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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(TE) Brent Celek has a sore back that he ended up playing through the game with. He is a little tender today; we'll just see how he does, day-to-day situation. (DE) Trent Cole has a hamstring strain. That's a day-to-day situation, so we'll see how he does. (WR) Kevin Curtis we know about with the knee inflammation, he is doing better. (WR) Jeremy Maclin has the plantar fasciitis. From what I understand without being a doctor, is that you have two strands that make up the plantar fasciitis, he tore one of those strands. The other strand is a non weight bearing strand so he should be okay, probably not this week, possibly next week. Normally it's a two week injury. (FB) Leonard Weaver has a slight hamstring strain, day-to-day. And then (RB) Brian Westbrook is doing well, no symptoms over the weekend and we'll just see how he and Kevin do this week. We'll try to bring them along another step this week and see how it works out for them. Everybody else made it through the game okay."

Opening Remarks: "I mentioned last night, the New York Giants have a heck of a football team, and that was a heck of a football game. I have a lot of respect for (Giants head coach) Tom Coughlin and the job that he does and his coaching staff. That was a heavyweight fight there. Two teams really going at it. I was proud of our players and coaches for hanging in there and to continue to keep punching and not give up when there were chances. When they came back and took the lead there was a chance that could take the wind out of the sails and it didn't. The guys kept supporting each other and offense supporting defense, defense supporting offense, special teams, everybody was into it. We were able to come back and then maintain the lead from there. It was a good thing to see there. I thought (WR) DeSean (Jackson), I'm stating the obvious here, DeSean had a big day both on special teams and on the offensive side. He continues to play at a very level. The thing I appreciate about him most is he loves to play the game. He gets very excited. He doesn't care about how big the game is or anything else, or is perceived to be. He just goes out and plays and enjoys doing it. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) continues to play at a very high level, just commanding the offense. We have done a little bit of no huddle stuff here the last few weeks, which puts a lot on his shoulders. He's done a really nice job with that. And then our offensive line, none of this is possible, none of these guys can perform without the performance of the offensive line and they did a nice job yesterday against a defensive line that I consider to be one of the better ones in the National Football League.

"I thought our defensive line on the other side played well. The obvious was we missed too many tackles, in particular the secondary and linebacker level. We have to do a better job there and that's fundamentals. We'll go back and concentrate on the fundamentals there. There were some good things, the guys, they didn't hang their heads. They continued to battle through. You are going to have days like that and it's important that you keep fighting. And now, it's important that you go back and you learn from it and where do you take it from here. That will be the challenge for both sides of the ball to see what we can do after this game to get ourselves to be a better football team. I thought the Giants had a couple of plays that bounced right for them and there's not a lot that you can do. (LB Jeremiah Trotter) had the one where he had a potential interception, ball bounced right and led to a score. Again, back to fundamentals, concentrating on looking the ball all the way in, as many good plays as Trot had, that one there you have to make that catch. The little flip, whether it was a fumble or a flip that (Giants QB) Eli (Manning) did to (RB Ahmad Bradshaw) there. We just have to make sure that we finish the play and strip the ball if possible, if the quarterback is holding it out you want to get it out of his hands.

"Special teams, I thought the coverage teams did very well. I thought the return units did well. (Giants P Jeff) Feagles is a tough guy to get a return on and DeSean really had a couple. There was a holding penalty on one of them, but he really had a couple of good returns. That's a tribute also to the guys blocking for him. They were able to get a body on a body and DeSean took care of the rest."

On how you focus on tackling in practice when there is currently no contact in practices: "I would say that's league wide. You're not taking people to the ground right now. A lot of people don't do it during training camp. What you do is you go back to fundamentals. If you have to break out the mats then you break out the mats and you work on it. As you teach it you have to be very specific with that player. Were your eyes down? Whatever the coaching point is: eyes down, wrapping up, running through the tackle, whatever the weakness is, indentify it, teach and move on. Maybe it's leverage. Maybe with a corner, that you're driving the inside shoulder instead of the outside shoulder. All of those little fundamental things that need to take place there."

On whether they will make a roster move if Maclin is unable to play Sunday: "There's a chance we do. At that position we'll see how Kevin is doing."

On whether Curtis' rehab will be expedited because of Maclin's injury: "He really took quite a few reps, more than I thought he would, last week. So, that'll be increased this week and we'll just see how he does. If he's not right then he's not right. We'll work from there."

On how Curtis has responded to the reps he has taken in practice: "He felt pretty good. His legs were tired and his wind wasn't where he wants it, but he actually felt pretty good."

