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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On KR Quintin Demps' availability at kickoff returner on Sunday after spraining his ankle: "We're not quite sure where he's at in his recovery. It's a day-to-day thing. We have to see how his ankle is doing, what he's able to do today and kind of just go from there."

On who will take Demps' spot if he cannot return kicks: "If he is not able to go, then Victor (Harris) will be the returner."

On CB Joselio Hanson downing the ball on a punt last Sunday after being knocked out of bounds: "Once you go out of bounds you cannot be the first person to touch the ball to down the ball. We went over that extensively this week. He does know that; he said he knew that. He just instinctively grabbed the ball because he didn't want it to go in the end zone. What he should have done is, (CB) Dimitri Patterson was right there and he should have waved Dimitri over to be able to down that ball. That's important; we needed that field position. If you can get somebody backed up to the one-yard line, that's a key play."

On whether it matters if he gets pushed out of bounds: "It really doesn't, no. Once you leave the field you cannot be the person to down the ball."

On what Demps has shown him over the past couple of games: "I thought he did a nice job on the opening kickoff last week. We got it out to about the 50-yard line. It's just unfortunate, he turned an ankle and he wasn't able to continue. It's lingering this week and we're just not sure what his status is yet."

On Demps' biggest strengths: "He's very strong, a very physical guy. He has some speed, he's a tough guy. He's just had a bad run of getting nicked up and injuries have set him back a little bit."

On the strengths of Broncos returner Eddie Royal: "I think he's excellent; a very, very talented guy. He can make you miss. He's done an excellent job. He's had big punting and kick returning games this season. We're going to have our hands full trying to contain him."

On whether there is a chance that Royal will not play since he showed up on the injury report: "(Denver) needs to win this game. If he's healthy at all, I'm sure he will be back there. We're planning on him being back there, we're planning on him being the returner. We played against him when I was in Cleveland. I actually have a lot of respect for him. I think he's a very, very talented guy; not only as a returner, but as a receiver."

On whether LB Chris Gocong's involvement increases this week on special teams:"(LB Moise) Fokou is starting, so he's not going to play quite as much on special teams. Chris Gocong will take his place."

On how Gocong has handled the change:"Great. He's a pro, works hard everyday. He's a good guy and a high-character person. Whatever you ask Chris to do, he'll go out and do it. He finds a way to get it done."

On the type of season that P Sav Rocca is having:"I think the main thing with me for Sav is that he punts the ball so that the coverage units know where the ball is going to be. It's very, very important for our ability to cover punts. I believe we're third in the NFL in yards per punt return; we're doing an excellent job. It's because of Sav and it's because of the guys we have covering. What's very important when you're covering a kick or punt is you need to know the location of the ball so you know how to squeeze and condense lanes and give a small area for the returner to return the ball. I think that has been his biggest progression for him as a punter. Would we like him to average more yards? Obviously, he would too. He's done a good job of placing the ball where we want it placed and that's helped our coverage tremendously."

On holding Rocca back earlier in the season: "The important thing is to get the ball punted to where we want it. I think his progression as the year has gone on, he's gotten better. He's gained more control of where he's punting the ball and that, to me, is the most important thing. If he can get that done for us, he's doing a real good job for us."

On Broncos K Matt Prater: "I think he's very good. I think he's a young guy that's improving. He does an excellent job of getting a lot of height on his kickoffs which allows their coverage units to get down. Denver is very, very good at kickoff coverage. They have a couple individuals in particular; (S Josh Barrett) and (LB Wesley Woodyard). He helps them a lot because the more the ball is in the air, the more time they have to get down and cover. He's done a good job with that. We're going to be challenged to get a kickoff return against him."

On whether Prater's success is related to the "mile high" air:"It has a huge effect on it; all the touchbacks that he gets. Not that he doesn't have strong leg, not that he's not a talented guy. Kicking in certain areas of the country help you tremendously. In Oakland, their stadium, when you kick one way you can get a lot of touchbacks going that way. (Raiders K Sebastian) Janikowski has a tremendous leg and he's taking advantage of that. Prater the same way. Janikowski I believe had four or five touchbacks in Denver when they played them last week. He's a strong, physical guy and an excellent kicker. The environment you kick in has a lot to do with that also. He's done a good job and we have a lot of respect for him. It will obviously be different kicking here in the cold and the weather here."

On Broncos P Mitch Berger and how playing on the road will affect him: "It's just different. Whenever you get out in the weather and the elements and the cold and wind, it affects obviously the punter and the kicker; that has an effect. You look at their averages and you try to get a judge of where they're going to punt and kick the ball, but you know in our environment it might be a little bit different."

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