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King: No One Wants To Play The Eagles In January

Respected veteran Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King compared the Eagles offense, which scored 45 points Sunday night in a win over the Giants, to the Harlem Globetrotters. King surmised that this is the "best offensive variety" that head coach Andy Reid has had at his disposal in his 11 years with the Eagles. All in all, King believes that the Eagles and the San Diego Chargers are two teams that no one in the league will want to play when the playoffs get underway.

"They've changed before our very eyes. Did you see on TV (Sunday night) when Andy Reid got airborne - OK, he did a little hop - to body-bump DeSean Jackson after Jackson scored a touchdown? I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe right here, right now, is the best offensive variety Reid has had with the Eagles in his 11 years as coach. It beat the Giants 45-38 (Sunday night) at the Meadowlands."

King wrote that the Eagles' game-clinching drive that came with 13 minutes left in the game demonstrated just how many weapons the team has on offense:

  • The 12-play drive had six runs, six passes.
  • Donovan McNabb was six-for-six on the drive.
  • There were eight conventional huddles, four change-of-pace no-huddles.
  • Including the two-point-conversion pass, McNabb completed passes to six receivers in this one drive.
  • Michael Vick was the quarterback for two of the plays. On one of them, Vick handed to LeSean McCoy, who pitched to McNabb, who scrambled and completed a short pass to tight end Brent Celek.

"No T.O. No Westbrook. It's so new," King added. "It's almost like Reid got his contract extension and lost all his cares in the world and said, 'We're going for it.' Who are these guys? The Harlem Globetrotters? All I know is I like it, and it's working. They're hot, and they should win the NFC East."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:02 p.m., December 15

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