On how in tune the offense was overall: "There were a couple series there that we'd like to have back, and there are some things we can do better. It wasn't perfection by any means. But, I was proud of particularly that (91)-yard drive. That was something. Those are tough to put together in the National Football League, especially against a team of that caliber. There are plenty of things that we can get better at."

On whether Westbrook will play with the scout team this week: "We'll see how he feels on Wednesday. We'll see where he's at and then we'll go from there."

On whether Westbrook had any setbacks this weekend: "No, he felt good."

On whether this is the most consistent he has seen McNabb since the 2004 season: "By stat I don't know that. I know he's playing good football right now. I can't answer that for you. I don't know the stats."

On whether it is getting more difficult to find ways to get Jacksonopen: "A little bit. (Offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) has done a great job with it first of all, of calling the plays at the right time and having a real feel for what the defense is doing. It is a challenge every week to find ways to do that because at times he is being doubled. They're trying different things on him so you have to pick your spots and know when to attack on it."

On whether he and Jackson choreographed their chest bump after the two-point conversion: "(Joking) We worked on it a few times during the week. I was afraid I was going to lose my Achilles tendon. I was just happy when I landed that it was still intact."

On using mats to practice tackling: "You'll probably see them out there. We have to detail some of that and do better than we did. (Defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) is on top of that."

On the lack of continuity among the defensive line leading to missed tackles: "I would if it was that group that was making the mistakes, but that wasn't the missed tackles. Those are guys that are in the game for just about every play."

On how they began using a no-huddle offense: "(Quarterback coach) James Urban, Marty, Don talked it over. Donovan feels comfortable with that and he's had success with it. We're not in it all the time. We kind of pick and choose our spots there. He's very comfortable with that."

On when the discussion about the no-huddle offense began: "Whenever we started doing it, that's probably when that took place."

On the progression of the offensive line: "None of this is possible, whether it's Donovan's stats or DeSean's or any of the other guys, I thought Brent Celek played a good game too, none of that's possible without the offensive line. Weaver's runs, (RB) LeSean (McCoy's) runs, those guys had good games, but a lot of that is due to how the O-Line is playing and continuity is a part of that."

On being in first place in the NFC East: "I really haven't thought about it. We got back at three o'clock and I went to work. I really haven't thought about it. (Jokingly) The bus ride home was nice, does that give you something?"

On whether he wants guys to be thinking about the team's playoff positioning: "I want them to focus in on the 49ers and prepare the right way, thoroughly, and the next week we'll prepare for whoever we're playing then."

On whether McCoy is slowing down physically: "I think he's doing pretty well in that area. He wants to have a hundred yards every game, so he's his own worst critic. That's okay; you can live with that part. I think he's running hard and he's seeing things. I do know that we keep getting better here down the stretch."

On the run game last night: "They were opportune, at the right time. We had decent gains when needed. I would've liked to have finished that four-minute drill a little better. They put everybody up there. I still want us to be able to block them, but they got us on that in that situation. I thought up to that point we were productive when we needed to be productive."

On working with McCoy on ball security: "I know we remind him about keeping it high and tight, and then it's a matter of doing that. That's not his natural running style, sometimes he lets the ball get away from his body. That's what allows him to be elusive when he does that. He's just kind of retraining himself to keep it in that position and I think Brian emphasizing it, the coaches emphasizing it, (running backs coach) Ted (Williams) does a nice job of teaching that and then him doing it. He has to want to do it."

On whether he has been pleasantly surprised that McCoy having only lost one fumble all year: "I would probably say that. He had fumbled a few balls before he got here, so everybody had their antennas up. I would say that's been a positive thing. He still has to do this for the next three games."

On players jabbing at each other in the second half and whether he had to say anything to his players: "They're all different. It started off that way on the 4th play of the game and the game was on. You just have to be smart with it. You have to play within the rules and regulations. There's a little bit of that that happens between our two teams here."

On whether he thinks this is one of the most versatile offenses he has ever coached: "I don't know. That's an end of the year conversation. You're only as good as your next game here."

On why QB Michael Vick has been more successful in the last couple games: "It's the flow of the game. We don't have more plays in for him, we're just using the ones we have in and it just seems like the flow of the game has been better, or it works well."

On whether Vick's fitness level is the reason for his success: "Probably the last month or month and a half he has been okay, he's been back. Having a chance to throw the ball as much as he had in game situations, the few times that he's had, I think that helps. It's a little faster during the games than in practice. He's running well and he's throwing the ball pretty well."

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