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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "We are coming off a pretty good game. Our offensive line played at a high level. (G) Nick (Cole) and (T) Jason Peters had an excellent game. Those two guys played really well. They enabled the skill players to do their thing. I thought we did a decent job there with the skill players. This team that's coming in here is one of the very best defenses in the league. The stats show it, the film shows it. They're very aggressive. They're similar to the 49ers, however I think they have a few different schemes. They're very good up front, their linebackers are very physical and they have some excellent cover men in the secondary."

On trying to not get too caught up in playing against Broncos S Brian Dawkins: "We are playing a game. We are playing the Denver Broncos. We don't talk too much about all the other outside influences. When you play a football game, some of these guys are very good friends with individuals on some of the teams that we play. But when you play the game, your opponent is faceless so you go after him."

On whether he has to change anything about his scheme going against Dawkins because of his familiarity with the Eagles: "Not much but a little bit. Just a touch to keep them off balance."

On fitting RB Brian Westbrook back into the offense: "You have seen how we've done these types of things when a player is out for an extended period of time. You take a certain approach with it. If he's healthy, which I believe he is, he will play and I'm sure he'll be a big influence in the game."

On how much of a load Westbrook will be able to carry: "He's fresh."

On scoring so many points on opening drives: "I think the players have great focus. I would put that number one. The players do a great job. With the preparation they put in with those first plays, they've executed pretty well there."

On whether it is a focal point to score on the first drive: "Every game is different. Our players have had pretty good success and that's a good thing."

On setting up plays after the first fifteen: "Too much is just as bad as not enough. Fifteen is a pretty good number. There are sometimes where it's a little bit more. In the second half we are similar. I think the players have done a good job with that."

On what he was starting to see out of Westbrook against the Redskins: "When we were at Washington, he was motoring. He was at a high level there. We'll see. I would expect him to play at a high level. He's ready to go. He has continued to prepare like he was playing in each game. I think he's ready to play."

On Broncos CB Champ Bailey: "He's one of the very best cover corners in this league. I think there are several things you need to do. I won't go into them, but he's an excellent player and helps their defense in many ways. First with the covering, it allows the rest of the defense to do some other things. He's a fantastic player; one of the very best in the league."

On whether he plays a lot of man defense: "They do both. They play a lot of man, some of it with the single-safety middle. They play a bunch of quarters, half-quarters. Much of it is man technique. Much of their zone is man technique within the zone. He does an excellent job. There are other guys who do a good job covering there as well. I believe they are number two in the league against the pass."

On whether they keep Bailey on one side: "They may (move him around). We'll see."

On Broncos OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil: "He's a heck of a player. He's a bull rush guy. He has made some very good tackles (look foolish). He's very good at what he does. It shows with the stats."

On whether they move him around:"They move him around a little bit, yes."

On whether he can bull rush people: "He's a unique player and you better take care of him."

On whether this is the best collection of talent on offense he's ever had: "Oh geez. Of course, (I have coached) the great Jerry Rice and Steve Young. Hall of Famers. Brett Favre. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is one of the very best. I have to think about this just a little bit. We're so young that I think it's a little early to compare, however we have excellent skill and ability. There is no question about that. The unique thing about many of our players is they are so young right now. They have played at a high level and pretty consistently at a high level. Our challenge is to continue to get better every day and every week. I haven't even thought too much about that. I've been lucky to have coached some of the great players in this league."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson is a number one receiver: "I never look at it like number one and number two guys. I don't do that. He's a heck of a player, but I don't say number one or number two. I think we have a set of receivers who are just excellent. I look at all three. (WR) Jason Avant is a starter. (WR Jeremy) Maclin is a starter. DeSean is a starter. (WR) Kevin (Curtis) is still rehabbing just a little bit but he's a starter. (WR) Reggie (Brown) started for a couple years for us. We have some depth there of guys who are really starters and could start many places."

On working Maclin back into the offense and whether he'll have to ease him back in:"He missed one week. I think he's feeling pretty good. I don't think that's a situation where you have to have a big plan. We'll see how it goes. We have Reggie ready to go. Reggie is playing at a high level as well. Kevin gutted it out. He wasn't there 100 percent last week and he helped us in a couple situations there."

On how Maclin has been moving around this week: "He's fine. He looks pretty good. We'll see as the week goes on."

On whether Maclin will be able to step back into the offense: "I would think so. We'll see if he's feeling (good) as the week goes along. Our training staff are like magicians. That was a serious injury and he looked pretty good yesterday."

On whether Curtis' snaps will go up: "There is a possibility of that."

On Jackson being able to get open against a deep zone: "DeSean did a heck of a job on that play. We did a couple special things for that. He executed it beautifully with his speed and ability and then Donovan's ability and play action. He did a heck of a job executing that, specifically for that team."

On how the Broncos have made it difficult to throw against them: "First of all, their pass rush is pretty good and their scheme is pretty good. Again, similar to last week, that defense we played last week is an excellent defense. Schematically they are very good, and now we get another dose of this. They do have some differences there and there are different strengths to this defense. This defense is an excellent pass-rush team. Their secondary is really aggressive. They go after you. They play a lot of bump and run and man on man. They have some help with a single safety or they'll put two safeties back there with some man situations. Even when they're in zone, they combo in many cases. They are man on man, coverage, pass rush, and they try to get after you."

On the way they use Dawkins: "They use Brian very well. He has made some great plays throughout this year to help that defense. I remember a couple on or near the goal line and some others on the field. You know the style he plays with—a high motor. He has really helped that defense, I think, in many ways. When Brian Dawkins steps on the field, he has juice. His level of play is still very high."

On deciding how to spread the ball around in any given game: "Every game is different. Every game is an individual specific plan for that opponent. Real quickly, there are certain things in general that we do. We are going to do some of the things we do best. Then, we are going to try to attack our opponent in a certain way and try to attack their weaknesses. Then, I try to get it to all eligible runners and receivers, and to their strengths as well. Then, I try to get the ball to our very best players a little bit more. Every game will be different, both in gameplan and in how the game flows and ends up. So, different game plans and every game ends up being different on the field. That's why you'll see some guys have two or three great games back to back and then they're helping us in other ways but statistically their stats may not be there. Then, there are two or three other guys who get those stats in those games. That's a combination of gameplan and what the opponent is doing in the game and how we attack them."

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