

On why he chose to not participate in pre-game warm-ups: "I knew how emotional I was, and I wanted to have everything I needed to have for my teammates for the game, and not warm-ups. I just knew the way I felt, that if I ran out there, I was probably going to be spent by game time."

On whether this game felt like an ordinary game to him: "Once [the ball] was snapped, it was about football. Period. We played good football too late. And like I said, mental mistakes, you can't have that, and we had way too many communication mistakes back there."

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