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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Injuries here: (WR) DeSean Jackson is being evaluated as we speak and we'll just see how he's doing. He's doing well as far as his headaches and all that goes, so we'll just see what the doctors say. He's in the process of meeting with them. (WR) Jeremy Maclin had a little bit of a shoulder sprain and planter fasciitis that he has is acting up a little bit. He should be okay. (T) Jason Peters, he's being evaluated right now. He has a shoulder contusion and a potential stinger, dinger, I'm not sure exactly what category it goes in, but that's what we're having tested right now. He's doing well. That's the positive side and, like I mentioned yesterday, to his credit he wanted back in the game and to play but I held him out of there. (LB) Tracy White has an AC sprain. (WR) Kevin Curtis has the knee problem and he's going to come back and practice a little bit this week on the (scout team). We'll just see how he does. (LB) Akeem Jordan should be back. Again, we'll see how he does. We'll incorporate him in with the defense and see how he does there. (RB) Brian Westbrook is feeling well. He hasn't had any headaches and he'll be tested here in the next couple of days."

Opening Remarks:"I mentioned yesterday that the fan support was awesome. It amazes me every time that we go on the road that we have as many people as we do at the games. My hat is off to them. We appreciate it and they're noticed down there, so it's a great tribute to them. Good road win, any win is a good win in the National Football League. It's good to win on the road. I thought the coaches had a good game plan. I thought the players played hard and executed well. That's normally a good combination going into a game. I thought all three phases did some good things. Defensively, I thought we played very well. With the exception of that last drive the defense had a shutout going and I just thought they did some real nice things against both the run and the pass.

"(CB) Sheldon Brown and (S) Sean Jones both came up with interceptions, Sheldon's obviously for the touchdown. Tipped balls by the defensive line, I'm not sure that we've had a game where we've had that many tipped balls. (DE) Darren Howard played a big part in that as did (DT Brodrick) Bunkley. A couple of the other guys hit a few. It was good to see. (CB) Asante (Samuel) had a couple of nice, big tackles there. I know he's been scrutinized a little bit for his tackles there, but it was good to see him get in there and he had a couple of nice ones there.

"Offensively, I thought we executed well for the most part. We had a couple of spurts there where we didn't do quite so well, but we picked it up and I thought overall did very well. It was good to get (QB) Michael (Vick) involved the way that he did. I know it was an emotional time for him and I thought he handled himself with a lot of poise. He had a chance to talk with the team afterwards and thank them for the opportunity, the support. I would also say that my hat is off to (QB) Donovan (McNabb) because Donovan kind of led the charge on this whole thing, and also, during the game of getting him in there and wanting him to have a little success. You saw Donovan ran out to the huddle before Michael came in and gave them the formation, told them he was coming in and bought him a little time there. I think everybody was involved in Mike's success there. They were all very happy for him.

"Offensive line, I thought they played well even when Jason went down. I thought they stepped up. That's a tough thing to do for (G/T) Todd Herremans to walk out from the left guard out to the left tackle spot and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles), who hadn't practiced much, and then you flip both guards, Max comes in at right guard and (G/C) Nick (Cole) goes over to the left guard. That can be a tough transition there, but they settled down after the first series. I thought they did a pretty good job there. It was good to see Maclin, (WR Jason) Avant, (and WR) Reggie (Brown) get involved. Reggie had a big play there on Michael's long throw. That was not an easy catch with two defenders converging on him there. And then (FB Leonard) Weaver, I thought Weaver ran the ball well, he had a phenomenal catch down the middle and that was just a great play. He's playing good football right now.

"Special teams-wise, I thought our coverage units were good and even though (K) David (Akers) missed the one kick I think he's kicking the ball well. All of his kickoffs were deep. He's doing a nice job kicking the football right now and (P) Sav (Rocca) did a nice job. All in all, it was a good day. It's important when we look at the film, when the players come in and look at the film, that you don't hide the mistakes that you look at them and become better. We have plenty of room to improve, and obviously this week we'll need to do that against a good Giants football team."

On the roster moves he will make this week with CB Joselio Hanson returning from his suspension: "I meant to mention that. Joselio does come back, he actually is back. He'll start working back in on Wednesday. (General Manager) Tom (Heckert) and I are going through all that right now. We will have to make a move obviously to get him back active there. We have a little bit of time to do that. We'll look at it today."

On what Hanson has been doing during his four week suspension: "He worked out and tried to stay as much in condition as he could."

On whether Hanson will go return to the same role he was in before the suspension: "We haven't been able to do anything with him. I just want to see where he's at. He's normally a hard worker, but he's been gone a month. I want to see what kind of shape he's in. I would hope that he'd be able to get back in there and go, but I'll have to see."

On how much Weaver has shown he can do for the offense:"He's done well. We knew when Leonard came in here that he was a good ball carrier. He did that at Seattle and did it very well for them. We just had a different rotation going where he didn't get quite as many carries when Brian was healthy. Each week he has gotten better. He had some nice catches yesterday and some nice runs and he's playing good football right now."

On whether Peters in undergoing the same type of concussion tests DeSean Jackson and Westbrook underwent: "They're looking at him right now. They're going through all of that with him right now, just seeing exactly what it is. It's tough to tell exactly what it is because he has this shoulder thing going and so it might just be a stinger, so they're kind of deciphering through all of that."

