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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "I'm proud of the guys in the last ball game, tough place to play now. The guys up front, it starts with the guys up front, did a heck of a job. (FB) Leonard (Weaver) had a big game. (WR) Reggie (Brown), you saw him, got some opportunities and made good on them. Then Leonard played real well. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) played well. Now we have a great challenge here going to New York. A very good New York team. They've kind of restructured just a little bit on defense and they've been playing pretty well. This past game they played pretty well."

On whether he expected Weaver to have the quickness and the movement that he has displayed when he first got here:"Our personnel department does a great job as you know, and we thought he was a heck of a fullback. We knew he had running ability, very good running ability for a fullback. I think that's the one thing that he's really shown is his excellent running ability. We knew he could catch well by running some routes and we thought he was a very good fullback. I think that's one thing that has really helped us this year, especially with (RB) Brian (Westbrook) down. He's very good at that for a big man."

On whether he expects the Giants to go back to starting DE Osi Umenyiora: "No, I think they'll stay with Osi being a puss-rush man. It worked for them last week. That front there is one of the very best in this league. They are very, very good, all of them. And they have about seven players up front along the defensive line that can play at a very high level and that is certainly one of their strengths."

On the Giants standing up a lot of their guys on the defensive line and what kind of confusion that causes for offenses:"You better be right on by rule. That's what they want to do is cause low indecision and they haven't done it a bunch but I would expect to see more than a few snaps of it, so we'll be prepared for that."

On how he plans to work Westbrook back into the rotation with Weaver and RB LeSean McCoy: "You've seen us do that before. First of all, Brian has a chance I think to be there. Then, you've seen us do it before with players that have been off for an extended period of time. (It's a) systematic approach. There are some stages that you need to go through and he's in the practice stage right now and so we'll see if he's available this week."

On whether it's important that he keeps Weaver and McCoy involved:"Oh yeah."

On the Giants saying that their defense was embarrassed after the last matchup, and whether he thinks they will change what they do defensively this game: "I think they have gotten just a little bit better with some of these moves they've made. Look, they are sixth in the league in total defense so they're a fine, fine defensive football team. Those types of games happen on occasion. They happen to football teams. The past has very little to do with this next game. I'm sure they'll have a few new things in for us and that's normal."

On how different the Giants look defensively with their restructuring and LB Jonathon Goff stepping in at middle linebacker: "I think you add a little something there they lost. From the outside in, it looked like a pretty good leader by losing that middle linebacker and he did a lot of things that you can't quite put on paper with that defensive football team, it looks like from the outside in. I think Goff has come in and sort of taken that role just a little bit. He's a fast, quick, physical-type player."

On how much having CB Aaron Ross back helps them: "I think it does help them. They'll bring him at safety some, so he has some experience. He is a highly skilled defender back there, so we'll know where he is when he comes in the game."

On McNabb coming off the field and QB Michael Vick going in for some plays in the red zone and what has enabled that situation to work: "It feels a little funny to me, too, with Donovan over right here on some plays. But it's that mentality, and it's a great mentality to have, of we just don't care who scores the touchdown, whether we're running or passing or how we get it done, whatever it takes to win the next game, and I think our guys have that mentality and so then you can be as creative as you want in many different ways and that would be one of them."

On how rare it is for teams to have that mentality: "I don't think it's rare. I think good offensive football teams have that mentality. You have to have the right type of player as well. I think the good football teams have that mentality and nothing else matters. Look, all the individual accolades and all that, that comes later and those usually come from winning football teams. If you have that mentality, whatever it takes to win the next game, so I think all the guys on our team have that mentality."

On Vick being more involved in the red zone offense recently and whether there is a reason for that: "Yeah. Michael missed a lot, and then he hadn't played for two years, and earlier in the season he went through a little program there to get himself back to playing condition and that covers a lot of things, being able to play in a league game. I think it's worked well up to this point and we'll see what happens here."

On whether their inability to score touchdowns consistently in the red zone is still a big concern for him: "Yeah. I think you have to go a little deeper. We used the clock a couple of times and I think one time kicked a game winner and then we've had a couple of victories down in there and we've been down in there a couple of times right at the end of half and kicked field goals. But still, even if you take those out – or just a normal amount, we've had a little bit more than normal – if you just take a normal (amount) it's still not as good as we need to be and so we need to be a little bit more consistent. Then, we've had really some opportunities and we've just been off just a little bit in several games, so that will be big here down the stretch, yeah. That's a good point."

On McCoy having a bad game last week against the Falcons: "I wouldn't call it a bad game. What, he had six carries? Not much there. Those types of things happen with only six carries. It's hard to really – the perception with only six carries. I think he has to have a little bit more than that. He's fine, yeah. He'll be fine. He'll help us here."

On how tough it is for the offensive line to continuously have to make adjustments mid-game due to injuries: "We're fortunate in that the fellows up front have been through that before. Then we're fortunate to have (G/T) Todd (Herremans) who can play at a high level at left tackle, and (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) does a heck of a job of getting the fellows ready for all of those possibilities, so they get reps at different sides, inside, and at tackles, and so we're fortunate to have a way that it worked out pretty well because we have a certain type of player."

On him saying that he might need to get the ball to Weaver after he had a big game and whether Weaver is getting more involved in the red zone: "I was kidding. I still don't know, I remember you asked me that question, I still don't know. I didn't ask Leonard that because I forgot about it. Leonard is a good player. He's good at the fullback position in two-back. He's shown that he is more than capable and a very good player and in some one back. We've been working him in just a little bit more with run and pass with the one back, personnel groups that we have. He's a fine football player."

On whether he expects to have WR Jeremy Maclin back and whether he'll be at full strength: "Oh yeah, I think he'll be fast."

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