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Game Vs. 49ers: Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On setting the Eagles rookie rushing record: "It's obviously something big for anybody to achieve a record. I have to give a lot of credit to the offensive linemen and my teammates for helping me out."

On his reaction to making the playoffs: "I am very excited. Growing up in Harrisburg, PA and seeing the Eagles and the Steelers go to the playoffs a lot, it seems like a lot of fun. I am very excited."

On the team overcoming adversity: "It shows you the heart we have. We have so many leaders to direct us in the right way. They show us how to practice, especially us younger guys. We just follow them. This is the result."

On scoring the touchdown that put the game away: "I have to give a lot of credit to (FB) Leonard Weaver. He drove us down and opened up the hole. Leonard and the linemen have been really playing excellent. They have been blocking great and opening holes. They are giving me room to run."

On whether he has hit a rookie wall at any time this season: "I think it's not the games, it the practices. You talk to a lot of your friends who are still playing in college and they're done. So, you kind of feel it, but as for me and (WR) Jeremy (Maclin), we are playing a lot and winning games. It's different; it's the first time we are in the playoffs and it's exciting for us. It's different for us, because we are experiencing it and enjoying it."

On getting goal line carries today: "I think we have been trying to get everyone the ball, which is cool to get everyone involved. Weaver got us down there and lately (RB Eldra) Buckley has been carrying the ball in the red zone. He is our most downhill runner. I think the coaches are doing a great job of putting everybody in the mix. Today, they called my number."

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether he sees teams changing the way they defend him: "It's been the same stuff, mostly double coverage, but I am starting to get used to it. I just feel like it's a challenge for me to go out there and stay focused."

On how he is adapting to the coverages: "It's football, so it's not always going to stay the same. Every week we are seeing something different, playing different guys. Some of them are a bit more of a challenge than others. It can catch you off guard. I wouldn't say we don't know what to expect, because we watch a lot of film, it's just a challenge. It's a good challenge for me and for the team."

On whether making the playoffs this year is different than last year: "Yeah, this year is a lot smoother. Last year we had to deal with a lot of adversity. We had a couple of losses that we should have won. This year I feel like we are setting ourselves up great for the playoffs. We still have two games left, we are still working hard as a team and we are playing well. We just have to keep it rolling and keep practicing hard during the week. We look forward to playing Denver."

On whether he feels like he's a bigger part of the offense this year: "Not necessarily, last year I felt like I was a big part of the offense too. I think comparing this year to last year; I would say the biggest thing is my experience, comfort level and confidence. My confidence this year is greater than last year. As far as going to different things and playing teams, it's the same as last year. I still have to go out there and produce."

On whether he is happy to have reached the 1,000-yard receiving plateau: "Honestly, it's a great feeling. I would not have been able to do it without the play calling and without (QB) Donovan (McNabb). You have to give credit to (QB) Kevin (Kolb) and (QB Michael) Vick. Without those guys, I would not be able to be as successful as possible. I am just trying to do anything and everything I can to help this team for the long haul. Our goal is the Super Bowl. We just have to keep playing like this and we will be alright."

On the contribution of the 1st and 2nd year players and how much he thinks their energy has helped this team: "Tremendously, look at Maclin, McCoy, Weaver coming to this team and (TE Brent) Celek. I think those 4 or 5 guys are young and have a lot of talent. I think that anytime you have talent coming from college and producing that says a lot. It is a great situation to have. Guys are coming up and stepping up. It helps the team out. It's a boost out of nowhere. It's a great situation to have."

On the adversity the team has faced this year: "We have had a few players hurt and a few losses early on. That is something you have to deal with in the NFL. You just have to find a way to get by and that is what we have been able to do. We just have to keep working.

FB Leonard Weaver

On what happened when the first half was winding down: "I had chipped (the 49ers linebacker) pretty good, and he was saying some things to me that I can't really say on camera. I was just (telling him), 'Man it's okay.' I think for a second I got off focus. I thought we actually had a timeout, so that's why I was kind of just laying back. I figured we've got a timeout, we're probably going to call it and get back to the huddle. That's not the case, so that's a bone head play by me. I've got to pay more attention."

On why this team is not more excited to clinch a playoff berth: "It's not that we're not excited. It's something that we expect. As players, and as a team, we expect to go to the playoffs. That's the standard that we hold ourselves to, so we're happy but we know the work is not done. The work is not done until we reach the ultimate goal."

On whether he knew he would get the ball so much today (17 rushes):"No, I had no idea. I always prepare myself for any opportunity to be able to do so, and they called my number today quite a bit."

WR Jason Avant

On how excited the team is to clinch a playoff berth: "We've still got a lot more to go. You never want to put yourself in a position that you've got to depend on someone else to lose games in order for your team to get in the playoffs. We're excited about where we are, but we've got a lot more to go. This is a team that understands late games. We know about playoff football and we understand how fun it is."

On how much defenses are now keying in on WR DeSean Jackson: "It's hard to key on a guy in the NFL. It's hard to key on one particular guy, especially when you can run the ball now. There are guys that you just can't leave single coverage. DeSean is getting some double coverages at times, but they can't do it for a long time, because other guys are capable of making plays."

On what it means to make the playoffs: "It doesn't really matter for us. We've got a lot of tuning up to do. We made some mistakes out there today. We've just got to be in better position. During this time of year, it's not like because we made the playoffs, let's just go on cruise control. Right now it's fine-tuning, because when we get to the playoffs we want to be clicking on every cylinder. We're thankful for where we are, but at the same time, we're not content."

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