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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(S) Quintin Demps has a slight ankle sprain; day to day. (WR) Jeremy Maclin should be back for practice and we'll just ease him back in along with (RB) Brian Westbrook. (QB) Michael Vick has a quad contusion. We got on it right away during the game and then after the game he was taking care of it too. We'll see how he does. It's pretty sore right now. Everybody else made it through pretty good."

Opening Remarks: "Any win in the National Football League is a good win. That's how I feel about yesterday's game. I sure appreciated what (Eagles CFO) Don Smolenski did and his staff and (head groundskeeper) Tony Leonard and his staff did of preparing the stadium and field to where it was I thought, top notch for this time of the year and coming off of the couple days of snow that we had. I was asked about the playoffs. I know it's there and I know that's real, but at the same time we have two good teams coming in that we know we are going to play. We've got one of them coming into Philadelphia, the Denver Broncos, so it's important that all of our effort is put forth there.

"Obviously, as coaches we have started that today, but not to look ahead to the playoffs, that's when you get into trouble. As far as this past game goes, I thought the coaches did a nice job with the game plan. I thought the players did an excellent job of executing the game plan. Really all three phases I thought did a decent job. Are there things we can work on in all three phases? Absolutely, we're nowhere near where we need to be. We're at least headed in I think the right direction. I think things started obviously with the offensive line and defensive line and I thought they did a solid job. I think they're getting better every week which will help us down the road.

"I always preach about blocking and tackling. We need to get better in both spots, both areas. Blocking, we need to be more consistent there in the run and the pass. On the defensive side, our tackling, we need to be better there. At this time of the year it becomes even in more important than it is at the beginning. It should be getting yourself into the flow of doing those things more accurately than what we do at times. There are times when we are very good and then there are times that we lacked there.

"I thought offensively, not only did the o-line do well, but I thought (WR) DeSean (Jackson) continued to play very well, explosive. I thought (RB) LeSean (McCoy) and (FB) Leonard Weaver did a nice job with handling the run game.

"Defensively, I thought we were awesome on third downs. Anytime you can throw a no hitter there on third down that's a plus. We need to do a little better job on the fourth downs, but the third downs I thought were very good. The turnovers, we had a couple ourselves, but winning that battle there ended up becoming a very important stat. I thought (DE) Trent Cole just continued to play good football. He had a couple of sacks this game. We were able to get some pressure on the quarterback and at times move that pocket and that becomes tough. That's a tough thing on a quarterback when you put him into a full room.

"Special teams I thought was solid. They did a solid job all the way around. It's good to see Quintin Demps get in, before he hurt his ankle there he got in and had a nice return on the kickoff and gave us good field position to start the game."

On how he feels about the running game: "I'm glad to see it going the way it is. That gives you flexibility within the offense. The balance is okay, but flexibility is even better, being able to put pressure on the defense."

On whether Westbrook will undergo concussion tests this week: "We'll know more here by tomorrow. Right now it looks pretty good."

On whether he thinks Westbrook is closer to being on the game-day roster: "Yeah."

On whether the running game needs to be flexible given that Westbrook will be returning to the roster soon: "My feeling when you have great players is that helps you a little bit more. We're not going to get worse with Brian Westbrook coming back. He adds to that flexibility."

On whether he thinks Westbrook will have trouble getting back into the flow of playing in games: "I think he'll be pretty fresh. He'll have fresh legs out there. Obviously he's not going to play the whole game. (We will) make sure we keep track of how many plays he plays if it comes down to that."

On whether Westbrook's return creates a challenge for him and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to make it work: "Yeah, that's a good challenge to have though. We can do that."

On wanting to see Westbrook play in a game before the playoffs begin: "Just watching the last couple of weeks here out at practice, the next step is, if all goes well here in the next couple of days, is to get him back in the game and see what he can do there. (We'll) just give him limited reps to start off and see how he feels and evaluate it as we go here."

On how he thought Westbrook was playing in the Oakland and Washington game before he was hurt: "That's probably the best he felt right there, and looked."

On whether he anticipates Westbrook being able to play this week: "I think so. I'll let you know that tomorrow. I'll take care of you."

