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Game Vs. Broncos: Head Coach Josh McDaniels

Opening remarks: "First of all I want to give the Eagles credit. Certainly they played well and they coached well. They got off to a start that I'm sure they wanted to get off to. We knew they were a fast-starting team. I wanted to put some emphasis on starting fast and keeping them out of the end zone early in the game. They did some good things obviously there in the first half. I liked the way our team fought and we're learning some tough lessons. When you dig yourself holes like this against good football teams, ultimately it can be too big of a gap."

On this game being a moral victory for them this late in the season: "There are no moral victories. They're a good football team. We thought we had a good plan and, like I said, our players stuck with the plan and tried to do everything they could do to hang in there in the second half. We made some adjustments at halftime, made some plays and got back in the game. That's what you have to do against good football teams on the road, but they made one more play than we did today."

On the WR Brandon Stokley ejection early in the first quarter:"We have to keep our composure. Not every call goes your way and we know that. There were a lot of penalties today on both sides. We have to handle that better than we did in that situation."

On third-down conversions: "They did some different things, normally a pressure team, and they dropped eight sometimes on us and it was smart move on their part. We were trying to make sure that we could handle the pressure and the blitz. It ended up with the three man rush a few times and tried to drop a bunch of guys in coverage. We missed some opportunities down the field; one-on-one with [CB] Sheldon Brown and that was a close play. Then we had another one where [QB] Kyle [Orton] was scrambling there; both of them were big plays. Obviously we had a chance there. I think we were tied or down by three in either case. If we make those plays, obviously the game could go a different way. That's the difference. Sometimes you win the turnover margin like we've done the last couple weeks and lose the game because you don't make a critical situational play on third down conversion or whatever it may be. That's what happened."

On the WR Jeremy Maclin catch late in the fourth quarter: "It was a great catch by the kid. I just go by what they tell me. They ruled it a catch, so we have to play defense."

On making the playoffs and the current playoff scenarios:"I know what happened. We have to do our job and that's what we have to do. Now we've been put in a situation where we need some help. What we can do is get ready to play the Chiefs and prepare hard and win our final home game. Hopefully we have an opportunity to play at home."

On the loss of Stokley and what it did to the rotation: "It changes it a little bit. I give credit to [WR Jabar] Gaffney. He just goes wherever we tell him to go and you don't have to tell him twice what to do. He filled in and I thought he did a nice job; made some big catches there. For the most part, we were down to three because when [WR Kenny] McKinley got injured; we don't have anybody else. Those three would have played anyway. They did a nice job, I thought, of hanging in there and communicating when we had some formation stuff. They talked with one another and they got it all figured out. That's what you have to do at this time of year. We had a lot of guys that played some spots today. [CB] Alphonso [Smith] ended up being the returner and then [G/C Ben] Hamilton was in for [OL Russ] Hochstein. Some different guys rotated in defensively and obviously with the receiver situation, we needed a lot of guys to step up and play different spots."

On whether he saw anything different out of S Brian Dawkins during pregame: "Maybe, just a tad. He was just his usual self. Great spirit, great emotion, great leadership, says all the right things, plays hard. He does his job and that's what we ask of him and that's what he did today."

On CB Champ Bailey's coverage on WR DeSean Jackson: "I don't know how many catches he ended up with. That was obviously our gameplan to put Champ over there on him. Not man-to-man the whole game but I thought we put him in some situations where he had to stand in there and fight with the guy. He's a great receiver and Champ's a great corner. Part of our gameplan obviously was to get him over there and try to create some pressure on [QB Donovan] McNabb rushing more than four guys and let Champ try to handle him. I thought Champ did a nice job for the most part when we did those things."

On his coaching style from this point on because of the playoff scenarios: "I don't think we can worry about all the other factors. The thing that we need to focus on is Kansas City. I think if we start talking about other things at this point in time, we are probably wasting energy on it because there is nothing we can do to control that. I think our guys will be focused on the Chiefs and we're going to work hard to make sure that we have a good week and have a great plan and then go out there and have fun and execute and play our last home game. Hopefully we get to play longer than that."

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