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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(C) Jamaal Jackson has an ACL tear and will be out the remaining part of the season here. He had an MRI this morning. (S) Quintin Demps still has the ankle sprain. He's having an MRI today and we'll just see if there's anything further that's going on in there. (QB) Michael (Vick) is making improvement with his quad contusion. Other than that everybody seems to be okay."

Opening Remarks: "I appreciate, again, the fan support that was given to us yesterday. It was loud. It was a factor especially down the stretch there with the final drives in the 4th quarter. Every win is a big win in the National Football League and a good win. As many things as I can sit here and tell you that were wrong with it, the end result was we won the football game and that's the most important thing. Plenty of areas to improve on, obviously turnovers, you can't have turnovers. The first one I felt took points away from us, and then the other two gave them points which led to a dismal 3rd quarter, one that we didn't play very well in. There are plenty of things we can work on. Some of the positives were (K) David Akers, he's played at a Pro Bowl level this year and continued to do that yesterday, had the nice kick there at the end to win the game. I thought our coverage teams did a fairly good job. There were a couple of returns that we'd like to have back, but they did a pretty good job there.

"Offensively, (TE) Brent Celek had a nice day. (WR Jeremy) Maclin had a nice day and then he had the great catch at the end. For a young guy to make a catch like that, that's quite a tribute to him. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) had the big run there at the end which was good to see, really he put into a little different gear there and that was a big play for us. Our offensive line, especially when you lose Jamaal Jackson at that center position and then (G/C) Nick (Cole) is asked to move in there and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) comes in, it can be chaos, but it wasn't. They were able to play a pretty decent game there.

"Defensively, I thought our defensive line played well. I know (DE Mike) Patterson and (DE Brodrick) Bunkley, they don't get their names mentioned much, but they do all of the dirty work inside. The guys that really jumped out at you yesterday were (DE Juqua Parker) and (DE) Trent (Cole) both had, I thought, very, very good days. (CB) Sheldon (Brown) did a nice job early with setting the tempo with his hit on (Broncos WR) Brandon Marshall. That let their receivers know that we were going to be around the football and, again that was a big hit. All in all there are things that we can work on and get better at, but there were some good things in there, in particular getting the win."

On how big a loss it is to lose Jamaal Jackson:"It's obviously a big loss. He's a good football player. We're fortunate enough to have Nick here who's a center, who's been playing guard for us. He is a center. This isn't a new territory for him, it's one that he's had a chance to play before and he and Donovan are on the same page. He can make all the calls, he can do the silent counts, he can do the hard count, he knows all of that stuff, that's not a new area for him. And then, (G Mike) McGlynn would be his backup there. (He's) another guy that has been practicing that position, played it in the preseason and could step in there if he needed to."

On glitches in the offensive line yesterday after Nick Cole came in: "There were a couple procedure calls. We'll work through those and get that taken care of."

On whether the mistakes, including a fumbled snap, made when Cole came in were made due to a lack of practice: "We snapped it too soon, the other one happened with Jamaal. This week of practicing will help. It'll smooth those types of things out. We should be fine."

On whether he felt the change at center disrupted the offense: "I didn't think that was the problem."

On who will play right guard: "(G/T) Stacy (Andrews) is in the mix there. Max was obviously the guy that stepped in and played."

On Cole's strengths at center: "Nick is a good athlete. He looks like a big guy so when you say he's a good athlete it's hard to picture, but he is. He has great feet and very good hands and very good quickness."

On what he's seen from Stacy Andrews recently that makes him think he's ready to play: "He keeps getting better with his technique and some of that is sticking his leg in the ground, his surgically repaired leg there. I think he has more trust in that now."

On potentially playing the Cowboys two weeks in a row and whether he lets that factor into his coaching style: "No, I just go in and you have to take of this one and whatever happens after that happens, but you have to take care of business now."

On the excitement of playing for a division title: "That's what's going to make this a great game; both teams have something at stake. That's why we do this thing, as coaches and players, for opportunities like this. Everybody will be fired up for it."

On McNabb grabbing his hamstring after his 27-yard run: "I talked to him after the game. His hamstring actually feels pretty good."

On young players stepping up being crucial to this team's success: "I think that's important obviously. We're fortunate to have that with both (Maclin) and (RB) LeSean (McCoy). LeSean had a couple of nice runs, the screen and so on in there, a couple of really good protections, blitz pickups. The young guys bring some energy. They're excited to be out there and going. There's just a certain youthful energy that they bring to the team, in particular when they're producing."

On P Sav Rocca's consistency yesterday: "We need to keep working on that. He did have a nice one right there at the end, which was important. I put a lot of trust in him, which I have in him. He did have a couple that I think he'd probably like to have back there."

On the offensive line having dealt with injuries all season and now having to move forward from Jackson's injury: "Jamaal is a good football player, so I don't want to take anything away from losing Jamaal. But at the same time, we're fortunate enough to have guys that have played in games, and big games, that we can fill in those spots, which is a tribute back to the job (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) has done and the personnel department has done bringing these guys in here."

On how he felt they handled playing with three running backs: "It went okay. That's probably the best way to do it, the way we did it, picking plays out and going with it. We got Brian enough work in there to where he can still function today and feel good. He got back into the speed of the game. He had a couple of productive plays, which I thought was important."

On whether he will continue to test Westbrook this week in practice: "Yeah, we'll just see. We'll take it day by day and just see how he does. Today he felt pretty good."

On whether Westbrook will undergo concussions tests this week: "He came out good there. That part was good."

On whether he anticipates Vick to play against Dallas: "Yeah, there's a chance we have him back this week. We'll see how it goes. He's still sore today, but we'll just see how it goes."

On the potential of Sheldon Brown making the Pro Bowl this year: "I'd love to see him it. I think he deserves to go. Sheldon has had a heck of a year. I would love to see him go."

On Brown's attitude being of major value to this team: "He's a tough guy. He's proven that over and over."

On whether he is concerned Brown's body will break down since he's been playing through injury this season: "You know what? We're all going to break down some time completely. I'm not worried about that right now, no."

On what he said to the referee before he reviewed Maclin's catch at the end of the game:"(Joking) I told him he owes me a cheeseburger after this one."

On whether he has looked at Dallas' film yet: "I've watched it. They're playing very well right now, very confident."

On S Macho Harris playing more yesterday than in past weeks:"We just wanted to give Macho another shot at it. We thought he could give us a little bit back there coverage-wise."

On how he thought Harris played overall yesterday: "He did some good things. I think he got tired with the kickoff returns, doing both, it was probably too much to put on his plate right there and that's my responsibility. I probably should have taken him off of those kickoff returns and let Maclin do it a little bit there because Macho was getting a lot of reps on the defensive side."

On Maclin possibly returning kickoffs next week: "Yeah and if Demps get back healthy he would also be a possibility."

On whether he thinks he would run into the same problem with Maclin as he did with Harris: "You could just rotate them. See which one is the freshest and then rotate them."

On WR DeSean Jackson drawing the pass interference call from Broncos CB Champ Bailey yesterday: "He saw the ball was a little bit underthrown, so he kind of slowed down just a bit and when he did that he knew the guy was going to run into him so he made it look good."

On Jackson keeping the safety from getting over to him: "Yeah, that's what he's supposed to do on the route."

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