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SS Quintin Mikell

On what is making Cowboys QB Tony Romo so successful right now: "I think it's a combination of a lot of things. He's always been the type of quarterback that studies a lot, so I know that he knows, he can tell a lot of times what teams are doing just by looking at their fronts and the safety movement and the corner movement and stuff like that. Also, he's just done a better job of taking care of the football and throwing it to the right people and hitting the guys when they're open. I think that's probably what he's doing right now."

On whether it was frustrating in the last game that they were able to pressure Romo, but he was still successful:"He's a good quarterback. That's what good quarterbacks do. We did get pressure on him, we did hit him, but we were blowing some of our blitzes that were giving up big plays and points in the end. We just have to execute better on our end, tackle better, and make plays on the ball when we have the opportunity. All that really just comes down to is playing good football and playing fundamentally sound."

On the touchdown Cowboys WR Miles Austin had the last time they played: "There was a double move on there. Teams throw double moves in there every now and then. I think, as a secondary, we're going to stay aggressive. We're not worrying about double moves, if they happen they happen. We just have to get them on the ground. We still had an opportunity to make the tackle and we didn't make the tackle. We're not going to go into the game worrying about double moves and being afraid of that. We're going to still play aggressive and get after them and go from there."

On how different a player S Macho Harris is from the beginning of the season: "He's getting more confident. As far as what I can say right now, I think he's done a good job. He's just young. He has to learn little things here and there. He has a lot of confidence. He plays with good speed and he's tackling well. He's going to keep getting better every week."

On what it's like for him with rotating players at the other safety position: "It's not an issue anymore. All of the guys that I've played next to this year have done a good job. I don't look at it as a distraction or anything like that. I think all of the guys are very capable in their own ways and we just work together like that."

On WR DeSean Jackson being able to get open against double coverage: "We do a good job moving him around in different areas and getting the mismatches that we want. I think one of the underestimated things about him is his route running and his vision. I think those two things people don't really talk about. They talk about his speed, but he's able to see a lot of openings. He is able to see defenders try to tackle him and get around them. That helps him to get open."

On whether it is difficult to treat this game like any other game: "It's not like every other game in our opinion. It's a playoff game and really it started weeks ago, but this is a big one for us. They beat us at home last time. It's our first time going down there to this new stadium, but I think everybody is geared up and ready to go. They're going to be fired up. We're ready to go. It's going to be great football. It's always fun to play Dallas. It's always an exciting game. We're excited. This is going to be big for us."

On playing for a bye in the first round of the playoffs: "Obviously, if we win we get the bye. That's something that we're thinking about. Most importantly, we have to get this win. We owe them for coming into our house and beating us and that's what it's about right now."

On whether he can say that he saw the Eagles being in this position when they were 5-4: "Honestly, at 5-4 I knew that we were going to get better and I knew that we were going to have a chance to be in the playoffs. Not necessarily fighting for a chance to win the division. I knew we were going to turn things around. That exceeded my expectations a little bit, but I knew we were going to turn it around."

On what overcoming the injuries that they have endured says about this team:"We have a lot of depth, but I think it shows that guys are taking advantage of their opportunities. Guys are hungry right now. We're a young team, but when guys get the chance to step in and make plays they're doing what they have to do. Also, coaching has been a big part of it, especially on defense. I think our defense has changed a little bit from what it was in the beginning because of the losses we've had. We've changed up our schemes a little bit and I think that shows that the coaches are playing to our strengths. Maybe at the beginning of the season we had a ton of this type of blitz, a ton of zone blitzes, well maybe now it's more coverage or maybe now it's more man blitzes, I think that's a big part of it. I don't know what it is, but it's working right now, so hopefully we'll keep going with that."

On whether he thinks the rookies stepping up this season are a product of the injuries or a shift in the coaching staff: "I think it's a little bit of both. Sometimes you get put in a situation where you have to play a young guy. And maybe in the past, as a coach, you might not be able to say, 'Oh well okay, I'm just going to throw this in there.' Sometimes when you're forced to, you see what the guy is really all about. I think our rookies this year, and it's not like that every year, some years we have rookies where it's like, 'Come on man.' But I think this year the guys that we brought in, they stepped up big and they made some big plays. I think that we've done well this year bringing the guys along at the right speed for them."

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