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QB Donovan McNabb

On whether he is upset that head coach Andy Reid got a three-year contract extension and he got a restructuring: "(Laughing) No, nice one."

On whether Reid's contract extension affects his situation at all:"(Jokingly) I'll be signed too."

On whether Reid being here beyond 2010 makes staying with this organization more appealing for him: "I haven't really even thought about it and probably won't think about it for a while. I'm obviously here supposedly until next year and then the next year we'll work something out after that. It's well deserved for him. I'm happy for him. I thought it was a great move on their part, just the success that he's had over the past decade. (He's) a great coach. This team has always been ready to roll, been very competitive, and playoff appearances, and so on. I'm happy for what they decided to do with Andy. I think it's a great situation for both of them."

On whether he's seen any changes in Reid over the past 11 years: "I think what he has done over the last decade is gaining the trust of his players and his leaders to make sure they take care of things in-house. I think earlier on, I think for all coaches, they come in and they want to be the big disciplinarian, they kind of want to make their mark of their coaching style, their approach to things, and I think as years continue on the success that you have over your teaching, you let your leaders kind of step in a role and get the guys going and make sure that everybody is ready at all times, and I think Andy has done a great job with that. Also, he makes sure that we're prepared, bringing in great coaches that obviously can fill in certain situations due to whatever may happen, like with (defensive coordinator) Sean McDermott, and be able to continue on with the success that we've had. That's when you kind of get rewarded with something like that."

On whether he ever thinks about how rare it is for a head coach and a player to stay in one place together for so long: "It is rare at this particular time, but if you look at his body of work and his track record, it speaks for itself and that's why it's kind of a no-brainer. I can't see why anybody would think negative in the situation. You look at teams across the league, you look at probably (Titans head coach) Jeff Fisher, to be where he's been before for so long and the tenure he's had and the success that he's had over there. Bill Cowher before he decided to step away from the game, being with the one team. Just kind of the win-loss record and how we've been competitive in games and NFC Championships and a Super Bowl appearance and the sky is the limit of how far we can go. I think, for Andy, he's not an older guy and he's had success and been able to build something here that each year they seem to be competitive."

On whether Reid is the most even-keel coach he's ever had: "Yes, I would say that, and obviously coaches are a lot different and everyone has a different approach. And I think for Andy, again it goes back to him having the trust and the belief and understanding that the leaders are able to step in, say what we have to say, and make sure we get the job done. I think you can look at, just over the years of when things are down for us, guys being able to communicate and make sure we're all on the same page and get things changed and (headed) in a positive direction. That goes to show right there. Not everything has been perfect and it hasn't been perfect for any team. I think he's done a great job of when things are down, just continuing to get his message across, let us handle the situation, and be able to get things going."

On whether he thinks that he was given a restructuring deal in the offseason instead of an extension because Reid hadn't been extended yet: "There was communication there. There were different things that we brought about. But, like I said in the press conference then, my main focus was what we needed to do this year and I'm all about winning and winning it now."

On owner Jeffrey Lurie saying that he had spoken to some players earlier in the year about possibly extending Reid, and whether Lurie had spoken to him: "(Jokingly) No, I missed that meeting. I was working on his contract, I'm sorry."

On whether they ever approached him to ask him how he felt about Reid possibly being extended: "No, I never got that question."

On the Giants being more desperate than the Eagles going into this game: "We're desperate as well because nothing is set in stone right now. In this situation, obviously, with the Wild Card and the opportunity to separate yourself in the NFC East, our approaches are the same and our attitudes are the same. This is a must-win situation for both teams because this puts us at 9-4, and they are looking at it the same way of them being able to put themselves closer in the Wild Card position. Every game for us is critical and there is no, "Well, if we win this game then next week we can kind of..." No. Every game we have to win and that's going to be our attitude and that's the way we are going to approach things."

On he and Reid being linked together from the beginning and whether Reid being extended until 2013 creates more of an opportunity for McNabb to be here that long: "I would hope so because we have been linked together and the success that we've had here is obviously from both of us being here. Hopefully something will be able to be done, but at this particular point my main focus is on what we need to do this year."

On whether there is a message that players will take from this deal being done mid-season: "I don't think so. (Jokingly) Nobody is going to lose sleep over it, but we may ask him for some money. (Serious) You are just excited about it, you're excited about (T) Winston (Justice) getting rewarded with his contract, you're excited about (TE Brent) Celek getting rewarded with his contract, and the same goes for Andy, but we are going to focus on what we need to do against the Giants to win."

On Lurie saying that Reid is as obsessed with winning a Super Bowl as anyone and whether he sees that inner fire in Reid: "Absolutely. You don't have to go out and start slamming things around for people to believe that you really want to win a Super Bowl. Everybody in this building wants to win a Super Bowl and we prepare ourselves to try to do that. Not everybody can win a Super Bowl and we know that but we are going to do whatever it takes in order to put ourselves in a position for that."

On how different of a team he thinks the Giants are at this point in the season:"Every time that we play it's a battle. One game is always different than the next and I think that the way we are going to approach this game is just making sure we eliminate turnovers, move the ball, score touchdowns, and try to win, try to put ourselves in position. I think in this particular game they are coming off a big win and we're coming off a big win as well, so you have two teams who are confident and looking forward to the challenge and are very excited about this opportunity."

On how much of the last matchup against the Giants they can take going into this game: "It's a whole new different ball game. It's a whole new ball game."

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