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Game Vs. 49ers: QB Alex Smith

On his reaction to hearing that 49ers head coach Mike Singletary felt this game would not impact his future with the team: "Yeah. Well, turnovers hurt us tonight, obviously. Obviously, not good, statistically speaking. So, it's one game, you just got to improve on it, got to get it fixed, got to get it right. Got to come back next week and try to get better, and keep growing. I feel like we've made some ground in the last few weeks, and as much as this hurt's tonight, we can't let it set us back from where we want to go."

On the pressure from the Eagles' defense: "It's a combination of things. They do pressure, they do a lot of unconventional things behind it. They do a good job of looking in the backfield. Watching the quarterback, making plays on balls. They did some different things. I have to look at the film, it's hard to say at this point."

On whether the Eagles' blitzes were unconventional: "Different thing combined with pressure. Pressure, giving different looks behind it. A lot of things quarterbacks aren't used to seeing."

* On his third interception*
: "I was just trying to make a play. I was trying to check it down, and as I was throwing it, somehow the ball came out high obviously, and right there in front of me - I obviously would have liked to make that play."

On the Eagles' defense in comparison to the rest of the league: "Unique. I'd definitely say that. I think they do some unconventional things; they bring a lot of different pressure looks. You have to be ready for all of it, and do some different things behind it. Traditional methods of handling pressure don't always work."

On if he felt his team spent enough time preparing for the Eagles defense: "Absolutely, I think it's a mental deal, as well. And we knew coming in that they would have something unique for this game. It's one of those things that from week to week to week, pressure changes with them, and we knew that."

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