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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "Michael Vick has the quad contusion and we're still working with him to see if he can come around and be able to give us something on Sunday, so we have him listed as questionable. Quintin Demps will be the only other one. He left practice today with a sore ankle."

Opening remarks: "I'm looking forward to the challenge of playing the Denver Broncos and the good football team that they are. We know that it will be a heck of a game; a real battle out there. Our guys have had a good week of practice and they've had a lot of energy through practice. Focus and concentration is important at this time of year. I know the coaches are looking forward to the challenge of playing Denver."

On what he looks for in RB Brian Westbrook early on in the game on Sunday: "We'll just see how his numbers go and how he feels. I'll stay in communication with him during the game. He's always shot me straight so I will have trust in him if he continues to do that. He will have a chance to play, we just have to see how he does."

On how Westbrook has looked this week: "He's done well this week. We've been on turf for the three days. There's certain things we're going to do with him both in the run game and in the pass game so we'll see how he does. We're not going to expect him to play every play, the whole game. That's not what we're doing going into this."

On whether there will be a set number of plays for Westbrook this Sunday: "No, I'm just going to check on him and see how he's doing as we go."

On how QB Michael Vick is feeling: "He's sore. If he can work in there, we'll have that option of having three quarterbacks. If he can work in there as well, that will help us out."

On what Vick needs to prove so that he can play on Sunday: "If he can function without getting hurt. I don't want to put him out there if he's going to hurt himself."

On Denver's 3-4 defense compared to San Francisco's: "Well, that's where (Broncos defensive coordinator) Mike Nolan was last year and the last few years. Nobody has a better feel of it than Mike does. He's a heck of a coordinator. They have every wrinkle you could have in the 3-4 defense. Really he has installed it in one year there. It's amazing how much they're doing with it. We'll have to be sharp to pick up all the things that he does."

On potentially having five receivers active for the game: "We have the option to do that if needed. That's something I'm looking at now. I haven't made any decisions on it. That's a good position to be in, especially with the quality of guys that we have."

On whether it concerns him that people are starting to pick the Eagles as favorites and the sexy pick to go deep into the playoffs: "(Joking) That word sexy hasn't been used a lot to describe me. We don't really worry about that. You can't worry about all of that. If you start listening to that stuff, you have problems. You have to get yourself prepared like the guys did this week. You put all that stuff out of your mind and you go play. The Denver Broncos don't care if we're in the playoffs or not, they're trying to win the game. You have to prepare yourself to play. I don't even go there."

On comparing Broncos OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil to Colts DE Dwight Freeney: "They're both very good. This kid (Dumervil) leads the National Football League in sacks. They're just not giving them to him. He's normally going against their best offensive lineman. He can bring it."

On whether the Broncos move Dumervil around: "They do, but if you count up the majority of his snaps it would probably be against the left tackle. He does play both sides though."

On the season CB Sheldon Brown is having: "Sheldon has done a heck of a job this year. He has played very well. If he doesn't get elected to the Pro Bowl, I would be disappointed because he's had that type of year."

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