On the importance of Westbrook's return: "I think it's good for everybody. I think that's a positive. It's good for him; it's good for the team. That's a good football player."

On whether clinching the playoffs takes pressure off of the team: "I don't feel that. I feel there is so much still on the line that you have to stay focused on Denver and exhaust yourself there. That's kind of how I've approached it last night and through the morning here."

On the team not celebrating clinching the playoffs after yesterday's game: "I think the veteran players that have been around here, they've adopted that and the young guys don't know any better, so they just kind of follow the veteran players. It's a great accomplishment, but there's more that you have to take care of. You better not slight the Denver Broncos at all because they're a good football team."

On whether he thinks QB Donovan McNabb has become more inclined to run: "Yeah, he's healthy. He feels good. If teams do certain things against him and sees that opportunity to run he's willing to go."

On whether he thinks the energy of the young players has carried over to the veterans: "I believe that. I believe that they bring some energy to the football team. The thing I mentioned last night was that it might not always be right, the things that they're doing on the field, but it's a hundred miles per hour. They're bright-eyed every day and ready for practice. Really it's the first and second-year guys that have that energy."

On whether he went for it on 4th down yesterday to send a message to his team:"There are a few things that go into it, but one of them is that we want to stay aggressive within reason. So, that was about six inches within reason and we didn't get it."

On the decision to call a defensive timeout before the end of the half yesterday: "There were a couple of things that went into that. First of all, their quarterback was struggling just a little bit at that time. They were struggling to get their two-minute going and there wasn't a lot of time left on the clock. They had a couple of timeouts left. I heard them try to get the check called and try to get everybody lined up, so I knew it was a pass. I put the timeout on, the defense came over, (I) told them what they were going to do and they did it. It worked out okay. Normally there wouldn't be something like that, but this one worked out okay. Sometimes you look okay, sometimes you don't."

On whether he thinks he takes more gambles now than in the past: "I don't know that. I don't have the stat; you've probably done the homework. I don't feel like I do, but maybe that is the case."

On what he misses about Broncos S Brian Dawkins: "Most of all, you miss him as a person. He's a great guy. He was a big part of us getting to where we have gotten as an organization. To say I don't miss him on a daily basis, I used to enjoy seeing him and being around him. He brought a lot of energy. I have nothing but good things to say about him or (Denver RB Correll Buckhalter). Those were two of my favorite guys and they're doing a heck of a job for Denver now."

On the emotions surrounding Dawkins' return to Philadelphia: "I think it will be neat for him to come back here. I think the crowd will be great for him and all of that. I think when it comes down to playing, it's playing. I always say that when you are a kid and you get into a fight with your brother, for about a second there it's about the most vicious fight you've ever been in and then you love each other up afterwards. That's what this will be. This will be a dog fight out there and then there will be respect afterwards."

On whether there are any regrets surrounding the way Dawkins ended his time in Philadelphia: "It worked out great for Brian and that's what's important there. It was something that Denver needed to do. It worked out fine for him and his family. Would we have loved to have kept him here? Yeah, but they did a nice job with it and it worked out for them."

On how losing Dawkins worked out for the Eagles: "We've done okay. We've won a couple of games. I'm not into all of that. That's part of this business. It's been that way since professional sports were created. That's how things go. It's part of the business."

On whether he's spoken with Dawkins since he left: "It's illegal for me to do that, so I haven't done that. (Joking) I appreciate you trying to get me thrown in the NFL jail. That's alright."

On whether when he brought LB Tracy White here he envisioned him playing defense or solely as a special teams player: "We brought him here as a special teams player and Tracy told me when he got here, 'You know I can play linebacker too if you give me a chance.' We've worked him into some of our nickel packages and he's obviously a good athlete, very fast. He's not the biggest guy in the world but he's fast and has athletic ability."

On it being rare for a special teams player like White to start playing defense at this point in his career: "It is unusual. I've said this before, that everybody that dresses on defense plays right now due to some of the injuries that we've had. It gives guys an opportunity and he's taken advantage of that opportunity."

On whether he expects Maclin to play Sunday: "We'll see how he does at practice and ease him back in."

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