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ST Coordinator Ted Daisher

On what WR/PR DeSean Jackson has gotten better at since last year in the return game: "I think his awareness of finding seems, he has always had the explosive ability to make a play, but his patience, he is finding seems and he's hitting them and a lot of guys are doing a real good job blocking for him."

On the key blockers for Jackson on punt returns: "(CB) Dimitri Patterson and (CB Joselio) Hanson, in particular last week on the one that went down the sideline, excellent blocks. (RB) Eldra Buckley, (WR) Jason Avant, (LB) Joe Mays, they are all doing a very good job of staying on their guy and creating a little bit of space for DeSean."

On what he was most impressed by when watching tape of Jackson's 72-yard punt return against the Giants: "His patience. He was trapped. It was a great punt by (P Jeff) Feagles. He had him over to the boundary, just what you want to do, he tried to get field, they cut him off to the field and he was patient enough to move around a little bit and create a little space. He saw the seam down the sideline and he has the explosiveness get through the seam when it's there and he has the speed to finish it for a touchdown."

On whether Jackson is one of the best returners in space that he has ever seen: "Yes. Yes he is. He just has an uncanny ability to make people miss. I know you see it on offense, his ability to find space, make quick moves and accelerate through them is very impressive.

On whether Jackson has a chance to be an all-time great returner: "I think that he has the ability. I think you always have to do that over a period of time before you get a chance to be mentioned with (Bears WR/PR) Devin Hester and some of those people that have done it over a period of time. (Former Chiefs' returner) Dante Hall a few years back what that type of punt returner for a while, but he definitely has the ability to do it if he stays healthy and he keeps improving, and again the guys around him are doing a nice job blocking."

On whether he worries about WR DeSean Jackson becoming too valuable to the offense to play special teams: "I think his role here is already defined. He is our playmaker. He makes plays on offense. I think to take the ball out of his hands as a punt returner would be a mistake, because he creates plays for our team. (He) creates field position, he creates big plays for us, gives us an opportunity to be successful and I'm sure he'll be in this role for quite awhile."

On whether WR/KR Josh Cribbs ignited the same anticipation as Jackson: "Yes. In Cleveland when there was a kickoff return getting ready to happen our team stopped and watched, because you were always going, 'What's going to happen? This could be a big play, one of those kinds of plays that you don't want to miss and I see those kinds of plays with DeSean. When he gets back there everybody is going to want to watch, because you may see something that you haven't seen before. He's that type of player."

On having extra points blocked twice this season: "Our technique is not as good as it needs to be. We have to work on it hard this week. I thought earlier in the season it was the same thing and we got it corrected, then it cropped back up again in the game on Sunday. You have to focus and concentrate on every play in the NFL. You can never assume that something is going to happen or this or that and relax in your technique. If you do, there are a lot of good football players out there and they will make you pay. I give the Giants credit. They came hard, found a seam and made a play."

On whether he means blocking up front when he talks about improving technique: "Yes, we have to do a better job of stepping, doing a lot of technique things that we work on constantly. You just have to keep up repetition and we'll get better at that."

On whether S Macho Harris will continue to return kicks: "He got hurt during the game and they had to take him in for x-rays. He's going to play. He's healthy and all of that, but right now we're thinking about putting (S) Quintin Demps back there. I thought he did a nice job on the one return he had. It was a critical situation in the game. They had scored and taken the lead 31-30, and he had a nice return. He got it out to the 40 and of course the big play to DeSean right afterwards gave us the lead back. Right now Quintin Demps will be our returner."

On Jackson learning to understand punt return game to improve and not just relying on his speed: "He's just maturing as a player overall. From a receiver standpoint, from one year to the next, I'm sure you guys have seen the difference. I wasn't here a year ago, but obviously, he's becoming a better receiver. He just has a knack and a fuel for returning punts, and again, the guys blocking for him are giving him some space. Once he gets that space, he has the ability to take advantage of it."

On 49ers punter Andy Lee: "Andy's been a Pro Bowl punter before. He is very good. His ability to drive the ball, he has a very explosive leg and he drives the ball almost every time. I have a lot of respect for him. I know he's a very good punter. Their punt coverage unit is excellent. They get down the field. They're disciplined. I've been watching them all week. (I've) been very impressed by them. They are second in the NFL in net punting. They are doing a nice job."

On whether Lee gets a lot of hang time on his punts: "Good enough hang time for their coverage units to get down the field and be productive."

On the 49ers return game: "Arnaz Battle has potential as a punt returner. He has not hit a big one recently, but he's always dangerous. At kick returner they've gone through (CB Allen) Rossum, they've had a variety of different returners and anytime you have a variety of returners it's hard to get any continuity and get things going. Everybody they put back there is talented and dangerous and if we're not in our lanes, it could hurt us."

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