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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On WR Jeremy Maclin's progress as a punt returner: "He's making progress. I feel fine with Jeremy. I think if we're able to create some room for him that he has the ability to make a play."

On Maclin's responsibilities as a punt returner: "I think he did a good job last week making some decisions on some balls that were kicked inside the 10 yard line that he let go and bounced into the end zone. That's a sign of progress for him and any young returner. The decision-making process is critical and I think he's improving at that."

On how different returning kicks and punts is in the NFL compared to college: "It's night and day. It's totally and completely different. The athletes that are coming down the field at you, there's not as much space, but I think he'll adjust and adapt and I'm confident that he'll do fine this week."

On the relationship between K David Akers, holder P Sav Rocca and LS Jon Dorenbos and how comfortable Akers is working with them: "I think that's important, the comfort level that a kicker has to have and the snapper and the holder are key. Jon and Sav have done a good job and Dave has fallen into a nice rhythm and they are working very well right now."

On whether he thinks Akers is a playing at a Pro Bowl level this season: "You know I have a (biased) opinion of that. I think a great deal of Dave. Anybody that's made 16 (field goals) in a row, has done the things that he's done and gotten the award this week of being the special teams Player of the Month. He's obviously in a very good rhythm and we just have to keep him there for the rest of the season."

On how Akers compares to other kicks that he has been around during his coaching career: "I was at Oakland with (K Sebastian) Janikowski, who is a very, very talented guy, very strong leg and then I was at Cleveland with (K) Phil Dawson who I have a great deal of respect for. The elements that you deal with in Cleveland, weather-wise, are very difficult and he does a great job there. Dave, it's just his consistency is very good and he's gotten into a nice groove. Again we just need to keep him in that rhythm."

On Atlanta KR/PR Eric Weems: "I like him as a returner. He's kind of my style guy that I like. He's very north-south, he's strong, he's physical and he's very decisive with the ball. He's a good, young returner. They have a good, young returner there."

On the Falcons releasing K Jason Elam and LS Bryan Pittman and signing K Matt Bryant and LS Joe Zelenka earlier this week: "I believe their kicker and long snapper both were released and they signed two guys, Matt Bryant who's been around (and is) a very capable guy, and an experienced long snapper. I think that's difficult to do during the course of the season but they felt that they needed to make a change and they have some experienced guys coming in."

On Bryant kicking a 62-yard field goal to beat the Eagles while he was with Tampa Bay: "That's the same one, yes."

On Falcons K/P Michael Koenen's kickoffs and whether his high touchback numbers are a result of playing in a dome: "No, he's a very slight built guy and he's extremely explosive. I was at a workout when he came out of college and all of the special teams coaches where there and the ball just jumps off his foot when he punts and when he kicks. He just has that natural explosion and he's very, very good. His height on punts is exceptional and the kickoffs, like you said, I think he has the most (touchbacks) in the NFL. Being in a dome helps obviously, because when you see him out in the weather it's not quite as good, but he is a very, very, very dangerous guy."

On how playing in a dome changes the kicking game, not only in terms of the weather but also playing on artificial turf: "It has a large effect on the kicking game. You know that your punter is going to be in a comfort level from the fact that he doesn't have to deal with the elements, which is a huge advantage for them, their punter is accustomed to that. Hopefully Sav will be fine in the dome. I think his background in a dome - he's done quite well. From a kicking standpoint it's the best thing you can have. You don't have to deal with the elements and those things. They've built their team for that and they are doing a good job."

On who would backup Maclin as the punt returner if he were to get hurt: "(S) Victor Harris is the guy who would back him up in the game and (WR Jordan) Norwood also has some experience. It appears that, as of right now it looks like he might be up. If he were to be up he would be backing up in that role also, but Victor Harris catches the ball well and has a background in it, so he would be the guy."

On whether Harris will remain the primary kick returner: "Yes, Quintin Demps is getting better physically and he's playing a little bit. He's not quite 100 percent from a return standpoint. I don't see the explosion off of his foot like I'd like to see it and he's still got a little ways to go before he can get back there."

On whether WR Reggie Brown will be the gunner: "We'll have to play it by ear during the game. He did a terrific job last week of stepping in. (He is) a guy that's experienced, hasn't done it a lot, but he stepped in and just was terrific last week as a gunner. We may have to use him a time or two, but his load on offense will determine that."

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