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Quick Hits And Things I Think On Day After

I'll get into my Brian Dawkins Riff tonight as I settle in to watch the Giants-Redskins game ... for now, it's time to reflect on some things that directly impact the 10-4 Eagles and their preparation for the Broncos. The Eagles have won five straight games, have done so many good things in every facet of the game and are peaking at just the right time ...

  • Sounds like Brian Westbrook has a real chance of playing on Sunday. He has a series of tests to take on Tuesday, as Andy Reid explained on Monday at his day-after press conference, and should he pass those tests Westbrook could be ready to play against Denver. Westbrook has practiced the last couple of weeks, so his legs should be very close to game shape. He should have a good feel for the tempo of things. I guess that if Westbrook is cleared to play, the Eagles will work him in against Denver and have a very, very nice rotation with Westbrook, LeSean McCoy and Leonard Weaver in the backfield heading into the season finale in Dallas.
  • Another piece of good news on the medical front: Reid said that rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin could practice on Wednesday. It doesn't mean that Maclin will play on Sunday, but having the young man back on the field after tearing one of his plantar fascia is encouraging. The Eagles would love to have Maclin back for the playoffs at full speed.
  • I guess it would be a fun conversation to have with your buddies about whether or not DeSean Jackson is a true "No. 1" wide receiver. In a classic sense, is he? In a football sense, does it really matter? Sometimes I daydream and think about how good the Eagles are going to be with Jackson and Maclin -- who will improve by leaps and bounds -- in the years to come. Fantastic.
  • Overlooked, and that happens when an opposing running back gains more than 100 yards on the ground, is the job Mike Patterson did against San Francisco. He just collapsed the pocket on some plays.
  • Not sure what the Eagles are ultimately going to do at middle linebacker but maybe I need to open my eyes and realize that Sean McDermott is going to play it, literally, series by series. Jeremiah Trotter is the starter there and the Eagles will figure out the personnel as they go along.
  • If Sheldon Brown doesn't make the Pro Bowl -- which should be announced this week; the players voted ast week -- there should be an investigation.
  • I would be shocked if Jason Peters is not a Pro Bowl left tackle for the Eagles. We've had a lot of conversations about him on the Discussion Board all season, but Peters' play has been steady and very, very strong protecting Donovan McNabb's blind side.
  • Here is a shout out to McNabb for the season he is having. And a little thumbs down to the post-game crowd for the questions toward McNabb after the win over San Francisco. McNabb scrambles for an 8-yard touchdown run and nobody wants to know about it? It was, really, a great run, just inside the left pylon. As McNabb said on Monday during the taping of his television show, "If I need it, it's still there. I can still make plays with my legs." One or two a game really is a great thing for the offense, Donovan. Just sayin' ...
  • Great job by McDermott's defense against standout tight end Vernon Davis on Sunday. Really good job.
  • I was very happy that Quintin Mikell had an interception. He has had a few chances not quite go his way this year, so Mikell needed a play like that -- a diving catch of a seam pass to Davis.
  • I've got Nick Cole as one of my Unsung Heroes this season. The man has done a superb job starting at right guard. He is a starting-caliber guard in this league.
  • All of a sudden, the NFC isn't as much of a slam dunk as everyone thought it was, huh? It is a marathon, people. A wise man in the Eagles' front office told me that early in free agency, and it's true.
  • A prediction: Giants 24, Redskins 21.
  • My Brian Dawkins piece shortly ...
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