On whether he thinks the tests will let him know whether Peters had a concussion:"I'm sure they'll let me know here."

On whether he was worried Peters had a concussion yesterday: "There was a fear that he was hit in the head and the shoulder, both things, and I just said, 'Hey, keep him over there. Get him where he's ready.' He's been banged up a little bit. We're just going to get him back to where he can function here a little bit."

On if Maclin has been bothered by his planter fasciitis for a while: "It was bothering him a little bit yesterday on the turf. It's been a minor thing."

On how long planter fasciitis has bothered Maclin: "A week, I don't know exactly how long."

On whether Maclin will be limited this week: "We'll just see how he does."

On whether Jackson and Westbrook have done any physical activity:"Brian has been working and DeSean has (too). They've both been doing a little bit."

On whether Westbrook could play this week:"There's a chance he's out practicing. We just have to see. There's a chance we'll have all of those guys that I mentioned back out at practice."

On whether Westbrook will go back to Pittsburgh to meet with doctors: "We'll see. They're going to evaluate that. I'm not sure that the doctor necessarily needs to see him from what he told him the last time."

On whether Westbrook's concussion has been handled differently because of the attention surrounding concussions: "I don't know. I'm not going to get into all of that. Listen, the kid has a concussion and that's what it is. I'm not going to get into all of the other stuff."

On G/T Stacy Andrews' progress not being what he had hoped: "Stacy is doing okay. He's alright. He's feeling better and really it's not him not feeling good. It's watching him not be able to stick that leg in the ground the way that he needs to be able to do it when he has the big guys pushing on him in there. That's not something he's complaining about. It's one of those things that you just have to retrain yourself coming off that surgery to be able to do. It takes a little bit of time."

On why Jordan practiced last week and did not play: "What I mentioned was that he had a little bit of swelling on his knee and then going back on the turf I didn't want to push him."

On whether Jordan could play Sunday: "There's a chance. We just have to see when he gets out there if the swelling stays out. Right now his knee looks good."

On Curtis participating in practice: "He'll just do scout team stuff."

On whether Curtis is definitely out for the game against the Giants:"Not necessarily. We'll see how he does. I am not going to rule anybody out today. He's been out running and it's a matter of him getting back in and doing the football part."

On whether he thinks he will use Vick more in the future: "We'll see how it goes. I'm not going to say one way or another. We'll see how everything formulates."

On whether he is encouraged to play Vick more after his success in the last game:"He's done everything that we've asked him to do. He is very grateful for it all and doing well with it."

On whether he thinks players are picking up their game more as the playoffs approach: "It's that time of the year. That last quarter or quarter and a half, if you're still in the hunt things get a little faster, guys play a little faster and so on. That's just the nature of the game. That's where we're at and it's important that we keep practicing the way we've been practicing and preparing the way we've been preparing. The guys have been very focused the last few weeks."

On how pleased he is with the run defense, especially Bunkley and DT Mike Patterson: "That's the key. It starts with the defensive line and those two guys play very well together and they've been very effective. There's no week that they'll need to play as well as they have been than this week. They have a great attitude. They're tough guys. They don't like to miss. They want to be in there. That's how they go about their business."

On whether he has seen better play out of DT Antonio Dixon than he expected: "We liked what we saw probably more at the pro level than we did at the college level. He was a little bit overweight at the college level. He was able to lose some weight and he was very effective with the Redskins in the preseason. He's really just carried that over to what he's doing now. You never know when you bring them in how they're going to fit into your system. He sure has a great attitude and plays hard. He gives you hard work every snap."

On the impact of the defense's goal line stand: "The first half stand? I thought that was big. When teams score at the end of the half there, that's not a good thing stat-wise. I just thought that they made a little statement there during that game and I think that carried over, gave us a little momentum coming into the second half."

On how long he sees himself being a head coach: "I don't know that. (Jokingly) Domowitch has been doing this forever, so I'll try to last as long as Domo."

On whether he said anything to S Quintin Demps about not committing penalties: "I think you know me well enough, I probably said a couple of things there."

On coaching his last game at Giants Stadium before it is torn down: "There have been so many great games there over the years, not only Eagles-Giants games, but great games period. I think any time that you tear down a stadium or move from one stadium to another I think there is some history that ends up settling in that place. Like with (Veterans Stadium), as much as everybody complained about The Vet, there's some great history there. You lose a little bit of that for a minute and then you move on to the new place and start building history at that place. I think there will be some great memories for people to look back on."

On how evenly matched the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles are: "I think it'll be knockdown, drag-out all they way through. I think both of them will be heavyweight fights, both good football teams."

On whether he felt that the defense needed a game like yesterday's: "I think it was a good game for our defense. I don't think it can hurt how they feel about themselves and how they're playing together. I think it's a plus. It is tough for a coach like what (Falcons head coach) Mike (Smith) has to go through with all of those injuries. At the same time you have to come out and play like our defense played. A lot of times you'll see teams pull off a little bit if another team is missing some of their guys and I didn't think our guys did that."

On whether Maclin's shoulder injury is a new injury: "The foot and the shoulder both happened on two separate special teams plays."

On whether he is concerned about Maclin's injuries: "Neither one is real bad, they're just nagging."

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