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Game Vs. Broncos: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(C) Jamaal Jackson is the only one to mention. He has a knee sprain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. We'll just see how he does."

On the victory: "I'd like to give thanks to the fans. They were awesome. They were loud, and they made it very difficult for (Denver's) offense to function. It was good to see Dawk (Brian Dawkins) and Buck (Correll Buckhalter) and see that they're playing at the level that they're playing at. They are doing a heck of a job, and they're great for that football team. Defensively, I thought we did well in the second half with the field position we had. Offensively, we were on fire in the first half, but in the second half we were terrible, although at the end it was good to see (QB) Donovan (McNabb) come through with a big run and throw to (WR Jeremy) Maclin. It was a great throw, and an even better catch – a phenomenal catch. The offensive line when (C) Jamaal (Jackson) went down, that's a tough thing to do when you lose your center. He's the transmitter between the right and left side. (G/T) Nick (Cole) came in and did a nice job. It also was a great job by (K) David Akers, as he's been doing all season. He's playing at a Pro Bowl caliber level, and he was able to finish the game off with a nice field goal at the end."

On whether he saw the catch by WR Jeremy Maclin on game-winning drive that was originally ruled incomplete, but reversed following a replay booth review: "I was standing right next to it, and you think you see both feet in. But (side judge Don Carlsen) had a good angle on it too. It was tough because one foot came down, and the other foot came up, and then went back down. That's a tough, tough, call there. But that's why we have the replay, so it all worked out. It was a good deal."

On the Denver defense holding TE Brent Celek without a catch in the second half after he produced 121 yards receiving in the first half: "I thought Brent did a nice job. He had a heck of a game. We came out (in the third quarter) and turned the ball over initially. They changed up (coverage) and ran a little two-man on us. We have to do a better job there. We turned the ball over, so things kind of surfaced from there. We have to do a better job. In the second half, we have to come out (and play) better than what we are. We're not a very good second half team right now, so we have to fix that. We'll get that taken care of."

On the Eagles committing nine penalties in the game: "I don't like the penalties. Again, (we have) young guys who are aggressive and trying to make a play. We have to take care of those (penalties). We have to be smart."

On the personal foul penalty assessed to S Macho Harris following an interception by CB Asante Samuel:"(The officials) said the receiver was at risk on that. Let's move on."

On whether the team's young players are gaining confidence due to the Eagles fourth-quarter victories: "I wish it wasn't that way. I'm glad that we're winning. The number one thing is to win the game. Our guys have done that every way that they can possibly figure out to do, and that's a plus. I wish it didn't come down to that, but it did, and I'm glad that we're on the winning side of that."

On the return of RB Brian Westbrook: "I thought Westbrook did a nice job. I don't know what he ended up with play-wise, but I know he had 13 at halftime and he felt pretty good. He had some quality downs there."

On whether he used Westbrook in the game more than he expected:"I don't know what he ended up with, but we were looking somewhere around 20 (plays), and then we would just see how he feels. It worked out okay."

On whether he spoke to former Eagle players Brian Dawkins or Correll Buckhalter following the game: "I didn't. Buck came up to me before the game started. He actually came in the locker room. I didn't see him then, but he came in and hugged everybody. I saw (Buck) just when we were out (on the field) during warm-ups."

On the catch by WR Jeremy Maclin which eventually led to the game-winning field goal: "It was a pretty amazing catch. He's a talented kid. I love the way our young guys bring energy and how much they enjoy playing the game. It was a heck of a job by that kid right there."

On what he expects to happen at the kick returner position following two fumbles by Macho Harris: "(Quintin) Demps needs to get healthy and play. I thought Macho did a decent job, but he was tired from playing the whole game. We'll fix that."

On whether he was surprised by the play of RB Brian Westbrook in his return: "I'm not sure what to expect right now. He told me he felt good, and he doesn't lie to me. He tells me how he feels, and he's very honest with that. We gauge it off of that. I'm just glad to have him back out there. He's a talented guy."

On his decision to punt with the Eagle offense facing 4th-and-1 from the Denver 49-yard line with 3:07 remaining in the fourth quarter: "That was a tough one right there. I thought field position was crucial, especially with three minutes left. It was a little bit over a yard to go at midfield. I guess I wasn't feeling it. At that point, I just felt like we needed to change the field position. We had terrible field position. Our defense was playing good, so I wanted to back (Denver) up, and I thought between our fans with their noise and our defense, good things would happen."

On whether the team's offensive struggles in the second half can be attributed to what Denver did defensively, or what the Eagles didn't do offensively: "It's probably a combination of both. I think we could have done a better job offensively, and I thought (Denver) did a nice job (defensively) by making some plays on the ball. (Denver CB) Champ (Bailey) made some nice plays."

On the play of Brian Dawkins for the Denver Broncos this season: "All season he has played like a warrior. He's playing his heart out, and he brings great energy to that team. I really think he's playing very good football."

On the return to Lincoln Financial Field of longtime Allentown Morning Call beat writer Larry O'Rourke, who is battling ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis): "It is great to see him out here. He's a stud."

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