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Game Vs. Broncos: Eagles Defense

CB Sheldon Brown
On the emotions going into this game facing S Brian Dawkins: "Some of the guys didn't play with Brian so they didn't understand the history behind the atmosphere. For the guys that played with him, we understood what it would mean emotionally. Our heart went out to him but it's still a football game."

On pointing to the Broncos bench after a key tackle: "The reason why I pointed at [S Brian Dawkins] is because he taught me how to play the game the right way. That way was to tackle the guy with the ball, you don't try and catch it. You don't get glory for that but if you punish him, you set the tempo and the tone and it affects the rest of the game. When I pointed at him, it was to give him respect for what he showed me over the years."

On the overall matchup playing against Brian Dawkins: "I'm probably his number one fan. I told him that. I love him to death. Words don't express how you truly feel about someone like Brian Dawkins."

On the personal emotions going into this game: "This was definitely an emotional game I understand some things. He was like a father figure to me. Like I said, a lot of guys didn't play with him. I played with him for a lot of years. We did some things together that I'll remember forever. My career is where it is today because of Brian Dawkins."

S Macho Harris On kick returning against the special teams of the Broncos: "The kicker did a great job with the top spin and I felt like I was waiting back there for ten seconds. On the second return I should have put the ball in my left hand but I was going through traffic so I didn't want to make that move. But I learned now from it. I know what to do now if that happens."

On whether he was trying to do too much with the penalty after the interception: "I don't think so. I was just doing what our coaches told us to do. 'Find it, see it, hit it.' One thing I learned in college as a defensive back was that once a bad play happened you just have to brush it off. After the two bad kickoff returns and the penalties, you just have to brush it off. I'll be better next time."

On the defensive strategy against WR Brandon Marshall: "Sean McDermott did a great job of putting up a game plan and together with us going out there and executing. [WR] Brandon Marshall is a heck of a player. He's one of the better receivers in the league right now and he's big, fast, and strong. He's a prototype so you always have to have awareness of where he's at."

CB Asante Samuel On what this win shows the rest of the NFL about the Eagles: "We're a good team and we're going to fight. That's the type of team we are. We're going to fight until the end no matter if it's good or bad."

On the penalties after his interception: "I don't really know for sure. I just heard there were some bad calls. Macho [Harris] hit the guy after I intercepted the ball. I didn't really see it. I don't really know who or what the second penalty was for. I threw the ball up or something."

On the trust in the Eagles defense after a key punt in the fourth quarter: "[Coach Reid] trusts us. That's Eagles defense right there. We pride ourselves in getting to the ball and creating turnovers. [Coach Reid] has a lot of confidence in us."

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